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Reflecting on the Journey’s End: Avila to Aspen Wrap-Up

August 8, 2015 by  
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Reflecting on the Journey’s End: Avila to Aspen Wrap-Up

Fr. Hilton is back in Aspen, Colorado, after his journey across the United States this summer for the Avila to Aspen initiative.

Journeys End Avila to Aspen Updates -

Here’s the trip by the numbers:

  • 54 days total.
  • 3398.56 miles traveled from Anacortes, Washington, to Bar Harbor, Maine.
  • 365.8 hours biking.

Here are a few of our favorite videos from Fr. Hilton’s trip:

Day 1: The send-off in Anacortes, Washington.

Day 4: “Lord, give me a joy that’s infectious,” Fr. Hilton prays today, standing in front of Immaculate Conception Church in Republic, Washington.

Day 6: How many pedal strokes will it take to get across the country? That question leads to other reflections.

Day 11: Fr. Hilton shares his love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Day 15: Fr. Hilton meets with Fr Cory Sticha in the High Plains.

Day 19: One of the many times Fr. Hilton reflects on trust and learning not to worry.

Day 21: In which we meet Fr. Hilton’s longtime friend, Msgr. Raun, and they both reflect on their 40-year friendship.

Day 26: Fr. Hilton and Msgr. Raun share thoughts about our civilization and how the best thing we can do is to pray.

Day 30: Fr. Hilton is nearly giddy as he gets a chance to wear his clericals for a change.

Day 33: Fr. Hilton interviews a Chaldean Catholic, who shares about the persecution Christians in the Middle East are facing.

Day 36: Despite all the beauty around him, Fr. Hilton can’t help but consider that it’s not beautiful enough to last.

Day 37: Fr. Hilton has a huge obstacle and hurdle, and he reflects how, instead of derailing him, God has provided many graces for him.

Day 43: Silence is important. Fr. Hilton reflects on peace and quiet.

Day 54: A reflection on the journey’s end, including Fr Hilton dipping his tire in the Atlantic Ocean.

In one week, we’ll host “The Future of Christianity?” in Aspen, the inaugural event of the new Catholic Institute.


Learn more about the Avila to Aspen project and read all the posts from Fr Hilton’s journey across the United States.

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About Fr. John Hilton

I've been a Catholic priest for 34 years, come from a family of nine children and love this life to which God has called me! For the past four years I’ve served as pastor of Saint Mary Parish, founded by silver miners and adventurers in 1882 in the heart of what is now the resort community of Aspen, Colorado. I’ve bicycled across the United States to spread the word that this beautiful mountain town, known for its skiing, mountaineering, and cultural events, is rapidly becoming a powerful place to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ through dynamically orthodox conferences and seminars in service of the New Evangelization. We hope to see you in Aspen!

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  • Maryann

    I so enjoyed ‘traveling’ w/you and praying w/you for all your intentions! Thank you! I looked forward to your sharing each day.

    • LizEst

      Hi Maryann–great to see you here. Thanks for your prayers for Fr. Hilton and his intentions. We hope to hear a little more from him in the future, as well. You continue to be in my prayers.
      Love and blessings,

      • ThirstforTruth

        Such an inspiring journey and really delighted to know we might be hearing more from Fr. Hilton. We continue to keep him and the promise of the Avila Institute and all connected with it in prayer.
        This is a nice “keepsake” article for my files and to share with
        my armchair traveling friends. Thanks and God continue to bless
        us all as we travel the path to our eternal home!

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