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Silence of Jesus

March 15, 2017 by  
Filed under Books, Charlie McKinney

Silence of Jesus   One of the most admirable characteristics found in the life of Jesus Christ, our Master and our Model, is silence. All the mysteries of His mortal life and the ineffable mystery of His eucharistic life have this mark: the divine seal of silence. Holy Church tells us that Jesus came to this world in the midst of universal silence: “While gentle silence enveloped all things,... Read More

Preserve Your Confidence in God

Preserve Your Confidence in God It is not rare in the spiritual life to see souls who are trying generously to advance in virtue fall — by reason of their desire to cultivate a delicate conscience and to avoid all deliberate venial sin — into the extremity of inquietude and perturbation, get involved in a thousand perplexities and scruples, and eventually grow cold in their trust in our Lord.... Read More

Your “how-to” guides to the spiritual life…

November 18, 2010 by  
Filed under Books, Dan Burke, Resources

Your How-to Guides to the Spiritual Life… Your How-to Guides to the Spiritual Life…   Dear Catholic Spiritual Direction Friends, In a recent conversation with Father John Bartunek, he suggested that we group all of our recommend book resources in a way that might be more meaningful and helpful to you. So, we have updated the resource page for you. Here are the questions the various... Read More

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