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Jesus Persecuted — Passiontide

Jesus Persecuted
5th Sunday of Lent


Presence of God – O Jesus, help me to enter into the mystery of Your Passion; deign to associate me with it, so that I may participate in Your Resurrection.


[Traditionally] … Passiontide begins [today], a time especially consecrated to the remembrance and loving contemplation of the sorrows of Jesus. The veiled crucifix and statues, the absence of the Gloria in the Mass and the Gloria Patri in the DetailStPankratiusSiegenhofenNM0013 - for "Jesus Persecuted" Passiontide postresponsories of the Divine Office, the suppression of the psalm Judica me at the beginning of Mass—are all signs of mourning by which the Church commemorates Our Lord’s Passion. Pope St. Leo exhorts us to participate “in the Cross of Christ, in order that we also may do something which will unite us to what He has done for us, for as the Apostle says, ‘if we suffer with Him, we shall be glorified with Him.’” Therefore, we must not only meditate on Jesus’ sufferings, but also take part in them; only by bearing His Passion in our heart and in our body (cf. 2 Cor 4:10) shall we be able to share in its fruits. So it is that in the liturgy of this season the Church repeats more insistently than ever: “If you hear the voice of the Lord, harden not your hearts.” The voice of the Lord makes itself heard these days, not by words, but by the eloquent testimony of deeds, by the great events of the Passion—a mystery which gives us the most convincing proof of His infinite love for us. Let us, therefore, open our heart to the sublime lessons of the Passion: let us see how much Jesus has loved us and how much we ought to love Him in return; let us learn that, if we wish to follow Him, we, too, must suffer and bear the Cross with Him and after Him. At the same time, let us open our heart to a lively hope; for our salvation is in the Passion of Jesus. In … Hebrews 9:11-15, St. Paul presents to us the majestic figure of Christ, the Eternal High Priest, who “by His Blood, entered once into the holies, [that is, heaven] having obtained eternal redemption.” The Passion of Jesus has redeemed us; it has opened once again our Father’s house to us; it is then the motive for our hope.


“Praise be to You, O most merciful God, who willed to redeem us and restore us by the Passion, the sufferings, the scorn, and the poverty of Your Son, when we were wretched outcasts and condemned prisoners. I run to Your Cross, O Christ—to suffering, scorn, and poverty; with all my strength I desire to be transformed in You, O suffering God-Man, who loved me so much that You endured a horrible, shameful death for the sole purpose of saving me, and to give me an example, so that I would be able to endure adversity for love of You. It is the perfection and true proof of love to conform myself to You, O Crucified One, who for my sins willed to undergo a cruel death, delivering Yourself entirely to tortures, as a victim. O my suffering God, only by reading the book of Your life and death shall I be able to know You and to penetrate Your mystery. Grant me, then, a profound spirit of prayer, a pious, humble, attentive prayer, springing not only from my lips, but also from my heart and soul, so that I shall be able to understand the lessons of Your Passion!

“In this book, I see Your infinite goodness and mercy, which made You take upon Yourself our condemnation, our scorn, our sufferings, rather than leave us in such a wretched state. I see the unlimited bounty, the care, the diligence You showed to save us and lead us back to the heavenly kingdom. I see the infinite wisdom by which You redeemed us, saved us, and glorified us in an ineffable manner, through Your mercy, without harming Your justice. While You died a painful death, You vivified everything and destroyed that death common to us all.

“Yet more, in the book of Your Cross I see Your infinite meekness, by which, although being cursed, You did not curse nor avenge Yourself, but on the contrary, You pardoned and won heaven for the very ones who were crucifying You” (St. Angela of Foligno).


Note from Dan: This post on “Jesus Persecuted” (for Passiontide) is provided courtesy of Baronius Press and contains one of two meditations for the day. If you would like to get the full meditation from one of the best daily meditation works ever compiled, you can learn more here: Divine Intimacy. Please honor those who support us by purchasing and promoting their products.

Art: Detail of Die katholische Filialkirche St. Pankratius in Siegenhofen [The Catholic Filial Church of St. Pankratius in Siegenhofen], DALIBRI, 3 March 2013 own work, CCA-SA, Wikimedia Commons. Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, mirror from open source material.


Editor's Note: Although, this meditation does not follow the readings for the current liturgical calendar, we have decided to include it for today's offering as a way to honor this venerable tradition of Passiontide.  Many parishes do veil their statues and crucifixes at Passiontide.  Mine included!  It is a beautiful Church custom.

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  • Fr William Barrocas

    Once upon a time Passiontide introduced us Catholics of the Roman Church to the Jerusalem events that led to Good Friday and the Empty Tomb where faith-driven we awaited the dawn-hours of the Resurrection. It also provided for a longer and prolonged fellowship with the suffering Jesus.Those days have now been denied the faithful as the Last events are Weekend events.Let us make the best of today’s best.

  • Amy Fenner

    This greatly confuses me! The meditation mentions that the Gloria Patri is absent from the responsory in the Divine Office – yet it is in mine (the 4 volume set) as well as on the website. Is this perhaps something that was changed (the practice itself eliminated) with the 1974/75 editions? (this is the first Lent that I’ve been praying the LOTH, and combined with being a newer convert, well, it’s easy to get “lost”) That said, the spirit of the meditation is not lost, and in fact very beautiful – thank you!

    • LizEst

      The “Divine Intimacy” meditation was written prior to the Vatican II changes. The Office was changed in accord with Vatican II directives. The practice of the Gloria Patri was suspended during Lent in the old LOTH. It is kept in the “newer” LOTH. Amy, you are commended for praying the LOTH. God bless you!

      • Amy Fenner

        Thank you, Liz! LOTH has been an incredible blessing! I appreciate the insight!

        • LizEst

          You’re quite welcome, Amy. LOTH is a true anchor and, indeed, an incredible blessing.

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