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Demon Possessed Through Yoga? – Divine Intimacy Radio

Demon Possessed through Yoga?   A caller asked about the practice of yoga and its link to potential demonic activity. Dan and Melissa discuss a Catholic perspective on yoga, including the opinions of an exorcist and theologians. They also provide suggestions on alternatives to yoga for faithful Catholics. Show notes: Fr. Fortea, an exorcist and expert on possession, says that if you do not... Read More

Humility Part 2 – Humility and Confidence

Humility and Confidence Humility Part 2 Dan and Melissa continue their discussion on humility in “Humility and Confidence”; in particular how humility does not lower but instead elevates the soul. Show Notes: Signs we lack humility: St. Josemarí­a Escrivá provides some insightful diagnostics. Recognizing all the good we have is a gift from God. False humility – many of us are... Read More

Humility and Spiritual Growth

Humility and Spiritual Growth While pride is the root of all vice, humility is the root of all virtue. On this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio, we will discuss how we can cultivate humility and thus draw near to the heart of God. Show Notes: Dan and Melissa discuss humility. Meditation #106 from Divine Intimacy – “Humility is the firm bedrock upon which every Christian should build the edifice... Read More

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