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Can Demons Cause Nightmares?

August 22, 2013 by  
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Dear Fr. Fortea, can demons cause nightmares?

Yes, even though there is no way of knowing when a nightmare has a natural cause or a demonic one. We can only suspect cause nightmaresthat it has a demonic cause when there are other indications that point to this. There are cases where no psychiatrist has been able to find a reasonable explanation, either conscious or subconscious, for a normal person to suffer every night for a month or more with terrible nightmares that cause him or her to awake screaming and covered in sweat. These periods of very intense nightmares are sometimes connected to things such as having taken part in an occult rite or having begun a more intense spiritual life. The best advice one can give someone in this situation is to use holy water and ask God for protection and deliverance from any demonic influence during the night before he goes to sleep. If such actions cause the nightmares to stop, this would confirm that they were demonic in origin.

[The Spanish inscription in the illustration says, “The sleep of reason produces monsters!”]


Editor’s Note:  To learn more about spiritual warfare and demonology, Catholic Spiritual Direction recommends Fr. Fortea’s excellent book Interview With An Exorcist – An Insider’s Look at the Devil, Demonic Possession, and the Path to Deliverance.


Art for this post on whether or not demons can cause nightmares: Caprichos No. 43, El Sueño de la Razón Produce Monstruos (Caprice No. 43, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters), Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, 1799, PD-US author's life plus 100 years or less; detail of Padre José Antonio Fortea 2017, photographed by Elgatoconbotaselgatoconbotas, 5 May 2017 own work, CCA-SA 4.0 International; both Wikimedia Commons. Cover of “Interview with an Exorcist” used with permission, all rights reserved.

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About Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea

Father José Antonio Fortea is not only an exorcist, but also a writer, and parish priest. He once thought he would lead what he has termed ordinary life as an attorney in Madrid, much as his father did before him, but sensed instead a vocation to the priesthood in his adolescent years. A theology graduate of Navarre University in Spain, Father Fortea wrote a thesis there on exorcism. He has been a practicing exorcist for several decades.

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  • Thank you for this article! I been wondering about this for quite a while. I’ve had nightmares but I’m not sure if they were psychological or from the devil. My spiritual director says they were just psychological. But there are a few nightmares which I’m not sure about.

    I normally hold my Rosary when I sleep. I just feel safer that way. One night, it fell out of my hand, but I was tired so I just closed my eyes to sleep. That night I had several straight nightmares one after another. Each nightmare beginning with a false awakening. I finally woke up in shock when I realized what happened. I grabbed my Rosary, prayed to St. Michael, Mama Mary, Jesus, my Guardian Angel then went back to sleep. It was quite unnerving. After reading what you wrote here, the fact that I wasn’t holding my rosary that particular night is very curious.

    I’ve also had nightmares of being pulled away from the Eucharist by an invisible force. Though that might be psychological because I wasn’t able to attend Mass as much that time.

    Lastly, one time I woke up and saw all black. I was paralyzed. When I tried to pray out loud for help I couldn’t speak. Yet, I was still vaguely aware of the Rosary in my hand. I let it drop on my stomach and made the letter “J” in sign language. Suddenly the darkness vanished and I could move and speak again.

    Sorry for the long post but I really want to know if these are more than psychological. Thank you again! God Bless!

    (While I was typing this my computer hanged. I put my rosary on it and it suddenly worked again.— Am I being paranoid?)

    • LizEst

      Yes, Mary, the blackness and the terror of it, when we are not normally frightened by darkness at night, is a good indicator of these kinds of nightmares.

      No, you are not being paranoid. Stay focused on the Lord.

      • Thank you! I really needed some affirmation about this!

        • Jeanette

          I believe that one of the reasons the good Lord allows these harassments is so we would know the truth of the existence of the devil and his minions. We must remember that the devil would not harass us unless he is angry at us because we are a threat to his miserable kingdom!!! God is in control. God bless you!

          • Thank you! Yes, God allows it and God is in control! As for the devil being angry at us, there is something strangely encouraging about that! :))

          • $1650412

            In a dream where you think you are dealing with the devil and you can’t move and even more when you can’t speak, yes, in my experience that is a type of oppression from the enemy.

          • Thank you for confirming my suspicions! By the way my computer hanged when I was typing about that particular experience. So that makes a lot of sense!

          • Camila

            Dear MarytheDefender,

            I have taught my children that if they ever feel fear or the “feeling” that something is off to say the name of Jesus over and over and over again. Call on Him. Also to call on Mary.

            The other night, I had my 9 year old come to my bedroom in tears great tears. He said “mom, I feel something is weird” He just kept repeating it and trying to express himself. He said he couldn’t sleep, only these terrible thoughts came to his and it was hard to combat them in his will.

