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Do Ghosts Exist?

November 5, 2013 by  
Filed under Dan Burke, Spiritual Warfare

Dear Dan, a friend of mine has ghosts in his “new” old home. He knows someone who knows someone who can get rid of them and free BorisovMusatovPhantomsthe souls who are stuck in this world. I told him I believe there are ghosts; but, I don't understand exactly how our Catholic faith addresses the problem of God allowing souls to get stuck here. Do ghosts exist? What does the Church say about these things?

Believe it or not, I have actually given this a lot of thought because of my own experience with these matters.

  1. Are there such things as ghosts? No. There are no such things as “ghosts” when ghosts are defined as people who are stuck in an in-between state (in-between heaven and hell or purgatory and the beatific vision). Scripture says that “It is given unto man once to die, and then comes judgment” (cf Hebrews 9:27). So, we die and are judged. What happens then? We either go to hell, heaven, or purgatory. There are no other options.
  2. Are these manifestations sometimes real? Yes. I believe there is sufficient evidence to say that there are actual manifestations of beings of some sort.
  3. If some of these manifestations are real, what exactly are they? This can be deduced by simple logic regarding created beings revealed to us by God. Human beings can only be alive, or dead and in heaven, in purgatory, or in hell. There is no in-between state of wandering in scripture or tradition. Thus, these cannot be humans. However, they often take on a human appearance. If they take on human appearance and are not ghosts and not humans, what are they?
  4. What are the only creatures than can emulate humans? There are only two kinds of non-human beings that can be or take the form of human beings, 1) God, and 2) angels.
  5. If these things called “Ghosts” are actually manifestations of God or good angels, can one deduce this by their actions or teachings? In scripture we see God or angels take on human form to do good, teach good, or lead someone to good. If these “ghosts” are doing good things (good as defined by the teachings of Jesus) then they are likely either manifestations of God or they are angels.
  6. What if they are not God or good angels? If they are not God, and they are not good angels, then there is only one more kind of being that can emulate human beings and these are bad angels or demons.
  7. How would I know if it was a demon? Demons teach untruth and lead people to believe untruth and produce fear that is unproductive and fails to lead the fearful to God.
  8. Are ghosts, if they produce fear or false teachings, actually demons seeking to deceive people into believing there are other possibilities than what is taught by the Church? Yes.
  9. If they are demons, how do I deal with them? Lysol sometimes works! But seriously, holy water can be useful. If this doesn't work, check with your local pastor for assistance. He may come and bless the house. Never talk directly to the “ghosts” themselves. Persistent cases might require consultation of an exorcist.

Editors Note: The author does believe that it is possible for God to allow those in purgatory to communicate with those outside of this state. These, of course, would not be “Ghosts” in the common use of the term. However, has chosen to leave this topic for another post.

Art: Phantoms, 1903, Viktor Borisov-Musatov, PD-US author's life plus 100 years or less, Wikimedia Commons.

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  • Natasha

    I’ve also heard that God sometimes allows souls from purgatory to appear to people on earth (while still physically in purgatory) to ask living souls to pray form them. Could this be another manifestation of a “ghost”?

    • This is certainly plausible and these experiences have been reported by many of the faithful.

      • Kelly

        What is a demon?

    • Gabrielle Renoir

      I don’t think anyone is physically in purgatory. After we die, we are spirit only until Christ comes again and raises the dead and glorifies the bodies of the faithful. We are purified in purgatory as spirits. However, God can do whatever he chooses to do, so he could allow someone to take human form for a time. When I was visited by the spirit of the deceased priest, it was his spirit only. He needed my forgiveness, which he immediately received, of course, and he had a life-changing gift from God to offer to me. It was a beautiful experience. As St. Dominic told his brothers, souls in heaven can do far, far more for us from that vantage point than they could ever do while on earth.

  • Jeanette

    Thank you for making this very clear. The house next to us was ‘haunted’, or so I heard, from a couple of people once we moved next door. Apparently, the wife had died in the house and a few people (one being a renovator) had seen a ghost a few times so they assumed it was her. The sightings apparently stopped just prior to us moving next door. I think it wise to have your home blessed by a priest whenever one moves into a new home, as we do. Dan, thanks for this.

