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My Family is Struggling and I Need Help…

DetailOfMulherDoChaleVerdeCyprienEugeneBouletPrayerContemplation“My son is a college student who is struggling with some very tough issues. As his mother, I realized I was not equipped to help him. I went to Mass weekly, went to confession yearly, and said my prayers, but it had simply become the minimum of what I had to do. After taking the course, Discernment of Spirits, I realized that the minimum would not help my family. I needed spiritual strength to support my son and, by making my spiritual life a priority, I have been able to guide him and love him as he makes some difficult decisions.”

Do you want to ensure that your spiritual life remains your first priority so you can be the best spouse, parent, and friend possible?

Has your spiritual life become mundane or dry? Do you struggle with prayer? Do you long to enter into the wisdom of the saints to better understand God’s will for your life?

The Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation allows you to attend classes from the comfort of your couch. All you need is a computer, the internet and a heart desire to encounter God.

The School of Spiritual Formation offers courses for anyone looking to deepen and become stronger in their faith. Though it is best to attend classes during the scheduled time in order to have access to the professor, you may also watch the class via the recorded video still allowing for that summer vacation! This summer, we will be offering the following courses:

  • Evangelization and the Spiritual Life
  • Introduction to Spiritual Direction
  • Growth in Holiness: Doctors of the Interior Life
  • Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church

We also offer courses within the Graduate Program which delve deeper into prayer, the saints and spiritual growth. These courses help you to live your life according to Scripture and show you have to help others access the same path of life. This summer, we will be offering:

  • Bible and Revelation of Prayer
  • Wisdom of the Saints from St. Hildegard of Bingen to St. Thérèse of Lisieux
  • Discernment, Degrees of Prayer, and Stages of Spiritual Growth

Courses begin the week of June 20. School of Spiritual Formation courses are 6 weeks long and are $150. Graduate Program are 9 weeks long and $450. Partial and full scholarships are available on a limited basis.

Please apply early as courses fill up quickly!

To apply, simply click HERE.

For more information on any of our programs, please contact me at or visit


Art: Detail of Mulher do chale verde (Woman with green shawl), Cyprien Eugène Boulet, before 1927, PD-US term of life of author plus 80 years, Wikimedia Commons.

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  • Judy Silhan

    On Sunday, at a restaurant, I met a lady from out of state who has a daughter in a Catholic High school and who reports that it is seemingly not Catholic at all, from the teachers, administration and the students. I was telling her about Avila Institute, and this morning wrote to her and told her how to find Catholic Colleges for her daughter. After that I came to our website,, and what do I see? Further help for my new found friend. I have already sent her the link to this site. Thanks again for everything.

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