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Bishop Robert Barron on Eucharistic Adoration

February 1, 2013 by  
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Bishop Robert Barron
On Eucharistic Adoration

Father (now Bishop) Robert Barron on Eucharistic Adoration: Father Barron provides a very effective defense of Eucharistic Adoration in response to Notre Dame's dissident priest Fr. Richard McBrien's critique of the practice. Well worth watching and passing along to others.


Adoration 3 for post on Father Robert Barron on Eucharistic AdorationBishop Robert Barron on Eucharistic Adoration:

To rebut Father McBrien, Father (now Bishop) Robert Barron gives examples of notable holy personages of the 20th century who regularly engaged in and made Eucharistic adoration the center of their spiritual lives: Jacques Maritain, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), St. John Paul II, among many, many counter-examples of what Father McBrien had stated.  And, Father Robert Barron says he agrees with the Second Vatican Council because the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life.


Video of Father Robert Barron on Eucharistic Adoration used with permission.  Photography/art of Eucharistic Adoration, Daniel Burke, June 26, 2016, used with permission, all rights reserved.

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  • Desert Sun Art

    Ok, so where is the video?

    • Give it another shot… for some reason video code doesn’t want to stay on the site! Sorry.

  • Del Allan

    Fantastic!  Eucharistic Adoration is the centre-piece of the spiritual lives of so many saints and holy people throughout the ages!  It is still relevant today, maybe more so!

  • That was a good video defending the Eucharist. I can only do adoration in the chapel once a week because that the only day they have it. I have been doing it online through what does the church say about this. I know personally that being in the Eucharistic presence brings so many graces. Besides sometimes I want to just be in his presence to be with him. I am disturbed that the sacrament of the Eucharist is in danger of being boxed in one area of that the catholic mass. How many conversions, how many saints and vocations came from the Eucharistic presence. O sacrament most holy o sacrament divine be ever in this heart of mine I adore you in all the tabernacles throughout the world because by your passion your cross you have redeemed the world.

  • LizEst

    Excellent. Thanks for posting this Dan. Why would a Catholic (Fr. Richard McBride) want the Lord to be “less present” to us? It just boggles the mind. This is a great video.

  • Patti Day

    Dan, I’m so glad you posted Father Baron’s response. I only have anecdotal evidence, but I notice that the parishioners who participate in First Friday Eucharistic Adoration (that’s the only time it is available) are the same ones who attend weekday Masses, pray the rosary before Mass on Sunday, are always there on Holy Days, volunteer at church, and in the community. Eucharistic Adoration enhances one’s spiritual life. It does not take away from it. I will pray for Father Baron today when I am at Adoration, oh and for Fr. McBrien too. 

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    Dissidents in the Church have been many throughout the centuries, those most often intellectuals who try again and again to pronounce logical conclusions to what is supernatural. They feel they owe it to themselves and the world to bring to light false doctrines inconsistent with truth. I thank you, Father, for your explanation about Eucharistic adoration. My wife and I happily attend first Friday adoration at our Sacred Heart R.C. Church every month.

    Salvatore Buttaci 

  • Olga Myers

    I sent the following email along with this awesome video to members of our parish and others. Thank you for these videos that are strengthening the faith of God’s people.
    We thank God for bringing 
    Eucharistic Adoration to All Saints Catholic Church. The Holy Spirit is powerfully moving within our parish through the power of prayer that has increased since the chapel has become an Adoration Chapel.We are most grateful to the Director and all Coordinators, Guardians and Adorers who visit with our Lord daily.If you are struggling in your understanding of the importance of Eucharistic Adoration, Pray, Watch this video and Listen to the Lord speak through this holy priest, Fr. Robert Baron.Pray for Fr. Barron and continue to pray for ALL priests whose hands are anointed to bring Jesus to us.We thank those responsible in bringing this teaching video through the Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction Internet Program.Come and join the many Saints (mentioned by Fr. Baron) who spent many hours in Adoration while on earth.