  • I read another book by Fr. Syquia recently. He is the Head Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Manila. He talked about how evil spirits in haunted houses can be caused by demons who reside in nature, like a nearby tree. If a tree was cut down in the construction of the house, the evil spirits might start harassing the people who live in the new house.
    There may also be objects in the house which the evil spirits might be attached to. Like antiques, old mirrors, and occult or new age related things.
    My friend told me how she once visited an old ancestral home and they would throw exorcised salt to ward off evil spirits.

  • RobinJeanne

    Thank you Soooo much for the confirmation. I have believed and spoke what you wrote for year, as this is “what I believe ghost are” now I can say it with more confidence.

    I went to a little country church one time and got this creeped out feeling, like evil lurking about. Later I found out it was a common complain and so the did an exorcism on the church and now no more complaints.

  • Carrie

    Blessed Lysol? 🙂

    • LizEst

      LOL !

  • nosidam

    Hi! I have an orthodox Catholic priest friend who has gone to a home or a few homes where when he enters he can feel a bad spirit. He brings and uses exorcised salt and water and prays certain exorcism prayers and the bad presence disappears. Every year or so he has a mass where we all bring our water, oil, salt, candles for special blessings. Plus our holy crosses, medals, rosarys etc. and He prays exorcism blessings over all and the sacramentals and puts a pinch of salt in all the water. He likes the traditional prayers of blessing. Today some priests just do a quick 5 second blessing of items. He feels that is not much of a blessing. I agree. Some of the beautiful language of our church has gone by the wayside. Words are powerful and I think the demons hate the old exorcism type prayers. This priest has been on Catholic radio. He is a pastor in NM. He had his own major conversion from drugs and near suicide and then an experience with the devil trying to take him back. So he knows! He is also open to discuss this with anyone. Thank you. God bless you.

  • $1650412

    I love how Dan addresses this in this post- very matter of fact and down to earth! I was in a church one time with a number of stained glass windows with orders depicted in them and ‘exorcist’ is actually a minor order somewhere around lector- so I think it behooves us all to understand how empowered we are in Christ to deal with the annoyances we might encounter in the every day harassment techniques of the enemy and his ilk. I mean that without scorn and without underestimating his wiles and skill. Consecrating ourselves and our homes to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, keeping our souls clean and in tact by regular confession and communion, safeguarding our homes with prayers of exorcism by sacramentals of holy water, blessed salt, St. Benedict medals; and the blessings and particular interventions when necessary by our priests, and specifically equipped diocesan exorcists if needed- these are the means by which we can maintain holy strongholds against our enemies in the spiritual realm- putting them to flight. And fostering lives of prayer, fidelity- striving after holiness– hopefully we will drive out darkness and shadows of that sort, a little at a time….until the Sun of Righteousness dawns in our lives forever more.

    • green55

      Thanks Jo, I will be doing a Consecration soon and your post is encouraging and affirming. This is another reason for me to Consecrate.:)

  • Camille Mittermeier

    What about apparitions of saints and other holy people? Our Lady isn’t either an Angel or God, but the church believes she visits from time to time and I vaguely remember seeing a book, “Apparitions of Modern Saints” by Patricia Treece.

    • Dear Camille – please see my response to Vanessa – I think it will help.

  • charliebrowntri

    Thank you Dan.

  • Deacon Greg

    In the article, you say “So, we die and are judged. What happens then? We either go to hell, heaven, or purgatory” which describes purgatory more as a place. Based on my understanding of the Catechism, along with other research I’ve done, I believe it is more correct to say purgatory is a process and not a place, and occurs before the final judgement, not after.

    CCC 1030 & 1031 says “All who die in God’s grace and friendship, but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven. The Church gives the name Purgatory to this final purification of the elect….we must believe that, before the Final Judgment, there is a purifying fire.”

    Most of my life, I have thought of purgatory as a place. But after being asked many times about purgatory, often times by non-Catholics, but also from Catholics, I did the research. When I explain it using the description from the Catechism, it usually helps them better understand it, and agree with the concept.

    But overall, this article is good. I have had many experiences with “ghosts”, many good ones, some evil. When I’ve had the encounters with the evil “ghosts”, for me, the most effective way I’ve found to battle it is to pray the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.

    • GAartist

      Deacon, Have you read St. Faustina’s diary? She talks about her visit to heaven, Hell and Purgatory. It sounded more like a place to me. Though each person is in their individual “state” and not getting help from anyone there, nor can they help themselves as they endure their purification.. Only we can help with prayers, fasting, alms and Masses. Thus the Month Of November is for the Suffering Souls, the “Church Suffering”. and the “Church Militant” (we) can help.

