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Week 7 on the Road with Fr Hilton

July 23, 2015 by  
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Week 7 on the Road with Fr Hilton

As this seventh week ends, we find Fr Hilton in Maine and very near the end of his Avila to Aspen trip across the United States.

week 7 Avila to Aspen Updates -

Here’s the trip so far by the numbers:

  • 50 days since he left.
  • 375.81 miles this week; 3186.02 miles total.
  • 46.72 hours biking this week; x hours total.

If you’ve missed any of Fr Hilton’s posts this week, here’s a brief summary:

Day 44 (July 15): No update this day.

Day 45 (July 16): On Day 45, July 16, Fr Hilton reflects on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the mountain we climb to become holy.

Day 46 (July 17): We are slaves without Jesus, Fr Hilton reflects as he shares about his travels today.

Day 47 (July 18): During Day 47, Fr Hilton goes from a lake in New York to the Green Mountains of Vermont and shares some history with us on the way.

Day 48 (July 19): Fr Hilton reflects that, though we may feel a lack, “the Lord is my shepherd” and God grants us Sunday rest. He’s in New Hampshire and shares his adventures and the unlikely meetings he had with brother and sister Catholics while he was on the road.

Day 49 (July 20): Resting by the Water: Day 49 from the Road with Fr Hilton On Day 49, July 20, Fr Hilton finds himself resting by the water of a babbling mountain brook in New Hampshire. He reflects on the way the Lord delivered the Israelites, in the readings for the day, and how the water can remind us of how God asks us to trust him.

Day 50 (July 21): As he reaches the final state of his trip across the United States, Fr Hilton reflects on the great theme it’s had for him: “God has taken such good care of me,” especially in the kindness of people. That leads him to reflect on the new relationship God invites each of us to, as we see in the Gospel.

Learn more about the Avila to Aspen project and read past posts.

DONATE HERE to sponsor Fr. Hilton per mile or make a flat donation. All funds will go toward the Avila to Aspen project.

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I've been a Catholic priest for 34 years, come from a family of nine children and love this life to which God has called me! For the past four years I’ve served as pastor of Saint Mary Parish, founded by silver miners and adventurers in 1882 in the heart of what is now the resort community of Aspen, Colorado. I’ve bicycled across the United States to spread the word that this beautiful mountain town, known for its skiing, mountaineering, and cultural events, is rapidly becoming a powerful place to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ through dynamically orthodox conferences and seminars in service of the New Evangelization. We hope to see you in Aspen!

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