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Thank You God for Jesus

January 6, 2014 by  
Filed under Advent, Christmas, Donna Sue Berry, Poetry

I truly now can say to you, as Christmas drifts away,

This was an Advent to remember and a special Christmas day.

Our families all had fasted and petitioned God for grace,

With what a joy to see at Mass the peace on each ones face!

With four weeks of preparation, and sacrifices made,

We came to place our gifts of straw where Jesus would be laid.

Each piece of hay an offering, a penitence of love;

It was all to welcome Jesus, the Christ child from above.

The church was filled with candles; an ethereal kind of light,

While the choir sang out like angels just before it turned midnight.

When he spoke the consecration, “Father, Son and Holy Ghost”

The anticipation ended, then Father raised the Host.

Thank you, God, for Jesus, and thank You for his birth.

We thank you for the time he spent those years upon the earth.

But mostly now we thank you God, he rose up from the dead,

That we may feast each day we live on Consecrated Bread.

Donna Sue Berry

 Originally written on December 27, 2011

Art: Advent Wreath: Adventkranz (liturgisch) |Source=own work |Date=2. Dez. 2006 |Author=Andrea Schaufler |Permission=yes |other_versions= }}; A German nativity scene, detail, Holy Family with the three wise men; Author not listed; Das Christuskind (The Christchild), Melchior Paul von Deschwanden, by 1881, PD-US; Illustration from 1908 Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language. Pyx, n. (R.C.) the sacred box in which the Host is kept after consecration, Rev. Thomas Davidson 1856-1923 (ed.); Wikimedia Commons.

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About Donna Sue Berry

Donna Sue Berry is a passionate writer and poet, wife, mother of two, and grandmother of nine, from the American Heartland of central Oklahoma. She and her husband Joel share their time between Oklahoma and Montana. Her early writing began with romantic poetry during junior high school years; but, not until returning to school at age 48 did her poetry deepen to truly express her great love for her Catholic faith. Proud of her rich Oklahoma heritage and ancestors who made the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run, her current book project is "Catholic Poems from the Heart of a Red Dirt Oklahoma Girl." Her website is

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  • Suzi dutro

    Beautiful! Thank you. You stirred my heart to tears.

    • So glad it touched you! Thank you for your kind words, and may God bless you in this New Year!

  • Timothy Hayes

    Through the Gift of the Holy Eucharist continues the Holy Spirit of Christmas and Easter. “With you is princely rule on the day of your power. In holy splendor, from the womb before the dawn, I have begotten you.” What started long before Bethlehem continues in every moment of our lives, through our Communion with , in and through, the Body and Blood of Christ. Not a seasonal thing or something to be packed away like ornaments, or the creche but, to be lived out in image and likeness with our whole heart, whole mind and our whole soul, with all our strength, given to us in the Bread of Angels. This is God’s Gift of His faithful and unfailing Loving – kindness to be shared and recognized in those He commanded us to Love. It is the healing, the comfort, joy and peace of the indwelling Christ we can offer to our brothers and sisters in His Name.

    • May God Bless you Mr. Hayes with a beautiful New Year. “What started long before Bethlehem continues in every moment of our lives, through our Communion with , in and through, the Body and Blood of Christ.” We are so blessed to have our Lord with us present! Beautiful words, thank you!

  • JH47

    Donna, the beautiful simplicity of your poem also touched my heart, deeply. And I attended Midnight Mass this year at an inner-city parish whose only light was from hundreds of (white) candles adorning the high altar and choir loft. The single red sanctuary candle drew us to the True Presence and it truly was ethereal.
    Blessed and holy New Year to you.

    • Dear JH47, Blessed New Year to you too! I bet that was an incredible site to see. What a glorious existence we have to receive our God this way! Thank you for your kind words!

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