      • RobinJeanne

        it is a state of “being”… not like here on earth is physical. Just as heaven isn’t a phycialy place but a spiritual one. Hell isn’t in the center of the earth… it’s spiritual and different state of :being” as here we are in a physical place with our physical being.

  • Rainier

    Thanks for that info Dan

  • Mary G

    Interesting and makes sense. It makes me to wonder though, and to ask, ( if you know, why )…couldn’t the “damned” in hell, continue aiding and abetting Satan and the fallen angels on earth, just as the saints “in heaven” with the angels, continue to help the children of God on earth? Where am I going wrong in this line of thinking?

    • RobinJeanne

      Absolutely.. that’s why the church forbids palm readers, say-ances, oiji boards… they are portale to the dark world.

      • Mary G

        Thanks, RobinJeanne. But I think playing with occult, can bring in demons…not ghosts…or the spirits of the damned. What I meant by “spitis of the damned”. is human spirits of the damned, not the fallen angels. Can human spirits of the damn inteact with living humans just as the saints in heaven do? If so, wouldnt these be called ghosts?

        • RobinJeanne

          I’ll be honest… I don’t know. Like you said if God allows Saints, then if it was for and earthly souls greater good, God could allow a soul of the dammed make it’s presance know… Maybe Dan will know.

        • RobinJeanne

          Also… they used to call the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost. I think at one time the words were interchangable… beings without bodies….

          • Mary G

            Good point! So I plan to do some research, maybe early Church Fathers have an explanation as to why the soils of the damned cannot interfere with the Church Militant. Maybe Fr. Fortea, may have some more information on this.

  • GAartist

    Dan, I’m A little confused now. It makes sense that a soul can only be in one of three places. But somehow I thought maybe an apparition could be a soul God allowed to leave purgatory for “outside” intervention. Like what some of the saints have written about the deceased visiting them and asking for prayers to get into heaven. (And some non saints too from books I’ve read on Purgatory.) Where does that fit in?
    Also I think I read that one way to know the difference of a suffering soul from a demon in disguise was a soul would only speak if he was asked to. Is that correct?

    • Gabrielle Renoir

      I have been visited by the soul of a deceased priest who was my dearest friend for many years. His spirit remained with me for months. I needed his help, and he never refused me his help. Now I know he never will, and he will be waiting for me when it is my time to join the Lord. I did not “see” the priest as he was in this life. I couldn’t; he is spirit only until the resurrection of the dead; however, I did feel his spirit very strongly. It was a life-changing experience.

  • Charles Griggy

    Saint Paul says that we live in the middle of a Supernatural World and this tells us that all things are possible. The Saints can visit us, souls can ask for prayers, apparitions can occur and other supernatural events. As a result, when thinking about the supernatural world It is always good to approach it with an open mind. In doing so, “What is impossible for human beings is possible for God.” (Luke 18:27). When Jesus says to Peter, “What is your opinion, Simon? From whom do the kings of the earth take tolls or census tax? From their subjects or from foreigners?” When he said, “From foreigners,” Jesus said to him, “Then the subjects are exempt. But that we may not offend them, go to the sea, drop in a hook, and take the first fish that comes up. Open its mouth and you will find a coin worth twice the temple tax. Give that to them for me and you.” (Matthew 17:24-27. This scripture spells out how the spiritual world (through God) can do all things when acting upon the physical world–the Angels do their job by placing that coin in the mouth of the first fish caught so that the taxes get paid. Isn’t all of this great stuff?

    • Vanessa

      Agreed. The article is a bit Protestant fundamentalist in character, and cites no sources for the statements that are dogmaticaly made.

  • Tima Borges

    This is a great post but it did leave me with a few questions. Through personal experience and situations I have read about from credible sources about manifestations of loved one’s who have made their presence known. Does God allow souls in heaven or purgatory to communicate with us at times? I understood this as a means to be in communion with the saints. Is that incorrect?

    • Tima – good to see you interacting with us. It seems like a long time. Check out my answer to Vanessa. I think it will help.

  • Vanessa

    It is also Catholic teaching that God can permit the souls in purgatory to appear to us. This encourages Masses to be said for the repose of their souls.
    The fact that “only God and angels” can appear as humans has nothing to do with “ghosts” or apparitions. Souls in heaven (the Virgin Mary and other saints) have been known to appear to people, and it is reasonable to believe that souls in purgatory can do the same…all of this depends on God’s will. It does not go against Catholic doctrine. They are not “ghosts”, but real souls in purgatory or heaven, unless it is demonic activity.

