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Preparing for Lent Part 2 – Divine Intimacy Radio

Preparing for Lent Part 2 – Divine Intimacy Radio

Preparing for Lent Part 2:

Here's what a recent listener said about the show:

“I just listened to the first Divine Intimacy Radio show. Great job! You and Melissa are a joy to listen to, such nice voices, and the real rapport comes through. I enjoyed her little laughs and your excited speech when you got into answering the calls. It was like listening in on two friends talking which is so nice. The content was great too and I’ll be listening in again. I just wanted to let you know that I think you two did a great job. Thanks for answering God’s call to make this His Work and bring it to life.” Suzanne

Show Notes:

Divine Intimacy Radio Crown of Thorns 1400x1400 v2 smallerFasting – What are the spiritual benefits continued…

  • Appetites – the insatiable nature of our appetites – never can find true satisfaction
  • True satisfaction is only found in relationship with God
  • Jesus modeled the practice of fasting
  • Desire to love God through self-sacrifice
  • John of the Cross
    • Soul is finite and can’t love God and creation simultaneously
    • Attachments limit our spiritual growth
    • Illustrations of the impact of attachments – bird and hot air balloon
    • The contemplative life requires that we abandon attachments
    • Necessity of shedding habitual venial and mortal sin
    • We can be free of habitual sin and attachments – it really is possible
    • Attachment is an inordinate desire for pleasure
    • Faster way through dark night and into the illuminative way – rules for detachment (from Ascent of Mount Carmel)
  • Authentic Spiritual disciplines
    • Set us free rather than constrain us
    • Give us true and lasting joy
  • Melissa’s example of the wrong way to prepare for Lent – Sunkist!
  • Spiritual self-evaluation using Navigating the Interior Life
    • The goal of all spiritual discipline is to know and love God in this life and beyond
    • Evaluate sacramental participation (confession, adoration, reconciliation)
    • Can we increase our participation in Mass for Lent?
      • John of the Cross – every negation is also an affirmation
    • Can we increase participation in Adoration?
      • Melissa’s experience of the impact of Adoration
  • Other practices of self-evaluation from Navigating the Interior Life

Next Show:

  • More on Preparing for Lent – the goal is to conclude this series with simple and clear steps to Lenten planning.


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  • Judy Silhan

    Though I am retired and a life long Catholic, I have never heard such a meaningful and beautiful explanation of fasting. The idea of ascending towards God by letting go of attachments, using the hot air balloon and the bird analogies, resonated in mind like never before. Lent, for me, sad to say, has come and gone, year after year, with little or no change in my closeness to Christ. Now that I understand what fasting truly is, this Lenten Season will definitely prepare me for the Glorious Ressurrection of Christ. I have benefited so much from all of your efforts, Dan; but I think that today’ s broadcast has impacted me the most. God Bless you and Melissa for such a great job today.

    • You are very kind Judy – God’s truth is always transformative when received by an open heart and you certainly have one.

  • Jeanette

    Really good teaching…keep them coming Dan & Melissa! 🙂

  • Paul

    My wife just got me onto this show. Love the show!
    Not that it’s worth much, but this is how I simplify this whole concept for myself. To only say I’m not going to do something, invariably means that I will end up falling in it. If I have to consistently remind myself “Don’t eat cookies” then “cookies” are inevitably always on my mind, and my will is not strong enough to constantly fight forever. I might make it through Lent, but after Easter, it’s all over. A “Do Not” always has to be replaced with a “Do” (that’s my simple way of saying what you explained more eloquently). I call this a double sacrifice because not only am I giving up something that I really want do (like getting angry), but I have to replace it with something I don’t always feel like doing in those hard moments (like being cheerful. — Have you already guessed my lenten sacrifice?). In replacing a Vice with a Virtue, we are inserting Jesus directly into our bad habits so that He can make good ones. What sounds like a double whammy sacrifice on the surface, “Not only are you saying I can’t eat cookies, but I have to eat a carrot in it’s place – yek!” is in fact, allowing Jesus to make the yoke easy and the burden light. Given time, you will become a better healthier person physically, mentally, spiritually. Easier and faster. – God Bless you guys and the Show!!

  • Mary P

    Has anyone read the book “Holy Abandonment” by Rt. Rev. Dom Vitalis Lehodey, O.C.R. It is brimming with practical advice and wisdom of the saints,
    for abandoning practically anything we need to and explains The Nature, The
    Foundation, the Object of, and the Excellence and Fruits of….Holy Abandonment.
    Those are the FOUR PARTS of the book that broken down into chapters. It is a hefty book. I recommend it as well as all the other books that are mentioned on I think of it as a “How To” book for abandoning ourselves to God.

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