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A miracle in adoration

January 11, 2013 by  
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A Miracle in Adoration

A number of years ago I had an extraordinary experience in adoration. I had suffered for years with chronic and often debilitating pain. The pain caused me to isolate myself because after fighting the pain, I had so little energy to interact with or serve others. After the prompting of the Holy Spirit and a Mary-by-the-host for post on A Miracle in Adoration period of reflection and prayer, I decided that I would try to fight through the pain to serve others anyway. I had no idea how I could accomplish this goal, but I purposed to do so.

An opportunity came shortly thereafter when my wife was attending a retreat at a nearby parish. I made the decision to try to go and spend an hour praying for them for the Spirit of God to meet each of these women in a special way. After a long sleepless night, it took everything I had to get out of my home and into the car. I arrived at the Church and slowly crawled out of the car and then walked slowly into the sanctuary.

Every movement was resisted by the inflamed nerves in my body as I slouched onto the hard cold chair. Doubled over before the Blessed Sacrament I was barely able to sit let alone pray. If the Church wasn't so cold I would have been tempted to slide off the chair onto the floor. Even so, I began to beseech our Lord on their behalf.

The first victory was simply the ability to pray at all. My mind wandered to my senses in complaint and then to prayer and back. I didn't think I could make it another few minutes let alone an hour. I stayed engaged anyway.

Unexpectedly, after about ten minutes I slowly gained the ability to straighten up in the chair.  This ability wasn't rooted in my effort. Then I found myself able to focus beyond the pain. As the tension of anguished muscles began to lift, my body relaxed so that I could sit up and pray in comfort. With the physical torment fading, I slipped into a prayer of painless peace. Not only was I able to sit up but I felt strong and rested. I prayed for the remainder of the hour and beyond almost effortlessly.

No doubt a miracle. I have never forgotten that transcendent transition from the inward isolation and self-focused battle to the complete absorption, ease, and selflessness in worship and prayer.

Beyond this event, I have regularly been surprised at what happens to me in adoration. It seems that distractions fade, discomfort disappears, and hours pass.

Have you encountered the Lord in a special way in adoration?


Art for this post on A Miracle in Adoration: Virgin by the Host, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1852, PD-US published in the U.S. prior to January 1, 1923, Wikimedia Commons.

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  • Yes, I have encountered the Lord in Adoration, I saw His Face in the Host, and I can still see His Face, it was the Face of a Cruicified Christ. Right now, I am going through such a dry spell spiritually, the pain is very intense.

    • I can empathize with you. I have had those days and nights. If I have a hard time praying myself to God I say I can’t pray or focused on you Lord so I ask Blessed Mary to adore you with her heart soul and being. The rest I leave to God. Hope this helps. We all go through some trying times as I am going through a whammy of a rough bitter time but Mary is so pure I know I can turn to her to teach me to adore our Lord. I do this to ask Mary to receive Jesus in the Eucharist with her pure and immaculate heart for mine is sinful and miserable. She will gladly show us the way.

      • Dorothy

        I had a vision during adoration when in closed my eyes during prayer. I also felt at peace and felt the real presence of not just Jesus, but his Mother Mary and Saint Joseph . The entire holy family 🙂

    •  It sounds as if God has given you some extraordinary graces to visibly see Him as you have, and now He is weaning you from the sweetness of such sensible consolations in order to teach you to seek Him alone out of pure love rather than for the sensible consolations or sweetness. He is advancing you in holiness this way. Thank Him for it and continue to ask Him to perfect you in love.

  • $19933969

    +Dan such a beautiful experience, and so translatable to our everyday struggles to focus on Christ (rather than all sorts of our own pain) and reach out to others in their needs. Hmmm – the role of distractions in helping us become holier…?

    I have also been very blessed in Eucharistic adoration – a lot of emotional healing – and always, always, I leave with more peace than what I enter with, which bears the question, “why don’t you come more often my child?” 🙂

  • I can relate to this many times everything earthly dissipates when you are before the Eucharist. It is intimate between the soul and God. I have done nocturnal adoration and the time flies by especially if you are listening to God and just enjoying his presence with you in the moment. Many times I will close my eyes and picture the Eucharist and will in my heart adore God. It is hard to find churches that would be open for Eucharist adoration. Sometimes I will also do online adoration but I know it is not the same. a holy devotion rather the center of our lives.

