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Avila to Aspen Week 5 On the Road with Fr Hilton

July 9, 2015 by  
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Avila to Aspen Week 5 on the Road with Fr Hilton

Fr Hilton has worked his way across Michigan this week as he’s continued his cycling trip across the United States. He’s closer than ever to his end goal of Bar Harbor, Maine!

week 5 Avila to Aspen Updates -

Here’s the trip so far by the numbers:

  • 36 days since he left (June 2 – July 7).
  • 374.36 miles this week; 2376 miles total.
  • 36.67 hours biking this week; 245.23 hours total.

If you’ve missed any of Fr Hilton’s posts this week, here’s a brief summary:

Day 30 (July 1): Fr Hilton is in clericals for the first time in a month as he hails from De Pere, Wisconsin. He also shares a visit with a parishioner.

Day 31 (July 2): Fr Hilton is joined by two fellow cyclists as he reports in from the Carmelite monastery that calls to mind Mount Tabor.

Day 32 (July 3): Fr Hilton is on Union Lake, near Detroit, Michigan. He and Judy Dunn share about the upcoming Aspen event, “The Future of Christianity?“.

Day 33 (July 4): Fr Hilton visits with a Chaldean Catholic and reminds us to keep our persecuted brothers and sisters in our prayers.

Day 34 (July 5): Fr Hilton spent day 34 on Pere Marquette Rail-Trail as he cycles his way across Michigan. He shares a reflection on the readings and gives us a reminder to pray.

Day 35 (July 6): Fr Hilton reflects on Jacob’s statement in the readings today, “Nothing less than the house of God,” and mentions stops in Michigan.

Day 36 (July 7): The things of this world are not beautiful enough to last: Fr Hilton reflects on being homesick as he enters week 5 of his trip.

Learn more about the Avila to Aspen project and read past posts.

DONATE HERE to sponsor Fr. Hilton per mile or make a flat donation. All funds will go toward the Avila to Aspen project.

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I've been a Catholic priest for 34 years, come from a family of nine children and love this life to which God has called me! For the past four years I’ve served as pastor of Saint Mary Parish, founded by silver miners and adventurers in 1882 in the heart of what is now the resort community of Aspen, Colorado. I’ve bicycled across the United States to spread the word that this beautiful mountain town, known for its skiing, mountaineering, and cultural events, is rapidly becoming a powerful place to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ through dynamically orthodox conferences and seminars in service of the New Evangelization. We hope to see you in Aspen!

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