            We prayed, we prayed St. Michael prayer (which we do every morning) we asked Our Lady’s prayers and I told him to say Jesus – he did. As for me, I’m praying “Come, Holy Spirit” fill the heart of this boy with light, send forth your spirit and renew this child.

            It was amazing. After a few minutes, his tears stopped, he was calm and felt peaceful. He gave me a huge hug and said, “oh mom, thank you so much, I feel so relieved” I reminded him, NEVER forget this my son. The name of Jesus is VERY powerful, our Lady ALWAYS listens to us – now go to bed you have school tomorrow.

            He did. He slept, He woke up his cheery self. During breakfast he told all the other children ‘hey, if you ever feel bad go talk to mom”.

            Every knee shall bend to the Name of the Lord, right? Every knee – ok, so demons don’t technically have knee, but they must bow, they must obey God.

          • Camila

            About holy water. I wake each child with a blessing. I dip my right thumb in holy water and say “I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

            They know this and it’s cute. Sometimes they don’t want to get out of bed, but they know the water blessing is coming, so they peek their forehead from inside the covers, receive the blessing then off for another 5 min of morning nap.

          • That’s a great way to wake up! What a lovely family tradition! My parents bless us before bed every night but not with holy water.

            A granny in our parish gave us a bottle of holy water. Its with my parents because my Mom also had scary experiences. Her devotion is for the souls in purgatory. She can sense spirits, sometimes evil spirits. I’ve been meaning to buy a holy water bottle for my bedroom for sometime now. Maybe I will next time I have the chance.

            It’s awesome how praying with your son gave him peace and dissipated his fears! My Mom also taught us the St. Michael prayer when we were kids. And she reminds us to pray when we’re fearful at night. She taught it to us after she also experienced the darkness and paralysis one night. The St. Michael prayer saved her!

            Thank you for the advice! I do pray the St. Michael prayer. I also ask Mama Mary to hide under her mantle and Jesus save me when I’m fearful. I’ve even had dreams where I prayed them during the nightmare! I guess that’s why the darkness disappeared when I started to spell Jesus’ name in sign language! Who would’ve thought sign language would come in handy for spiritual warfare!

            Thank you again! God Bless!

  • patricia

    Thank you Fr. Fortea this is a good article to consider. Might I add a good confessor and spiritual director can help discern too as to what is going on. We in this world are surrounded by violence and lust and more and more demonic things appear in media I know mortification of the eyes and ears to avoid what I call contamination of the mind and soul that it takes effort. I use holy water and often sleep with my st Benedict crucifix and that seems to help. When I am tired or stressed that’s when I can be vulnerable for nightmares.

    • LizEst

      Yes, Patricia, a good confessor and spiritual director are excellent recommendations. Thank you for mentioning that.

      Custody (mortification) of the eyes and ears are also very important and have been taught since Old Testament times. “Trembling grips the impious; ‘Who of us can live with the consuming fire? Who of us can live with the everlasting flames?’ He who practices virtue and speaks honestly, who spurns what is gained by oppression, brushing his hands free of contact with a bribe, stopping his ears lest he hear of bloodshed, closing his eyes lest he look on evil” (Isaiah 33:14b-15).

      • patricia

        Thank you Liz!

  • Jeanette

    During the time when I started to have a more intense spiritual life, I had a terrible nightmare in which a demon was strangling me for a long time. I tried to scream out for Jesus and Mary and it took a long time before I was able to come out of this nightmare. I was so scared that I called my spiritual director who saw me right away. I told him I was afraid to go to sleep again. He gave me this prayer of deliverance from Pope Leo XIII –

    Most glorious prince of heavenly armies, Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in our battles against principalities and powers, against rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places (Eph. 6:12). Come to the assistance of men whom God created to His likeness and whom He has redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil. Holy Church venerates you as her guardian and protector; to you the Lord has entrusted the souls of the redeemed to be led into heaven. Pray, therefore, the God of Peace to crush Satan beneath our feet, that he may no longer retain men captive and do injury to the church. Offer our prayers to the Most High that without delay they may draw His mercy down upon us; take hold of the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, “Bind him and cast him into the bottomless pit” so that he may no longer seduce the nations (Apoc. XX2). Amen

    I prayed this for many months for protection and it worked wonderfully.
    I also found this prayer to pray before sleep:

    In Jesus name, I cover myself and all my property with the blood of Jesus. I take authority over all demons of the night, bad dreams, nightmares and sex dreams, and anyone or anything trying to get into my dreams, and I command them to stay away. I ask for giant warrior angels to protect me and my property as I sleep, through the night and the day. I ask for a fiery wall of protection around me. Amen.

    Asking for the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover you is very powerful against the devil. Hope all this helps someone. God bless you!

    • marygannon

      Thanks for sharing these prayers!