    We adore you and we bless you through out all the tabernacles through out the whole world because you have saved and redeem the world. Amen

  • Barb

    Societal changes caused massive changes in the expectations of some workplaces. Although I can’t speak for all, I see widespread moralistic relativism, which led to amoralistic and self-centerd behavior and finally to people with no sense of responsibility and chaos. Society no longer even expects people to be responsible. The idea of “the good of the group” has disappeared leaving those of us who are responsible for providing services to a large group of young people unable to meet the expectations of our bosses or the community. Needless to say morale is extremely low. Sorry I can’t be more blunt about work; however I’m too old to look for another career but not yet arable to retire. 🙂

    One day, when I was really at the end of my rope, I stopped in church. One of the first things I noticed was the awesome power of silence in God’s home. The “noise” in my head that carried over from the day slowly began to quiet. I’m amazed that the same words you’ve used, Dan, are the exact ones that I’ve used to express the series of changes that praying in church has done done for me–my mind wandered, able to focus, relaxed and most importantly for me–peace. God’s peace has been His great gift that allows me to persevere. While conditions haven’t changed, I am better able to cope and I hope serve those in my charge better. The changes were so profound that I make it a point to end every workday with a prayer visit to church. I’ve also added Mass attendance to every day possible. As Father John said, we just have to schedule daily prayer time. It really wasn’t hard and the return is amazing. Was this a miracle? I know it was.

  • $1650412

    This experience is such a grace. Your story has really moved me, and Dan, this is so beautifully worded too- I have to commend your talent as a communicator. I really needed to hear this today! Thank you!

  • The Holy Spirit is working hard for me this week. I said to my husband last night the best thing I have done this year in terms of my spiritual life has been to go to weekly adoration and today this post was in my inbox. Historically, I am not a person who would have every considered doing this. I am not even sure that I was clear what Eucharistic Adoration was before this year. I was asked to replace, for an hour a week, a woman who was having surgery for the 24 hour Adoration. I was shocked that I was asked – I have never indicated that this was something I was interested and I did not know the woman who asked me very well. I agreed to one week and said I would let her know – that was in August and I have not missed a week since. l looked forward to this time every week. My prayer life has improved and I feel as if God has convinced me to listen for His voice more often. 

    • LizEst

      This indeed is a true miracle. It is harder to move the soul than to cure the body. Wonderful story Lisa. God bless you!

    • $1650412

      Lisa this blesses and encourages me!


    One time during Adoration, I was in the midst of praying my Fatima chaplet (and I was the only one in the chapel which was very plain) when suddely I started to smell a very strong sweet floral fragrance that surrounded me. 

    Another friend shared with me that one time she was singing during Adoration and she had stopped but heard a beautiful chorus continuing the song until it finished. She truly believes it was Angels that finished the song.

    I also believe I have one fantastic Guardian Angel who diligently wakens me for my hour. Our church has perpetual adoration and my timeslot is 4am. Not easy to meet (after working 40-60 hour work week plus raise a family). I have not missed waking since I committed to praying that hour (even when I forget to turn my alarm clock on). 

  • Wow!! Dan, that is the most moving Testimony I have read for a long time.  Yes, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament does perform Miracles to His beloved trusting souls.  Your Miracle dovetails with what my favourite Saint –  Maria Faustina Kowalska –  used to undergo, offering her sufferings for the salvation of souls.  For almost 12 years she suffered greatly from Tuberculosis.  And from time to time, Jesus used to send her His own Passion Sufferings for the same purpose.  And why do you protest when I call you a Saint, Dan???

  • allie66

    I’ve gone to adoration before, but unsure of what exactly I’m suppose to do when I get there. Sometimes they have differnt literature that I can read while I’m there. Can someone shed some light as to what I’m suppose to be reading or praying when I’m there. I’m a recently converted catholic so all this is new to me. Thanks for your help.


