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Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary: The Little Catholic Shrine

October 7, 2013 by  
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OurLadyoftheRosary for the Little Catholic Shrine I sought shelter in the little shrine, inside from falling rain.
Away from all my crosses and away from all my pain.
October’s angry storm outside no way compared to mine,
As I knelt within the shadows of The Little Catholic Shrine.

I could smell the burning incense left from the morning Mass,
While I watched the candles melting on their candlesticks of brass.
With the sound of rolling thunder, I knelt in great despair
By the statue of our Lady, then I began my prayer.

“I am begging Blessed Mother, come help me, please today.
My life is all in shambles, and my faith has gone astray.
I ran from Jesus long ago; I hid my face in shame.
I no longer have the strength inside to call upon his name.”

The statue seemed to smile at me, I felt a calming touch
From the Mother of my Savior, whom I had missed so much.
I could almost hear her heart beat; her message was complete
As she held a set of rosary beads with three kids at her feet.

“Say the Rosary every day, this way there will be peace.
Now call upon the name of Christ, and let your worries cease!”
I grabbed my rosary, closed my eyes and prayed for me and mine,
Then stepped into the sunlight from the Little Catholic Shrine.


Written September 26th, 2012; used with permission.
Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


Art for this post on the Little Catholic Shrine: Our Lady of the Rosary, Anonymous (Kraków), 1599, photographed by Mariusz Karpowicz, 1988, Wikimedia Commons. Rosary, Estler, 2013, PD-self.

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About Donna Sue Berry

Donna Sue Berry is a passionate writer and poet, wife, mother of two, and grandmother of nine, from the American Heartland of central Oklahoma. She and her husband Joel share their time between Oklahoma and Montana. Her early writing began with romantic poetry during junior high school years; but, not until returning to school at age 48 did her poetry deepen to truly express her great love for her Catholic faith. Proud of her rich Oklahoma heritage and ancestors who made the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run, her current book project is "Catholic Poems from the Heart of a Red Dirt Oklahoma Girl." Her website is

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  • Yule

    I like this.
    Lovely and beautiful poem. Wish to read more on this kind.


  • Catherine

    Your poetry is breath-taking! What a beautiful gift God has given you. I could see myself at that Shrine. I look forward to more posts. God Bless You

    • Catherine, thank you! I am grateful and humbled I get to pen for HIM! You know when I was writing this, I just kept seeing a cozy little Chapel out of the wet weather and the smell of incense while praying before the Lord! May God bless you too!

  • Terese10

    Love this!

  • Becky Ward

    This is lovely, thank you for sharing!

    • Becky, thank you for your kind words, and you are welcome!

  • Marg

    Thank you so much Donna for this heart felt poem! a reminder that Mary is there for us if we only but call on her. I so felt her calling me in this poem, it brought tears to my eyes and also a strong reminder that I need to get back to Mary! Gods blessings to you Donna!

    • You are so welcome, Marg, and thank you! Did you really?! We can’t turn to her that she doesn’t point us to her Son, and I have shared those same tears when feeling her mantle of protection and Motherly love. Wrap her Rosary around you and yours. Hey, I’ll join you with a Rosary today!! :>) May God bless you too!

  • Renee Costello

    I love this poem! Beautiful. Thank you very much. It struck a personal note with me because one of the first things I wanted to do when I returned to the faith after many years away was to say the Rosary. I love the imagery of coming in out of the storm, that was exactly how I felt.

    • Renee, thank you for your sweet words. I’m so glad it touched your heart, and I so agree with you. All glory to God! Our Lady’s Rosary just binds us close to her Son, Jesus, and in a sweet and wonderful way then His precious Mother folds us in her mantle. What a Mother. What a Savior. So many storms in life’s journey…but we can always come in out of the storm. Thanks be to God!! Blessings to you, Renee. Oh, :>) and welcome home!

  • Sorry, Family. Having gone AWOL I love this Poem. Thank you, Donna

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