  • Michael Brooks

    There was a time I had terrible nightmares that crossed over into Reality upon waking from it, and the dream is still fully present for a time. The nightmares were of Demons at night, and they were darker than the darkest room with glowing slitted eyes. There were so real and then came a night several years later, I called out to the Blessed Mother, and the Demons fled at her Name being called. There was a flash of light and a gentle feel of hands comforting me. I did not, and still do not have those dreams anymore since I was 14.

    • LizEst

      Great testimony. God bless you Michael. Yes, the darkness is a common theme for these nightmares.

  • hssuzanne

    I, too, experienced intense nightmares lasting for a few months when I entered deeper into spiritual life. Unlike other “bad dreams”, I can still remember these in very specific detail. Choking seems to be a common thread with people experiencing these kinds of nightmares too.
    In addition, I had horrendous night terrors as a child. I often wonder, now that I know some things that were going on in my parents’ life at the time, if this was some kind of message to them. God allows what He allows.

  • Plevesque

    A couple of our Children have had boughts of frequent nightmares. Suspecting some demonic influence we started saying the St-Michaels prayer, prayer to St Joseph for good dreams, and had their beds and rooms blessed with holy water. The nightmares stopped almost right away. Praying the family rosary every night also seems to have helped, God Bless

    • LizEst

      Good for you, Plevesque! God bless you…and all your family.

      • Plevesque


  • God help us. St. Michael, help us in the Battle

  • Tessye

    I know this is late to share, but it’s unusual. A few months ago, our son had a very realistic nightmare right after God helped my husband and I build a beautiful garden (we prayed for God assistance to make it). After the garden was completed, as a family, we prayed, blessed the garden, thanked the Lord and dedicated the garden to Him by calling it “God’s garden”. Soon after, my husband decided to put an old Aztec garden statue we had in it, he thought it would compliment the garden. In the past, I never thought more of this statue other than a representation of our heritage, but suddenly I realized it was one of many representations of demons worshipped as gods by the Aztecs. I informed my husband that I felt uneasy about it, told him what I realized and that we should not put the Aztec diety statue in the garden; however, my husband thought I was silly so I said no more. That night, our son, who is 13, had a nightmare where he was awaken by loud ruckus in the backyard (his bedroom window faces the backyard where the garden is at), which made him look out the window and saw that our garden were being destroyed by black see-thru shadowy figures. He saw these figures pulling the plants and breaking our statue of St. Francis into pieces. When he awoke, he said he ran to the window to see if the nightmare was real, but thanked God it was not. That morning, when our son informed us about his nightmare, my husband immediately removed the Aztec statue from the garden. To me, this was God’s way of telling us He is the only God and no pegan statues are allowed in the garden, which He had blessed us so much with, my husband got the message loud and clear!

    • LizEst

      Wow! Thanks for sharing. I hope your husband got rid of that Aztec statue by destroying it…no need to pass that kind of stuff on!

  • Dear Father, how do you feel about flashbacks from war?

    • LizEst

      This is a really good question, Michael Patrick. Flashbacks from war are a true psychological phenomenon that can be triggered by sights, sounds, smells or anything that triggers the memory in such a way that the terror or horror of the situation becomes as real as when it happened…and so do the reactions to it. As bad as these are, the devil can certainly add to the distress by tempting during the flashbacks. It makes a bad situation much, much worse. But, it does not follow that all flashbacks have been made worse because of the devil. This is usually not the case. The trauma, of itself, is enough to make flashbacks very bad experiences.

      • Thanks Liz, I am actually a Chaplain and Marine Veteran of Vietnam War. Thanks to the power and internal reach of the Holy Spirit, God did not go AWOL on me. Saved by the Eucharist bell!

        • LizEst

          My husband is an Army Vietnam Vet and I was also in the service…but after that. I saw someone get hit by a car once. Then, years later was casually watching a show on TV when the same scene triggered a flashback for me. I never appreciated how real flashbacks were until then. There’s nothing like a little experiential knowledge! My brother-in-law, who is a counselor, identified it for me. It’s not something I would wish on anyone. I can only imagine how much worse it is for folks who saw, and see, the horrors of war day in and day out.

          God bless you…and, oh yes, thanks for your service and your continued ministry.

  • Loretta

    I need advice. I have had horrific nightmares for the last 3 to 4 years. They have gotten progressively worse over time. All of them have a very evil tone to them. There is always an evil presence that surrounds them. I am now very scared because the last one I had was 2 nights ago and it was so bad that I actually felt evil go through me. Please help me.

