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Can I Trust the Writings of Fr Anthony de Mello?

Can I Trust the Writings of Fr Anthony de Mello? Who is Fr Anthony de Mello and can we trust his spiritual writings to lead us to a deeper union with Christ? Dan and Melissa discuss the problems with Fr de Mello’s influential spiritual guidance and the Catholic Church’s position on non-Christian teachings. Topics/Questions covered in the show: Melissa’s experience of spiritual consolation at... Read More

Can I Trust Fr Anthony de Mello, SJ? Update (Part II of II)

This past week I ran into a man from India and I asked him about the popularity of the writings of Fr. Anthony de Mello in India. His answer was a bit distressing so I decided to offer a second post that contains more insight from Pope Benedict the XVI on de Mello’s writings (he was Cardinal Ratzinger when he wrote what you will find below).  What you will find below are two things: The original... Read More

Can I Trust Thomas Merton? (Part II of II)

February 14, 2015 by  
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MertonThis RockCoverCarlEOlson

Some time ago a reader asked if we recommend Thomas Merton’s work. We answered that question through the insights of a scholar of Asian history, a man who is fluent in Chinese language and culture and who understands Buddhism from a vantage point unavailable to most in the West. The scholar’s name is Dr. Anthony Clark. Here’s the link to my comments and his earlier treatment of this... Read More

Can I Trust Fr Ron Rolheiser? Review of “Prayer: Our Deepest Longing”

February 10, 2014 by  
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As long time subscribers to Catholic Spiritual Direction know, we are called to focus on the positive side of spirituality and to leave the correction of false teachings to those who are called to that emphasis. Even so, we regularly get emails asking if a particular author or organization is trustworthy or not and in a few cases we feel obligated to respond. All of these posts can be found by searching... Read More

Can I Trust? Series: Faithful to the Church?

January 29, 2013 by  
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Can I Trust? Series Faithful to the Church? Editor’s Note:  We get many questions in regards to whether or not popular authors, or organizations, are faithful to the Church, her teachings and her Magisterium, and whether or not they should be read and/or followed.  It is a wise person who asks!  So, in a way, this listing of posts has been inspired by you, the readers.  The following is an... Read More

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