  • MaryofSharon

    If Fr. Barron’s list of “Who’s Who of Eucharistic Adorers” isn’t substantial enough, the Adoration coordinators from St. Monica Church in Kalamazoo, MI, have put together an extraordinary website entitled “Over 600 Reasons to Sign Up for an Hour of Eucharistic Adoration”, in which over a hundred of the Church’s most influential contemporary leaders and popes, saints, and doctors throughout the ages are quoted or have their commitment to  Adoration described. I’m afraid Fr. McBrien is tragically, dare I say, foolishly, choosing to leave himself and lead others out in the cold as the greatest minds and hearts the Church throughout the centuries extol the value gathering around the fires of the heart of Christ in Eucharistic Adoration.  

    If anyone has any doubt about the merit of this practice, a perusal of this list leaves you with no excuse to run, not walk to Adoration as often as you can. To see images of all the people quoted go here: see the full list of quotes, to here:

    • LizEst

      Mary, thanks for posting those links. Just so you know, the first one doesn’t go through. It comes up as “404 not found.”

  • CeciliaMarks

    Dan, thank you for posting Fr. Barron’s excellent video. He has been given “a voice” to speak in the defense and the teachings of the Church. At a time we are in greater need of this devotion we see those who are attempting to diminish it. Those areas of our Faith that cause controversy and come under the greatest attack both in and out of the Church are sign posts to me that much grace is reaching many souls. We must be as the little boy in the story who discovered the hole in the dam and stuck his finger in to stop the waters of destruction from flooding the land. Every time an untruth is spoken, it must be immediately and with authority be covered with Truth….

  • Thank you so much Fr. Barron for addressing this issue. It upsets me tremenduously what Fr. McBrien has said for a couple of reasons. First it is tragic this man, an ordained priest feels this way. We, all must pray  for dissent priests. Secondly as a person who regularly attends Eucharistic Adoration, I can personally attest to the  profound amount of graces that one receives from Eucharistic Adoration.  A real blessing. Let us not waiver from the truth.

  • judeen

     we know Jesus is present in the HOly Euchrist by all the recorded evedeince and testemonies… the question is does Jesus want to be visited……  studing old testement and the arc of the covenent and the Holy Set of God on it… the kings would go daily to pray to God in the temple(if they followed Gods ways… ) with the sheild of solomen I think it the act to go and worship God goes way before Jesus time…  now all can come and worship Jesus.. present to us all…  to many times education steals our spirituality away.. and our faith … thinking books can give us what we need. it is a old sin done over and over.. in the years it is the slipping away to worldly things instead of truely trusting God can give us all we need.

  • Sick all my life the only time am free from pain, or use my proventil inhaler. Is when am at Eucharistic Adoration my dear Jesus how (I Love you) Thank you Father Barron God Bless You, And Mary Keep You Always in There Grace.

  • Chloe Jon Paul

    McBrien needs to get his act together!  I wonder how much of a priest he really is.
    I participated in eucharistic Adoration this very morning and I KNOW that it is what Our Lord wants.

  • ThirstforTruth

    Even*IF* what Fr McBride said were true ( about the practice of Eucharistic Adoration
    not necessary as Catholics are better educated now and this was done for people in
    simpler times with little education), how arrogant a statement as though somehow
    these people are not as worthy or as capable of loving God as those in the Ivory towers of Notre Dame University.
    Did he never read the words in Scripture, where it says that God chose the simple
    and foolish to reveal Himself in order to confound the wise and the arrogant? It
    is not exact quote but I am referring to 1 Cor 1:27. Thanks for sharing this most
    enlightening and gratifying response by Father Barron to this nincompoop who is
    too advanced in this world to humble himself by the clerics worn by simpler clergy
    I thank God every day for the strong faith of my ancestors who lived the faith and
    died in the faith….for theirs IS the kingdom of God!

  • Desert Sun Art

    Great defense of Eucharistic Adoration! Fr. McBrien is missing out on so much.
    I am blessed that our Cathedral has Perpetual Adoration, but I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t gone as often as I could.
    Please God, awaken my slothful heart!

  • I cannot imagine even fathom that a Catholic Priest would have negative things to say about the Most Holy Eucharist, “of Sacrament and Sacrifice,” I cannot believe that any CAtholic Priest would challenge Perpetual Adoration. Its mind boggling. I am sorry but this is not very complimentary about Father at a Catholic University.  What must Catholic Students or any non-catholic student think? For a priest, this is disgraceful, although I must admit I knew of a Cardinal Archbishop now deceased who tried his very best to close the only and First Chapel of Perpetual Adoration.  The Power of the Most Holy Eucharist will prevail and WILL SAVE. We learn that of St. John Bosco’s vision of the two columns.

    father joe  colletti

    • Me either Fr. Joe – glad you are joining us in the dialogue!