    • LizEst

      Loretta – There are a few things you should do. First of all, you have not indicated the nature of the nightmares, you need to be sure there is not a physical cause for them. While you are setting up an appointment to see a doctor, get some holy water and make the sign of the cross before you go to bed. If you wake up from these nightmares, make the sign of the cross with holy water at that time, too. Pray the St. Michael prayer before going to bed: Get rid of anything that might be related to the occult (and by listing a few things here, I’m not implying that you have these in your home–they are just examples): tarot cards, ouija boards, anything book that might have spells in it, voodoo dolls, anything having to do with santeria or witchcraft, etc. Go to confession. Receive Holy Communion. Ask your pastor to come and bless your home for you. Finally, make an appointment to talk to a priest about this (it might even be your pastor). When you go to the appointment, be prepared to tell him what steps you have taken. Tell him everything about what is going on so that he can properly assess the situation. If he thinks it is serious, he may arrange for you to see an exorcist. But, you should take all these steps first…because an exorcist is certainly going to ask you what steps you have taken. Pray, pray and pray some more. Oh yes, one more thing, pray the rosary. The devil flees from the Blessed Mother.

    • Loretta, my immediate advice to you is to ensure you have blessed Sacramentals in your House and especially in the Bedroom – blessed Crucifixes in every Room, Holy Water, blessed Images of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart, etc.. The next most powerful protection against any malevolence manifestations of any kind, whether through nightmares or otherwise, is to have the blessed Divine Mercy Image in every Room of your House. Nothing evil can approach a home where there is the Divine Mercy Image. Always use blessed Candles for your Prayer Room as you pray, preferably before the Divine Mercy Image

  • Natalie

    I need help. My nightmares have progressively gotten worse. I remember everything vividly. I try waking up but I’m paralyzed in my sleep and I get sucked back in. I wake up exhausted and covered in sweat. My psychiatrist says they’re just night terrors but I feel like it’s more intense than that. I’m at my wits end I don’t know what to do

    • Dear Natalie. I am sorry for your suffering. The first thing you can do is that each time you completely wake up, engage the prayer of St. Michael the Archangel and the Rosary. You can also sprinkle holy water on your pillow and holy salt around the room. The next thing is to get into a spiritual direction relationship. I had been through this for years and it came to a complete stop once I dealt with the issue from the right approach in spiritual warfare, confession, and prayer.

      • Natalie

        I have to ask. Am I being punished for something? I’m not really a religious person.

        • Are you asking if you are being “punished” by God through nightmares?

  • patricia

    Night mares of demonic nature happend to me when I was growing deeper in my spiritual life. I have a good spiritual director and confessor to help me through this I listen to faith Christian music before going to bed say a binding prayer and bless myself with holy water or have my husband bless me.

  • teastjones .

    Hello Father, I woke up early this morning at around 5 am from a horrible dream and saw twosmall bat winged entities about the size of my hand both with a tail, with one flying over my husband, I blinked my eyes several times to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. I was so scared to move or make a sound. They were like clear and they disapeared through the ceiling. I waited a few minutes and woke me husband up and explained it to him. What should I do?

  • Tomas

    I am having demonic night mares and always when it gets really bad my baby daughter start crying and wakes me up. I feel cold in my stomach , paralyzed and can not sleep anymore. These night mares are occurring in every third day frequency and scare me to death. I am worried for my daughter as she always in every occasion when I have such dream wakes me up. In my first dream I am in an old bakery with the priest and pray to chase unclear spirits away suddenly a shadow appear. In the second dream I am siting in the garden and smiling at my nephew (10 months old) when suddenly his face got disfigured in a grotesque horrible smile. I the third dream I can see myself as a priest who is arguing with the demon with a women face and she tempting me to reject god for five pig egs. I know these dreams doesn’t sound scary but in fact they are very vivid and terrifying and I can feel the present of evil I just hope my little daughter not having such dreams.