    • Dear Vanessa – I am grateful for your comments here. In short, let me say that I agree with you on your comments in this note. A close reading of my argument will reveal that I leave room for the possibility you present though I do not address it in the post. The purpose of this post was to answer a very specific question – “Do ghosts exist”?. With respect to your other comments (that I did not publish), they fall outside of the bounds of charity that we seek in our discussion on this site. No worries, I am not offended. If you have read me in the past you will know that I am very open to disagreement as long as the argument is within the bounds of faithfulness to the magisterium. In specific, your claim that the post “does not reflect Catholic doctrine” is less than helpful to the dialogue because you didn’t offer your wisdom regarding where the perspective I offer is incompatible with Catholic doctrine. Also, characterizing my approach as “protestant and fundamentalist” is also not helpful. I suspect you may not be familiar with St. Thomas Aquinas’ approach or studied Catholic philosophy which deals with how to demonstrate truth on the basis of scripture and sound reason. To be clear, you are most welcome to engage here with my warm encouragement to take a more constructive and charitable approach. You might find some insight in the FAQs. On a final note, several good people like you have noted the deficiencies of my post in dealing with those who visit us from purgatory. As I have indicated, I don’t deny this phenomenon. These appearances, of course, are not “ghosts” in terms of the commonly held definitions. They are in purgatory and presumably God has afforded a special grace to them and their loved ones to communicate in some way. I may either modify this post or do another one at another time. Also, I am quite open to specific correction if you see where, with clear understanding of what I am saying, I violate Church teaching. Please let me know – please be specific, and charitable. Yours in Christ, Dan

      • Vanessa

        The article is incompatible with Catholic doctrine because it disregards revelation as understood by the Church (which consists of both scripture and tradition). For instance, Jesus tells a story about poor Lazarus appearing to the rich man, something that was obviously not incomaptible with Jewish beliefs; and there are countless instances of apparitions of saints , the Virgin Mary , and souls in Purgatory throughout the history of the Church.
        I don’t think I said “protestant and fundamentalist”, I said it was “Protestant fundamentalist” in character. The reason being, your statements are the same ones proffered by that group in regard to this topic.
        As far as St. Thomas Aquinas is concerned, you may be right, as I’ve not yet finished my Master’s in Theology…hopefully I will improve in this area, as I have a great love for the Angelic Doctor and for Catholic philosophy. But, in all honesty, I did not see the qualities of Catholic argument in your article either.
        You just wrote that the souls in purgatory are not “ghosts” per se, but neither are “God and the angles” that you cited.
        As far as lack of charity is concerned, I will certainly consider your point, however, at this point I disagree with you…it would be lack of charity not to say something when false doctrine is being put forth in a widely disseminated publication. The words need to be frank enough for the writer and others to take them seriously.

        • Dear Vanessa – It appears we will just have to agree to disagree with respect to your characterization of my approach. I can’t cover 100% of any topic in the standard limits of a blog post. This is not a book about ghosts but a simple treatment of a simple answer. Even a treatise on this topic might fail to cover every angle – would the author then be rightly accused of “disregard” and thereby “false doctrine?” These are strong claims especially when aimed at someone who has demonstrated a very clear and consistent commitment to the teachings of the Church. Even so, maybe I am misunderstanding you. Do you really mean that to stand on the argument that to limit the scope of a discussion is to “disregard” and thereby be properly equated to “false doctrine”? Finally, charity is not achieved by the mere proclamation of truth, but the words of truth must also have regard for the presence of Christ among us – they must be deferential, respectful, and gentle, especially when these words come between two people who are completely committed to the magisterium of the Church. When we engage with another on important matters we should seek first to understand, and then to determine if we really disagree. As well, we should avoid hyperbolic characterization of the other in ways that don’t bring clarity (i.e. “fundamentalist” or “protestant”). All that said, I have violated these ideals many times both here and at the National Catholic Register. My appeal to you is a good reminder to me to take these discussions more slowly and seasoned with “gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15)

          • Vanessa

            To say that only God and angels can appear to humans is false doctrine. It is an act of charity to say so.

