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31 Days and 2001 Miles: Week 4 on the Road with Fr Hilton

July 2, 2015 by  
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Week 4 on the Road with Fr Hilton

The week began on the road with Fr Hilton in Minnesota; as this post goes live, he’s near Green Bay, Wisconsin and getting ready to board the ferry across Lake Michigan.

week 4 Avila to Aspen Updates -

On Saturday, June 27, Fr Hilton and Dan Burke spoke with Peggy Stanton on the “Power From the Pews” show on Ave Maria Radio. You can listen to the interview by clicking HERE.

Here’s the trip so far by the numbers:

  • 31 days since he left Anacortes, Washington.
  • 472.68 miles this week; 2001.64 miles total.
  • 52.67 hours biking this week; 208.57 hours total.

If you’ve missed any of Fr Hilton’s posts this week, here’s a brief summary:

Day 23 (June 24):It’s Minnesota with Fr Hilton and Msgr Raun, where they reflect on being fellow Christians on the road, some history fun, and John the Baptist.

Day 24 (June 25):On the shores of Lake Superior with Msgr Raun and Fr Hilton. They reflect on friendship and the beauty around them.

Day 25 (June 26): We’re imitating Mary at Mass, as well as St John, say Fr Hilton and Msgr Raun as they reflect on Day 25 in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Day 26 (June 27): Fr Hilton is offering prayers for our civilization and for all the intentions readers share; also, the flies in Wisconsin are huge.

Day 27 (June 28):Fr Hilton and Msgr Raun highlight how we can take comfort from Blessed Paul VI during these unsettled times.

Day 28 (June 29): Boulder Junction, Wisconsin and family reunions; Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul.

Day 29 (June 30): No videos/updates to share.

Day 30 (July 1): Fr Hilton is in clericals for the first time in a month as he hails from De Pere, Wisconsin and he has a visit with a parishioner.

Learn more about the Avila to Aspen project and read past posts.

DONATE HERE to sponsor Fr. Hilton per mile or make a flat donation. All funds will go toward the Avila to Aspen project.

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I've been a Catholic priest for 34 years, come from a family of nine children and love this life to which God has called me! For the past four years I’ve served as pastor of Saint Mary Parish, founded by silver miners and adventurers in 1882 in the heart of what is now the resort community of Aspen, Colorado. I’ve bicycled across the United States to spread the word that this beautiful mountain town, known for its skiing, mountaineering, and cultural events, is rapidly becoming a powerful place to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ through dynamically orthodox conferences and seminars in service of the New Evangelization. We hope to see you in Aspen!

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  • Judy Silhan

    Powerful and inspiring interview with you, Dan, and Fr. Hilton. In listening to you speak about lives being changed when people come to know Christ, I was again reminded of my own journey to find Him and to have that personal relationship, one which could give me meaning and purpose in an otherwise fruitless day to day existence. Having been a student at the Avila Institute for over a year now, my long sought after relationship with our Lord has become a reality. Fr. Hilton, you spoke of the need for the laity to participate in the New Evangelization. People cannot share with others a faith they themselves do not really know. As you mentioned, the pews of Catholic churches are no longer full. It is not the sole responsibility of you, Fr. Hilton, and your fellow priests, as some believe, but rather the entire Mystical Body of Christ, which includes the laity, to help Christ in bringing people back to Him. At the Avila Institute, I have been given both spiritual and intellectual tools to do this, and am very active in two evangelization apostolates. Dan, I have you, and your passion to help as many as possible to find and experience the beautiful love of Christ, to thank for my conversion and the ability to do things I never dreamt possible. Fr. Hilton, thank you, for your great example to other priests as to how to use their loves and talents

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