  • Alexis

    Hello, I am in need of help. For the past week, I’ve been suffering from horrible and grotesque dreams that I am not able to wake up from – I never have nightmares. Whenever I am trying to wake up from a dream, I can’t, it’s as if whatever is doing so, is sucking me back into the dream. I feel paralyzed in the dream world even though I am able to move around. They are extremely vivid dreams and that’s what makes them so horrifying.
    The first night, I was chained up in some kind of torture lair along with other victims, screaming and bloodied. They were skinning everyone alive and torturing them in ways that I wish not to say. The things that were torturing people were dark, shadowy, figures with glowing red eyes and a sinister smile with sharp white teeth. They were as if they were a cloud. They made me watch. Before they had time to get to me, my mother was frantically trying to wake me up because I was screaming.
    The next night was the night that seemed so real. I was lying in my bed and my mother was next to me, holding my hand tightly. I was confused on what made her so scared. She was looking up at the ceiling, lying on her back, as if staring at something, with a horrible smile on her face, as if she enjoyed what was going on. Since the dream was so real feeling, I didn’t try to wake up, I just lied there, softly nudging on my mother’s shoulder, trying to snap her out of her fantasy. Just when I tried to get up, I saw this small child with a horrifying feature to her. Her skin was gray and cracked, and her veins were dark and black, her hair was long, greasy and black as well. The thing I remember the most about her was a carved in forever-smile on her face – as if she carved it in with a knife. Her eyes were glowing white with no pupils, and she had no nose. She smiled at me and said in a sweet and caring voice, “You are not suitable for the experiment,” at this point, I was trying to wake up but couldn’t. She walked to the other side of the bed next to my mother and said, “But she is,” and ate her. I woke up again from my mother trying to awake me.
    The third night, I was fighting vampires in Walmart along the side with a white, fluffy dog who was limping badly and was covered in his own blood. The strange thing about the dream was, the dog was able to talk to me. Not able to talk like, having its mouth move and stuff, but it was talking to me telepathically. Once the dog and I parted I almost got killed when I ran across the group of vampires. Not the scariest dream, but I was still awaken by my mother trying to shake me awake.
    I never have nightmares and this is really scaring me. I am also hearing and seeing things in my house when I’m alone and my mother is at work. Like, footsteps in the kitchen or tapping on the walls or a slight breathing sound when I’m holding my breath. Since the walls in my apartments are so thin, I am able to hear some of the conversation from the neighbors. But the apartment next to me is abandoned, no one lives there, and at times in the dead of night, I am able to hear a slight tapping on the walls, as if someone is trying to communicate with me through Morse Code. At times when I’m alone, the tapping intensifies.
    My mother says that she sees an old man sometimes standing under the doorways, staring at her or sometimes a shadowy figure like described in my first dream. I’ve never seen the old man, but I surely seen the shadow figure on a number of occasions.
    I don’t know if these appearances have anything to do with my dreams, but I think it would be a nice background story to also get some feedback on.
    Thank you

  • jalisa ramirez

    I have had a dream of me seeing a women one the street coming home from school and coming to my room I turned on my light but the beam of light was turning directions and color and she was in my room with a pink glowing color and look with a messed up face and attacked me upside down on my bed and woke up with bruises on my face. what can it be?

  • Braeden

    Hi, I have had progressively worsening dreams as of late about various horrifying things I won’t relate here, but last night was the second occurrence of anything happening while I was awake. Awhile back, I woke up from a nightmare but I was unable to move, as if my body was locked into place. I was looking up to at the ceiling, and I felt as if some horribly evil presence was right outside of my field of vision, but I couldn’t turn my head. I started to pray to St. Michael, and I was able to move again, but the presence vanished before I could look. Last night, though, I had another nightmare. I woke up and felt as if something was pushing down on me on my bed. Once again, after praying it went away, but it’s starting to scare me. In addition to this, I wear a metal cross necklace everyday, and at night I put it on my bedstand. This morning when I woke up it was bent almost at a 90 degree angle. Could these events be due to demonic influence?

    • LizEst

      Yes, they could be. Things don’t just bend like that on their own…unless they are next to a heat source or their is a problem with the metal that is reacting to something. Go see your parish priest and ask him to get some assistance for you, as in perhaps an exorcist. While you are waiting for that, please ask your priest to come to your home and bless you home. And, do make sure you have gone to confession. Pray the rosary. Keep holy water in your home and bless yourself with it before going to sleep.

  • M

    When i was a child i used to have recurrent nightmares about snakes, rats, wild dogs and the feeling of choking myself. A priest came home and told my family to pray every night before sleeping, and that it would hopefully help me. It worked. And now that i’ve read this i’m more convinced of what happened to me. It really freaked me out at first but now i want to know why this happened to me? and how can i avoid it to happen again? I could really use some help with this. Please, if you can help me get in touch with me through this website. thanks

  • I have been plagued by the same nightmares for over 17 years. My spiritual life has blossomed and the nightmares persist. When they started I was terrorized. Our Lord has taught me to understand what they are and who is causing them, and know that He is greater then they are. They may try to torment me, but over the years, and with His grace, they have not robbed me of any sleep or His peace. Its always the same dream of people and situations that simply do not apply to the way our Lord has changed my life and outlook of others. When you can see for a fact that they carry no truth to them, they become quite comical and you KNOW its not from God. Although HE may allow them to persist, one need only to grow closer to Him to realize they have no more harm to you then a gnat. When I wake up from them, I pray and if I remember the details, I talk to our Lord about it and find myself in His comfort knowing that the person I was, no longer exists and the nightmares that concern that person I used to be, are brushed off simply like dust. Peace!

    • StandardCleo

      Are you saying that your nightmares are of you acting out in ways BEFORE you came to Christ?

      • Yes.

        • StandardCleo

          I’ve been experiencing the same. The nightmares began after I was born again.

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  • Michael

    My son who is 13, has horrible night terrors where he erupts in blood curdling screams and often lashes out. He has kicked a large hole in his bedroom wall (he is 5’8″ and about 190 lbs, strong as an ox). My room is next door and he will only stop when I pray hail Marys with him. He never remembers anything and is never traumatized by the event. He has somr times had physical marks on his body (gone by morning). One time there was a large deformed boot print on his shoulder, other times scratches. He is a very devout boy and is considering the priesthood. Other than the terrors he is perfectly healthy.