          • Ok Vanessa, now we may be getting somewhere! Where have I, in this post, specifically denied that only God and Angels can appear to humans. Remember, this post is about whether or not ghosts exist. Even so, I am open to your correction.

          • Vanessa

            That is what I got from #3, when you said that the apparitions cannot be human.

          • Ok, great. Do you believe it would it be more clear or accurate if the question read like this: “If some of these ghostly manifestations are real, what are they?” FYI – My reference here to “ghostly manifestations” would be with respect to so called “hauntings” and an “in-between wandering state” referring to a common non-Christian teaching about the mode of those souls who are lost in this state.

          • Vanessa

            Not necessarily. It would be best to simply state that there is no such thing as a “wandering” being in the sense of a deceased person in an in-between state (a ghost). Being in heaven, purgatory , people can appear only according to God’s will. Even in respect to demons, God has permitted them an alotted time to wander in the sense of trying to draw souls away from himself. Even God and the angels are from heaven , and the fallen angels are coming from hell – even they are not “in-between”.

          • Ok, if you are game, lets try it this way. Why don’t you rewrite the question and/or the answer in a way you feel better reflects Catholic doctrine on this matter. It might be easier to process if you send it to me at

          • Vanessa

            No, I think it’s up to you to do any clarification that needs to be done, since you are the author of the article. I won’t be rewriting anything.

          • It is easy to be a critic Vanessa. Thanks for your feedback.

        • RobinJeanne

          I’m with Dan on this one. I’m no theologian but it’s my understanding ghost-spirits, same thing. It’s beings without body, beings from another realm. All allowed by God’s Divine providence. Whether it be saints or Angel to help inspire us to good and holy lives or from demons who bring fear and terror, only allowed if God allows it. It has always been my opinion that these so called “ghost/spirits” that haunt houses, people, places are works of the evil ones causing chaos and fear.But the so called “friendly ghost” just hanging around “caught” are also from the evil one. God’s will always has a purpose, He wouldn’t have souls wondering aimlessly with no purpose… Siant and angels come bearing helpfulness, correction, love things of God… this is just my uneducated opinion.

          Also, being the Church forbids congering up the spirit/ghost of those who have died… even the evil one can pretend to be who ever you are wishing to speak to. If God wanted your dearly departed one to come and speak to you, it would be done, you wouldn’t have to go to a person whom the church for bids(and that goes all the way back to the Jewish faith) to protect us from opening that porthole to letting evil in our life.

      • Vanessa

        Another comment: By saying that my unpublished comments “fall outside the bounds of charity” you possibly leave the readers with the idea that the comments were much worse than they were…in fact, I don’t think they were uncharitable, just truthful in a manner that was necessary. This can possibly be seen as back-handed slander toward me in order for you to save face.

        • Fair enough. I will publish your other comments shortly. The reason I don’t typically do this is because they did violate the standard we have for this site. You may not agree with the standards but, we are generally consistent with them.

    • Camila

      Hi Vanessa,
      You say ‘souls in heaven (the Virgin Mary and other saints)’ but on a quick note – the Virgin Mary, for example, would not only be a ‘soul in heaven’ right? She is in heaven body and soul. So her apparitions would have her appear not simply as a soul, but the hylomorphic unity in it’s glorified state, correct?

  • Vanessa

    With all due respect, this article does not represent Catholic doctrine, but rather a personal opinion that is not upheld by any reliable Catholic sources.

  • Vanessa

    In regard to #3, you are correct to say that it is not compatible with Catholic doctrine that humans can be somewhere “in between” heaven, purgatory and hell, but the deduction (“thus, these cannot be humans”) that the phenomenon is therefore God or angels is incorrect. You are deducing from the false premise.
    The doctrine of “no in-between” does not preclude the fact that humans who have passed on cannot appear to us (according to God’s will).

  • Tima Borges

    Thank you Dan. It has been awhile since I have joined the discussion. However I do regularly read and share the posts from this blog.
    I apologize, next time I will read the entire thread so as not to duplicate a question. In my opinion, another post covering this topic in more detail may be a good idea. Perhaps you could include ways for us to discern what or who the manifestation or presence is.

  • Kevin Adrian

    Ghosts doe exist. [Kevin – I edited your note out because you appear to be skimblasting. Please check out our FAQ’s on how we handle our comboxes here. You are welcome to comment on the post, but please read it first and then comment on the post itself.]

