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Into the Deep Book Club: Join Us as We Read Together!

May 23, 2017 by  
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Into the Deep (Week 1 of 4)

We're excited to announce that the next book we're reading together is none other than Into the Deep, by our founder Dan Burke.

The back cover contains two sentences, which is appropriate, considering that this slim volume has less than 100 pages:

“If your heart is restless like mine, there is a path to peace and joy available to you. This path can only be found in and through prayer.” — Dan Burke

In this book, Burke strives to make the difficult and challenging concept of prayer a simple and approachable practice.

And, I'm glad to say, he succeeds.

We'll be flying through this book, but don't let that stop you from a considered reading and revisiting of this topic.

What Burke does so well is plant the seeds. It's each of our responsibility, though, to water them with our efforts. God will provide the sunshine and the miracle of growth.

Writes Matthew Kelly in the foreword:

Prayer is difficult, joyful, challenging, and life-changing. The journey into prayer, into the heart of God, is the reason we were made; it is the reason God brought us into existence.


This place, this journey, this battle is worth every ounce of effort you can give it. It is worth everything you own, everything you aspire to be, everything you are. If you commit, persevere, and embrace this journey, you will know the life that Jesus has promised, a life of peace and joy that cannot be taken away by the trials of this world.

Burke offers each of us a simple approach to prayer.

If you struggle with prayer…well, that means you're just like the rest of us. 🙂 Burke is right in the trenches with us, and he holds out his hand, offering tips, insight, advice, and, best of all, encouragement.

We hope you enjoy reading this with us and that you find this book as life-changing as it's intended to be.

Below is our prospective reading schedule:

5/23 Week 1   Foreword; 1-24
5/30 Week 2   Part 3-4
6/6   Week 3   Part 5-6
6/13 Week 4   Part 7-end of book

Reading Assignment:

Foreword; pages 1-24

Discussion Questions:

1. What's your biggest challenge when it comes to prayer?

2. How can you make one change this week to commit to prayer?

Feel free to comment on anything from our assignment this past week!

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For More Information on the Book Club:

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Sarah Reinhard continues to delight ”and be challenged by” her vocations of Catholic wife and mother. She's online at and is the author of a number of books for families.

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  • BetsyRheaume

    My biggest challenge is sticking with it. I’m an early riser and I have my vocal prayers which I pray each day. However, when I’ve tried using the discovery prayer method, I’m easily discouraged. I think it would helpful if I had a list of scripture passages rather than me searching for one. So I think my challenge this week is to find a list of scripture passages that I can keep in my Bible.

    • LizEst

      Why don’t you use the readings of the day for Mass? You can find them easily here: Click on the calendar for the particular day you are interested in and the readings come up. As well, when you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can sign up to have those readings delivered to your email inbox. They arrive every morning without fail and include two links: one allows you listen to the audio version, the other link gives you a video reflection keyed to the readings.

    • Jeanette

      I do as LizEst has suggested to you…I read the Mass readings for the day and do Discovery Prayer on the gospel, recording in a prayer journal anything significant coming from that prayer. Our parish priest has told us many times that by reading the Mass readings every day over three years, we will have covered the entire Bible…a very worthy endeavor. God bless you!

  • Wes Jones

    Just purchased “Into the Deep” and looking forward to reading it.

  • Catherine Kibler

    How awesome are these first pages! Yes, I have challenges to prayer and have been trying on my own power to get better at it. I now realize that God is the One who is leading me to be more focused and truly united to His heart. I believe this book is my answer and a steady path to my salvation. I am encouraged by Dan Burke’s words and the quotes from the Catechism. (I read the Catechism before, but realized I never realized what it actually said until Dan said to read CCC 1 out loud.) I read it over and over. My biggest challenge is making a “sacred” time to pray. I like to say particular prayers everyday. These however are sometimes hurried and “said” instead of “prayed.” My change this week will be to commit to making my time of prayer “sacred.” I love that word “sacred.” I am also excited to learn about Discovery Prayer.

  • Catherine Kibler

    By just thinking a lot about my prayer life in these last few days, I have become aware of another obstacle/challenge that keeps my spiritually unfulfilled. I will read/pray the psalms or the daily readings and realize that 10 minutes later that I cannot recall what I just read. I am encouraged by this Dan Burke’s book and look forward to the Discovery Prayer and its success.

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