    • LizEst

      Wow! Have you thought about having a priest bless your his room and your home?

      • Michael

        I haven’t. I frequently go through the house with holy water. Not the same, is it?

        • LizEst

          Well, having a priest do it carries greater weight…as it is a type of minor exorcism, not an official full-fledged exorcism mind you, but a type of one, not so different from the minor exorcisms that are part of the baptismal rite. Talk to a priest about it…and in the meantime, keep using the holy water. ps. It might be nice to invite the priest for supper at your home as well saying something like, “Will you come to our home for supper and bless our house afterwards?”

  • Dropofclearwqter

    I have a second testimony regarding demonic activity. My daughter, age 12 in public school, associated with kids who were involved in unsavory practices. Apparently there is website that behaves like a oiuja. The kids were messing with it at school when it specifically spelled my daughters name and told her to stop laughing. It also described the exact color of the teacher’s mug, contents, and what he was wearing. The kid’s never consider anything nefarious or demonic. Everything went wrong afterwards for these kids and for my daughter. When my daughter told me of these ‘activities, I immediately went on the website, and I prayed over it. I asked specific questions: Was it form hell? Was it evil? The answers were, “that’s a matter of opinion” etc., so I prayed over it and commanded it to go back to where it came from in Jesus’ name. Before signing off, a sentence flashed before me, “You will get a surprise in the bathroom”. Of course I stilled used the bathroom, but I avoided the mirror, refusing to give into the fear but cautious. After all, I have God and can handle all through Him. Imagine my surprise when, a few days later, my then four year old boy, started screaming and yelling from the toilet. I ran to him. He informed me that a demon was in the toilet! Behind him and in the toilet. I assuaged his fears while reassuring him it was nothing. From then on, he had various visions, especially if he had a fever or was stressed. Culminating in wild hallucinations at the end of Grade 5. He was placed on medication. Two years prior he had been ostracized by his entire class over the entire 3rd grade period. Since that time we have learned he had PTSD. He is off the medication this last month. Having weaned him since January. Thank God he no longer needs them. It has been three years of medication and he is doing fine. God is good. For anyone having demonic attacks, think back to a time where they may have been unintentionally invited. Then turn it over to God.

  • LizEst

    Dear Dropofclearwater–Thank you for your comment. That’s quite a tale of woe you have there. Do you have a spiritual director? This is the sort of thing you should discuss with a spiritual director who is preferably also a priest because of these manifestations of evil. If you don’t have a spiritual director, at least go talk to a priest, who may also recommend some counseling. There are certainly a lot of things going on here and you should have someone you can talk with in person. It’s a lot to handle.

    For future, please summarize what you write. We are allowing it this time…but, in the future, we may disallow your comment due to its length. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), particularly, question 4:1-19: . Thank you…and God bless you!

  • J Kyle

    I am a proud catholic native American and only 18 years of age. About a year ago I played a ouiji board with about 6 of my friends and one friend was writing down our conversation with a spirit we were talking to at our high school dorms which has been believed to be haunted for over a decade now. At first we asked questions about it and it told us that it was a little native girl that have lived there longer than the dorms have even built there in Nenana, ak. And we asked if it was the only one and it said “theresmoreofus”. And at that point the candle in our room was flickering pretty fast and all of my friends were getting cold with goosebumps as was I. So all of my friends let go except for me because I knew that would be a bad idea. So my friend who was recording kept asking it questions and it kept on pulling my hands around spelling answers. I didn’t want to play anymore so I told my friend to ask if it was going to leave us alone and it said no. And then I told him to ask if it was gonna leave me alone and it wouldn’t go to yes so I told the girl that I’m going to leave and it must leave me alone. And I started pulling it to goodbye but it was resisting and pulling the opposite direction. But I overpowered it to “goodbye” and when I released I felt the electricity leave my body and the candle flickering burnt out. Then as I left the room all my friends in the room said goodbye James and the candle lit back up as they started touching the ouiiji board again. Later on that night my friend roman back to my room and I awoke to him watching me sleep. I yelled at him and asked what he was doing but he never answered and layed back down on his bed facing the wall. I went back to bed with mixed feelings. And ever since then I been seeing real little boys and girls in those dorms walking around n talking to me in my dorm rooms when I was alone. But now I’m graduated and I experience stuff at ny own house like I was followed. And at night before I fall asleep something always makes a indent on my pillow right before I fall asleep and seems like I can never stop myself from passing out. Then around 3am I start waking up from these crazy vivid dreams with all these demons in them. And I’ll wake up with sweat all over my body but I’ll still be really cold enough to use my blanket. A minute or two goes by and I’m sound asleep again. Back to the same dream with all the same demons.but the scariest demon was about a few weeks ago when I seen my twin with evil burning eyes standing in a portal of Hell saying if I go back to sleep he’s gonna pull me in with him. After those words I woke up with a cold sweat one last time and I chose it’s better to just stay awake. I never had dreams where I could remember everything or even had the same dream over and over in one night. What is really scary for me is that I did have a twin in the womb but he died before we were born. And just a couple nights ago I dreamt that he was telling all my friends that it was fun to cut there wrists. So all of my friends starting doing it and they enjoyed it! Then he tells me to do it and they all start putting me down telling me not to be [deleted] and all kinds of stuff. Then my twin grabbed the knife and started to do it for me. I can still remember the pain like it wasn’t a dream. From that point on every night I’m scared to go to sleep. Some saying he’s trying to possess me. I just wish I never opened myself up to the spirit world but I dont knnow what to do. I really need some serious help before it gets any worse….