  • A priest who was my superior while I was in formation (a different state in life from my now married state 🙂 ) shared a story of visiting a convent that is in the black forest in Germany. A dark place for sure with the Nazi use of the forest. He said the nuns told him that he would hear things at night, but not to worry it was just the souls. He did hear things crashing around at night and shared that if they were human souls they can’t move object, so they were in fact demons. He said mass the next morning and he said they didn’t report further disturbances.

    Another thing he shared is that there was a nun in that house, who for years has had souls in purgatory visiting her. She understood when she started seeing them that they needed prayers and she needed to pray for them. As years passed she would pray for them and they became more beautiful and eventually would no longer appear to her. She was a simple, holy, and aged nun.

    • LizEst

      Powerful story. Thanks for sharing, Tim. God bless you!

  • Fr. James

    I am a Catholic priest who once experienced a ‘ghost’ in our retreat center. Over a period of time, he manifested himself at least four times that I am aware of. The people who experienced this never felt threatened or frightened – nor did people who worked there (although some were nervous when they heard there was a ghost). The one time I experienced him, I did not feel afraid or in the presence of evil either. We also had the Blessed Sacrament reserved there and there were never any desecrations or other problems in the chapel.
    Believing (because by discernment of spirits this did not seem to be a diabolical manifestation) this to be a ‘poor soul’ that God was allowing to ask for our prayers, I told people that we needed to pray for him to get out of purgatory. I think many of our ‘regulars’ at the retreat center did so. After a while there were no more manifestations. I seldom celebrated Mass at the retreat center and so did not offer Mass for him there – but perhaps one of the other priests on the staff did. I didn’t think an exorcism was appropriate since the presence did not seem to be diabolical.
    So, while I agree that what people usually mean when they speak of ‘ghosts’ is mistaken and not in accord with Catholic doctrine, there are, besides diabolical or angelic apparitions, another kind of ‘ghost’ that is a poor soul in purgatory, perhaps with no one to pray for him, that God in his goodness and mercy allows to appear to good people so that he may get the prayers he needs to be freed from purgatory.

    • Dear Father James,

      You are absolutely on track as far as I am concerned. Per the definitions of the post and as you indicated in your conclusion, I wouldn’t call this a “ghost” but a human being who was reaching out from purgatory for prayer.
      Thanks for weighing in. Your thoughts are very clear.

  • Osiris Salgado

    I do believe in ghosts.Ive seen them.I do believe in life after death.Something does happen when we die.And its strange that people still refuse to believe in ghosts but believe in heaven and hell when there is no evidence to support that.Wouldnt someone haveto actually die at least for a day for the soul to come out and enter back in the body to know what realy happens? Just to let you know im not religious or athiest I beleive in some higher power just not the devil or jesus.But I try to understand all religions and I ask myself “why”?

    • Dear Friend: Based on your comments I suspect you are not aware of saints and others who have actually died and returned and report of both heaven and hell. As well, there were over 500 witnesses to Jesus being raised from the dead. Based on your definition of evidence, there is no lack of it for the claims of Christ. You might ask yourself “why” then do you not yet believe and what would be necessary for you to come to know God as he has revealed himself in Christ?

      • Osiris Salgado

        Thanks for replying.I was once a believer of christ and have read the bible even a book called 23 minutes in heaven.Even a book of a man that went to hell.But I concluded that there are many similarities of other ancient gods and their stories resemble the story of jesus christ.While I dont judge no ones beleif system nor do I think I know all the answers I am just going to not beleive in anything because it makes easier rather than try to find the true religion or the right god to beleive in.But thanks again for replying instead of getting angry and no replying like other people.Just a gay looking for answers is all.

      • Osiris Salgado

        I meant guy not gay sorry.

  • Nice article.

  • Mark Kostelac

    2 things about this article that should be pointed out. 1 is that the beings that can take on the form of humans other than God, angels and saints are demons. This is a serious problem that has to be solved by the Catholic deliverence ministry. The second thing that needed to be pointed out is that it is very possible that a soul that appears to be wandering is a soul in purgatory. So it is possible to see a “ghost” but it won’t be a wandering spirit and it will have a purpose.

  • Mark Kostelac

    it does mention demons and some of the work they do, but it is very important to point out…IF THAT IS THE SPIRIT CONFRONTING YOU GO TO A PRIEST FOR HELP do not ever try and fight demons on your own.

    • LizEst

      Absolutely. That’s why the Church has trained exorcists to deal with such.

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