  • CLudwick

    Thank you for sharing this video. Fr. Barron is such a gift! I have been so blessed to be able to participate in our parish Perpetual Adoration for many years. My life has been greatly changed by doing so. In fact, I venture to say that if not for the adoration of Our Lord and Savior and His Blessed Mother I may have continued on a very distructive path in my life. I find it to be a logical extension and continuation of adoration and worship of Our Lord after celebrating Holy Mass rather than “going backward”.

    I am praying for all Catholic institutes of higher learning as most have strayed so far away from the truth. I pray for the students to come to Adoration and for faculty and staff to “come home”.

    Thank you Lord and God be praised!

  • Just another one of the devil’s attacks on the Catholic Church. Hold tight everyone, the ride is only going to get rougher.

  • Even before I read all your Responses, I am appalled that a Catholic Priest, and a very learned one at that, has not grasped the very central Doctrine of our Faith – the Eucharistic Celebration, and the Real Presence of our Lord and why He chose to remain with us in all the Tabernacles and Adoration Chapels in the world.  

    That he has issues with Eucharistic Adoration is truly shocking to this old gal.  And knowing how Jesus Himself exhorts us to be perpetual Eucharistic Adorers in His conversations with Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska – His Eucharistic Apostle of Divine Mercy – I cannot begin to understand just what has happened to this Priest.  He needs our Prayers, unceasingly.  It is so sad that our Catholic Universities are the new venues from where the Evil One is attacking Christ Himself and His Holy Church.

    Eternal Father, for the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us and on the whole world.

  • O.K. Father-what’s-your-name.  I am a simple minded old woman and I know the best time in my life is when I spend time , daily, with Jesus in the Adoration Chapel.  Another equally best time is when I assist the Eucharistic Celebration and receive Him in Holy Communion.  The Third, is when I encounter Him in His Tribunal of Mercy to confess my sins to Him with a genuinely contrite heart, receive His forgiveness and absolution and get His advice on how to live daily in His Presence.  And bless your Father Barron.  I am a fan of your Websites and your Videos and you have enriched my Spiritual Life abundantly.

  • Joan

    I find it not only SAD, but also SCARY that our Catholic universities are the “new venues from where the Evil One is attacking Jesus Christ & His Holy Church” as@Mary_42:disqus says.
    But I have heard this before, and wonder if accepting government funding has anything to do
    with it. Thank God for Father Barron, and priests like Father Joe Colletti, and our new priest at my church.

  • Joan, Government Funding has nothing to do with this scandal and others like it in the Catholic Church which is under attack from most of the Western World.  We need to remember that those who have torn the Body of Christ in the past, were very highly intelligent Monks and intellectuals.  This Priest falls in the same category as Luther.  No doubt with the relentless persecution of the Catholic Church in America, we may soon find ourselves dealing with  Schismatic Clergy, Men and Women Religious and the Faithful – the ones we call Cafeteria Catholics – who have chosen to pick and chose what to believe and what to discard.  They are among the crowds who are viciously pushing the Agendas of same-sex marriages, women ordination, gay and lesbianism abberations, abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell experiments, destruction of the Institution of Matrimony and the Family and other horrible Satanic doctrines completely at variance with the Natural and the Divine Law as taught and upheld by the Catholic Church.

  • Butleralice

    Dear Friends,
     I have never studied theology or had what some would call, ‘a proper education.’ In fact, I had to leave school at 13 years of age. And yet, I have no problem whatsoever in believing in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Eucharist. Why then, may one ask, do so many highly educated Catholics literally tie themselves in theological knots in attempting to prove that this assertion is but mere codology ? A good question that ! And yet, what is there to ‘burn the midnight oil’ about, astoundingly wonderful though this actuality is ? Sure the simple fact of the matter is that Jesus loved us and continues to love us and wishes to remain with us for the duration of our lives here on earth because of that love.  And don’t you think that a Being such as He, who created all things that have being, out of nothing, would, at the very least, be capable of making Himself truly present to us, Body Blood Soul and Divinity in the Blessed Eucharist ?