    • LizEst

      First of all, thanks for your question, James. As you know now, it wasn’t right to play with the ouji board. We are not strong enough to contend with evil forces; but Christ is! In fact, he has already won the victory against them. And, the Church can help you with this particular situation.

      Now for some counsel: Go see a Catholic priest right away. Explain all these things you’ve written here. What you have participated in is called divination. The Catechism of the Catholic Church has three good paragraphs on divination and magic: paragraphs 2115, 2116 and 2117. Here is a link: Scroll down until you come to those paragraphs. Read them. Divination is a serious matter. With contrition, make a good and complete confession. Then, go receive our Lord in holy communion at your next opportunity.

      Ask the priest to come and bless you house. Pray. Ask the priest to check with the diocese/archdiocese to see if you need an exorcist to see if you, possibly, need an exorcism. If there is need for an exorcism, it usually takes a number of exorcisms to be completely rid of the demonic. Get some holy water. Keep it by your bedside and use it. Use it before you go to sleep at night and make the sign of the cross with it. Pray. Pray the rosary. The devil hates Mary and Jesus, holy water and the cross.

      May the Lord be with you in all of this. Be resolute in doing these things so that you can be freed of this. As an aside, you may have to part ways with your friends. If they are into this, they are not helping you. At all.

  • DHaven

    I’m not a religious person, I never really been to church or read the bible. Also another note is almost 2 yrs ago, I had a near death experience and after that I felt as if something was following me, not always but I felt different.
    Anyways, I moved into this house March 2015 and was doing fine until these past month or so I have had a few real like dreams, someone sat on the bed and held me down and I woke up and I still couldn’t move and I still felt someone on me. I finally was able to move and nobody was there. And there have been a few other nightmares and then last night (Oct 11) in my dream someone grabbed me and I could feel there fingers grab my stomach and I woke up in a jolt and I could feel the coldness on my stomach of where they grabbed me. Before last night I had left town and had no dreams while I was gone and then the first night I was back in that house, is when it started again. I want to know should I get the house blessed or is it just me?
    The house I live in is a transitional housing for woman and is faith based so its been blessed before and everyone there does prayers so there is a lot of religion there. I just haven’t grew up around it. I just not sure what to do and I’m kinda scared of staying there now.

    • LizEst

      See if someone can put you in contact with a Catholic priest. Explain your situation to him. Since the housing is not yours, perhaps all that can be done is to have your room, or your area, blessed; and, it would probably have to be done with the concurrence of the person who is in charge of the housing. It certainly sounds like there is an issue here, but without knowing the full situation, I think you should see the priest and explain. He may have some other recommendations for you. If you have ever, in your life, dabbled in things such as consulting mediums, witches or tarot cards, playing with Oujia boards, etc., you could have opened yourself up to evil spirits. A situation like that might be cause for some exorcisms; but, again, you need someone who is trained in these things to assess this.

