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Aridity and Dryness in Prayer Series

A comprehensive listing of spiritual direction posts on this site regarding dryness in prayer, or aridity, and the difficulties this can cause with one’s prayer life. Some posts on the dark night which touch on dryness or aridity, are included as well.  Click on the titles of the post to access them. Adoration, Silence and the Lamp of Fire – Part II of II Aridity – Navigating the... Read More

Video – My prayer life is dry…

November 12, 2012 by  
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Prayer Life: Fr. John Bartunek and Dan Burke talk about the root causes of aridity or dryness in our prayer lives and what we can do about them: + Prayer Life: Dryness or Aridity Father John Bartunek outlines the two basic causes of dryness in prayer: my fault or God’s fault!  He further discusses why each one of these may be the cause and how we need to be honest with ourselves and examine... Read More

What is the difference between desolation and aridity?

Dear Dan, what is the difference between aridity and desolation? Dear friend, this is a very simple but important question with a simple answer. Here are the two definitions and a brief reflection on the similarities and differences. DESOLATION. A temporary darkening of the mind and disturbance of the will and emotions, permitted by God to purify the souls of his followers. It may be caused by the... Read More

Dryness in Prayer Series with Dan Burke

December 14, 2009 by  
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Dryness in Prayer Series with Dan Burke Dryness in Prayer Series with Dan Burke Dryness in Prayer Series: A good friend of Catholic Spiritual Direction alerted me to a few broken links with our Dryness Series. We have repaired the links. Please accept our apologies. The page with the list of posts can be found by typing “Dryness in Prayer Series” into the search box, which can be found... Read More

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