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Introducing Diana von Glahn

September 17, 2013 by  
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Today, we are most excited to introduce Diana von Glahn. She is an author, writer, editor, host and, with her husband David, co-producer of the EWTN series “The Faithful Traveler.” She adds another dimension to our Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction site by expanding how we think about and practice our faith, particularly with regard to pilgrimages and to places that are dear to our Catholicism: the Holy Land, Rome, places where saints have lived and worked, churches, shrines, etc. She explores the art, architecture, history and doctrine that are part of what makes these sites so significant to our beliefs.

Diana was born and raised in San Diego, California, the second of four girls born to Mexican parents. She was raised within this culture, steeped in observing the pious practices and traditions of the Church. So, it's no wonder that she would sense a call to bring the beauty and excitement of lived Catholicism to others. Not only that, she grew up with the blessing of having had Fr. Junipero Serra's Missions as part of her childhood memories and her California up-bringing. Her diversified educational background also prepared her for such a task: She developed a need for a balance of creative and intellectual pursuit at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. Following this, she received a BA in English from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and subsequently earned a law degree from Notre Dame Law School in South Bend, Indiana. Next, Diana moved to New York City to pursue a career in publishing and is today a legal editor for a major NYC-based legal publisher. She met David while in New York, and the idea for “The Faithful Traveler” came into being while planning their honeymoon. The idea grew while honeymooning and, when they got back home, they set out to purchase all the equipment needed and learn how to produce this specifically Catholic travel show.

This idea was wildly successful and resulted in a 13-part EWTN series, which aired on EWTN 2011 and which is now in reruns. Diana and David's second series, “The Faithful Traveler in the Holy Land” will air on EWTN. “The Faithful Traveler” has expanded and is also a blog, a Facebook Page, is on Vimeo and YouTube. She has been interviewed by many different publications and shows. In addition, as if this schedule were not exhausting in and of itself, Diana has written a pocket mini volume on saints. The salient links will also be present along with a short bio whenever her articles appear on our site.

Please extend a warm welcome to Diana today. We are privileged she has joined our team on Look for her first post for us next week.


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About Liz Estler

Editor, Liz holds a Master of Arts in Ministry Degree (St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Massachusetts), Liturgy Certificate (Boston Archdiocese), and a BS degree in Biology and Spanish (Nebraska Wesleyan University - Lincoln). She has served as hospital chaplain associate, sacristan, translator and in other parish ministries. She was a regular columnist for a military newspaper in Europe and has been published in a professional journal. She once waded in the Trevi Fountain!

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  • Yule


    I really love to travel on those holy places. Lourdes, Portugal, etc. 😉

  • Glad to have you on the team Diana!

  • Jeanette

    Welcome Diana…can’t wait to travel in my imagination to the holy sites of the world with you!

  • Welcome Diana! An online pilgrimage sounds fun!

  • DianeVa

    Welcome Diana! Another blessing thru this wonderful apostolate. Thank you for all your gifts.

  • Sheila Kuzmic

    Welcome Diana. Such incredible gifts you have and are sharing!!!

  • LizEst

    A pleasure to work with you and learn from your travels, Diana! A hearty welcome to you…and, by extension, David as well!

  • Vicki

    Diana, I look forward to learning via your experiences! Welcome to the site!

  • AnnieB

    Hi Diana, great to have you helping us. I’m off to the Holy Land for the first time in a few weeks and am so excited! Looking forward to your posts. X

    • Annie–YOU WILL HAVE THE MOST AMAZING TIME!! I am so excited for you! Please pray for my husband and I and our show when you are there! If you want to read about some of our experiences from our trip, you can find them on my blog, Go back to March of 2011, where they begin. I will be posting here about our experiences there, and our new series on EWTN will feature footage from that trip. By the time you read them or watch the show, you’ll have been to all the places, and it’ll bring back happy memories for you!

  • Thanks, everyone! I am excited to be here!

  • Marg

    Welcome Diana, happy to hear we are going to have you on board. Looking forward to sharing you sharing your travel experiences with us. My husband and I are going to the Holy land in October and excited that we are able to make this spiritual journey, any tips for us new travelers? God bless you Diana and have a great day!

    • LizEst

      How wonderful Marg! I will continue to pray for you as you travel.

    • Hi Marg! So excited for you! You’ll have a wonderful time. October is a great time of year to go! As I said in my response to Annie below, you can read about our experiences on my blog.

  • Marg

    Thank you Diana for your wealth of information in your series “Faithful Traveler”
    I’m really enjoying your videos on your different travels! I reread your post and realized that I could go and view your travels ! exciting to watch! Thanks again Diana.

  • Hi there and welcome! So excited to “travel” through your eyes. Ahhhh, love the videos!

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