  • Tmax1545

    Hello, I have never been extremely religious, and probably go to church a handful of times a year. Ever since a kid maybe 5 have always had bad nightmares. My mother told me as a kid I would have nightmares and wake up and not be able to get back to sleep or she would here me fall out of my bed and slam on the floor, which was very high off the ground maybe 4 ft and when she would come into the room I would still be asleep laying on the floor(thus always had weird bruises). I never have thought much of this. I’m currently 23 and over the past 7 years or so I have had terrible re occurring nightmares. In my dream I stayed in a beautiful enormous estate (I believe I owned ) it was very lush green grass on the outside and all the original furnishings in the inside. Everything very very old. The dreams are extremely vivid and clear and are the realist thing I have ever experienced. In the dream I am fighting against an evil spirit ( actually many spirits I would think I got away from one and than another and another would “attack” idk what to call it hard to describe ) or something evil and no matter what I do I cannot fight and get away and escape. I will yell in my sleep and when I wake up I am drenched in sweat and my heart is racing and I can remember everything perfectly which I have never experienced. When I fall back to sleep I will have the dream again. I also have a similar re occurring dream on a similar estate but smaller property. And sometimes I can’t wake up and will go directly from the one estate to the other or one dream to another. Never experienced anything so terrifying. Hard to describe. For a period they were very frequent but had become more sparse recently. It had been quite a long gap since I had one of these dreams maybe a year but a few days ago it happened again and my girl friend said I was screaming [expletives deleted] And she had to shake me to wake up. When I woke up again I was drenched in sweat and heart racing and terrified(shaking). All other nightmares I’ve had I have had some control over the outcome and can wake up and change the direction of the dream but these dreams I can’t whatsoever. Another interesting thing was that this time I knew it was the same dream but it was not as clear as it used to be. To be honest I had not thought much of this until a few days ago on a fishing trip with a friend I came to find out he did a fair amount of energy work and had some knowledge in these types of things. When I mentioned it to him he said if it seems real it’s often is actually happening and possible something could be trying to latch on. I do not know what to think of it all…. Any insight would be great? On top of all this the home I grew up in as a kid…. Apparently the family that lived their before husband wife and young girl around 4 all died in a car crash. Don’t know if this could have any effect. Thanks in advance

    • LizEst

      First of all, what is going on may simply be something psychological. So, you should see a therapist. There are many good Catholic therapists. You can find one here: . Second, living a life that is not in accord with the Gospel can sometimes manifest itself in dreams. The battles you are fighting in your dreams could be your conscience’s way of getting your attention. You should make a thorough examination of your conscience to see if you are living according to the Ten Commandments and the precepts that Christ has given us. Then, go to confession and confess everything. Don’t leave anything out. Start going to Church every Sunday and Holy Day and listening and putting into practice what you hear. Rectify your lifestyle: morals, language, etc. After putting all these things into practice, you have to stay the course. You have to keep at it. The devil will try to make you change your mind…which is a good indication that you are on the right path. If after doing all this and staying the course for a good while, you are still experiencing these things, then you should go see a priest and explain all that has happened and ask if you might need some sort of intervention such as an exorcism. God bless you, Tmax1545. Hope this helps a bit.

  • joy

    I have a question and seeking and explanation if any I’m a recovering addict and have spiritual renewed myself gave myself to god and my chains have been broken since then I have had to dreams or nightmares if that’s what u call them but they were both battling and fighting demons the first dream I awoke feeling scared and a Lil confused the second time I awoke feeling I won a battel. I do intense prayers at night and I feel when I do a Lil extra prayers praying for someone that is battling demons I have these dreams I am just trying to understand what they mean. If you can help me understand this I would appericiate it thank u

    • LizEst

      I believe your past experiences and your extra prayers for others are impacting your dreams. Get some holy water and use to make the sign of the cross before going to sleep. Keep it by your bedside so that you can use it if you do wake from a dream or nightmare. Also, if you have not read our post this past Monday, it contains many helps. You can read it here:

  • marybernadette

    I can relate to quite a few of the posts here. It’seems interesting because I was wondering myself how “nightmares” and “the demonic” can be related. I believe I have mentioned this before, but a number of years ago I was affected by the “occult.” Actually, I was attending a ‘therapy” consisting of “one on one” with a social worker and group therapy. I was suffering from clinical depression. I got worse because the “therapy” included ‘healing arts’ therapy
    Including ‘eastern philosophy’ e.g. yoga,
    Tai Chi, guided imagery etc. I found myself going through ‘a dark tunnel’ where I thought I would wake up to the ‘light.’ This was during the “one on one’ sessions. As I was going deeper, I began to hear ” guttural voices” but also the Lord Jesus’ voice too, commanding “Satan to leave.” I was asking the Lord for His protection. I was
    trying to find out why I felt there was a ” monkey on my back.” I suspected I was suffering from some kind of mental illness that the Lord wanted me to carry as a Cross as he assured me I comforted Him in this, I suffered with this from about 5 years old or at least, that’s what I remembered. However, I hate to say but I was “beguiled” by the thought of being more in control of my life and that I was a “genius.” The reason was probably because I thought I was both “dumb and ugly” as I had been emotionally abused both in school and outside. Anyway, I have experienced “nightmares.” Once, I was wrestling with a dark presence and another time a snake was biting at my arm.(The latter one I called out “Jesus” and it left immediately.) At other times I have felt something hold me down. The Lord has assured me that my sins are forgiven and that the evil Spirits are angry because I am being healed. I feel the Lord’said direction to open my mouth and it is like a loud howling noise . He knows I am afraid but assures me I am carried in His arms and protected by Mama Mary’s Mantle.

  • Christina Strickland

    I was wondering if a demon that is attacking a family you have never met can attack said person mentally and physically? I have been having dreams of this horrible monster coming after me and my family for years. And yesterday I was watching this story about some family being hurt by this demon. From what they describe of it, it sounds like it could be the same one or something similar to it.

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