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Meet Dr. Michael Gama, Professor at the Avila Institute

May 14, 2015 by  
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Avila Institute Professors
Meet Dr. Michael Gama

Though Dr. Michael Gama was born and baptized Roman Catholic, his family left the Church when he was five years old. He was raised Evangelical Christian and then attended and graduated from an Evangelical college and seminary.


After he graduated from seminary, Dr. Gama had a sense that, even with — and maybe because of — his educational experience, he was missing something vitally important. He began reading extensively in the Church Fathers, especially the monastics and Eastern Fathers.

He began attending an Orthodox church and then, after five years, moved permanently to the Maronite Catholic Church. After receiving his priest’s blessing, he completed a doctoral program at a local seminary in the area of soteriology-theosis, the Eastern Christian understanding of union with God, by grace, through Jesus Christ.

“My experience as an Avila instructor has been wonderful,” he says. “I suspect I have been blessed much more than any of my students — they are serious, devout and committed to their pursuit of God. In short, they have been an inspiration and privilege to work with.”

Dr. Gama’s students are enthusiastic about his work. “His gentleness reminded me of St. Francis de Sales, and his wisdom in spiritual matters belied his easy-going style,” wrote Sister M. Lalemant Pelikan. “His patience and understanding of the human condition made his presentations applicable to our lives here on earth,” said Julie Danielson, adding that she wanted to take more of his classes.


Photography for this post on Avila professors: Dr. Michael Gama, used with his permission.

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