    • LizEst

      Had to look up the word codology: a joke, a hoax, a parody or take-off. Thanks for the primer.

    • ThirstforTruth

      I did also have to look that word up. But what stays with me about
      all this is Father B’s mention about the Word of Christ…is the Eucharist and how words! really matter to whole of Creation . God spoke the Word…and the world was created. The priest speaks word(s) and the bread and wine becomes the Body and Blood of Our Lord and Savior. Jesus is the Word and we adore Him in both the Liturgy and during Eucharistic Adoration. As for poor Fr McBrien, and other theologians along same line of thinking. I think of how Jesus said his Father speaks the truth to the simple and
      confounds the learned and proud. ( my paraphrase) I feel sure that the late Father McBrien is now enlightened to his mistakes. May he rest in the Truth now for eternity.

  • jack g.

    Poor Fr. Richard McBride, he is precisely the reason we need to pray for the priests. Our Lady of Medjugorie calls to do just that in every other message. This must be important, especially today.
    When I by the grace of God became a revert to the Church, I experienced unimaginable need to adore Jesus. I would spent hours praying and crying and for the firs 40 days or so I would have so many signal graces in connection with adoration, can hardly count them.
    The Holy Spirit knew WHO I needed the most, all else was at this time of renewal unimportant, only His Holy and Real Presence was important, obviously I attended Mass every day and did all the devotions on top of it, getting to know more devotions by the week. To the point it all started to interfere with my daily duties at home and work, and I had to literary ask God for guidance, having no spiritual director, and God did give me guidance and I slowed down.
    Every day thou, I stay after Mass for 15 minutes or so and each first friday take my son with me, to adore Jesus. 
    In my parish Jesus is heavily neglected in the Most Blessed Sacrament, to the point that only a handful of people kneel during consecration, we look different, when we do.
    Priest makes mistakes at mass, often forgetting some parts of the liturgy and many of times switching turn between, “The Lamb of God” and “I am Not worthy”. A few other mistakes or routines that are just abusive. Well, I pray and ask God for forgiveness, there is hope, I hope.
    My point is, that wherever I see a routine of adoration in the parish, I see good and visible fruits around, and where Jesus is neglected there the Spirit of the liturgy of the Mass becomes more like protestant community celebration, where music and art are more important then Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament of love.
    We need adoration, more than we realize, and we need to pray for poor theologians who’s “wisdom” drowned faith in silliness. Those are the theologians who wear the mill stone around their necks, taking with them their followers.
    Much prayer is needed there and it is us, who adore Jesus, who need to step up and pray for the priests, please do so.
    I recently was able to sign up for bi-weekly night adoration schedule and I am so happy, finally, I get to do be more with Him, Who waits in silence.
    This website is just amazing and I do promote it a lot, Dan, Fr. John, great job. God prepared more then we can imagine, for you and others like you.
    Whenever I start my nightly prayer, I do say, 
    “Jesus, my Lord and my Love, I adore you in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar and in each Living Host around the word, and I ask you to take my heart and be able to adore you there”
    It works just as the spiritual Communion does, it is said by a few saints that the Spiritual Communion brings many graces and many times even more then real Communion, because it is pure intentional yearning of the heart, so same spiritual adoration yearning comes out of pure heart.
    Jesus loves when we come to Him more than we can imagine, and even more when we receive Him with open hearts. His joy is immense and I learned to thank Him for His joy, not just mine. I think it is also fruitful to pray for those around me and for their hearts to be opened to Him in the Holy Communions. Many of times I can see irreverent Communions received. It is sad.
    The temptation is to feel holier, but it can be countered by praying for these people, who did not experience the Holy Love of God first hand. We, who did need to give back and patiently pray with a whole heart for conversion graces for all our brothers and sisters, it is our duty and now, great responsibility for their salvation. Not because our prayers can achieve anything by themselves, but because God IS so GOOD, that He asks us to join Him in the salvation plan for all. Out of His pure goodness, He chooses to invite us, because He loves us, not because we deserve anything.
    Fr. Corapi used to say that he was called precisely, because he was one of the greatest sinners, so say I.
    Love you all and may Jesus Bless you in His Holy Presence everyday, with love of Jesus in my heart, 
    jack g.

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