    • Becky Ward

      Speaking for myself, I go to adoration because I know I have been healed of many things, like bad attitudes or ways of thinking, and I know that I need to make sure I continue to have this time with the ‘Divine Physician’ to help me keep growing and learning to love Him, myself, and others more.

      I will pray the rosary or a chaplet, sometimes I bring a spiritual book I am reading, or a prayer booklet, sometimes I just chat with Jesus about how my day/life is going and ask Him to help me with any troubles or confusion am having at the time. Other times I have brought crocheting and offered the hour for the person I am crocheting something for….praying for them as I am inspired. I also find that adoration is an awesome place to journal!! 🙂

      • CeciliaMarks

        Becky, I never thought of crocheting! St. Faustina would speak to our Lord while she sewed or embroidered asking Him to save the number souls represented by her stitches. What a wonderful thought, thank you

        • Becky Ward

          Cecilia….I didn’t know this about St. Faustina…..and occasionally I would feel kind of guilty about crocheting in adoration…but now I won’t!! 🙂

          We learn from one another – Thank You!!

          • Yes, Becky, she has recorded this in her Diary.  These are the times when she was so ill with the advanced Tuberculosis and she was unable even to attend the Holy Mass.  In fact, one day when she ardently wished for the Priest to come and hear her Confession, Jesus disguised Himself as the Priest, came and heard her Confession, gave her Absolution and then revealed Himself to her.  He was that united to this turly holy and very simple Soul…..she remained a child – with a childlike Faith and love for Jesus, all her 33 Years on this earth

    • Peg

      Hi Allie,

      You sound like me when I first started Adoration. Aside from the bible, I’ll suggest three books that I found enriching when I was new to Adoration. Remember, it doesn’t matter what or even that you read. The important thing is spending time with our Lord.

      1. Come to Me – This is a book that Mother Theresa of Calcutta used. Copies are available in one of the chapels that I visit. You can also order it through Amazaon at: 
      2. A Restless Heart – Ronald Rolheiser
      3. The Holy Longing – Ronald Rolheiser

      Of course, The Liturgy of the Hours or anything by the Saints or Henri Nouwen are wonderful choices too. It’s not important what you read, or even that you read. What’s important is spending time with our Lord. No matter what you do there, he’ll bless you for it!

      Welcome to Adoration, and may God richly bless you!

    • One thought – think of the one you love most in your life. Have you ever just been with them in silence experiencing the the power of love in their presence? Adoration is mostly like this for me.

  • Deacon/Brother Dan Flores Biding, I am old man, 79 years old with my family of 5 adult children in Canada since ’73. In the ’70’s, Sta. Cruz Parish, Manila, Philippines Eucharistic Perpetual Adoration had began intiated by Fathers of the Perpetual Euharistic Adorer, and I am one of its adorers to Blessed Sacrament in Perpetuity the real Presence of the Lord. In ’73 I was lucky to migrate in Canada and visited Lourdes Church in Toronto with my wife and 33 children. My yougnest son now 33 was orn here. Dan, I am very proud I am devoted and the habit of saying the rosary before the Blessed Sacrament in adoration

    The real presence of the Lord 24 hours/day exiled in the tabernacle, and Jesus invite us to spent an hour to pray for our salvation.

    Thank you, Brother  Dan, an opportunity to send my views.

    God bless you. He loves you.

    Deacon and brother Dan
    an Adorer of the Blessed Sacrament

  • I have very small, similar experience to this. I had abdominal muscle pain that hurt when I sat down. Before class, I went to the adoration chapel and offered up my pain to Him. I asked Him to give my the strength to endure it for Him. Suddenly, after leaving the chapel the pain vanished! I know it was our compassionate Lord who had mercy on me that day. How good He is!

    I treasure moments with Him in the adoration chapel. His mercy, peace and tender intimate love is beyond anything I could have imagined possible! I can’t spend an hour straight but try to spend at least 5 minutes before and after class.

  • Ruelle_Marie

    Yes, a few years back I had the misfortune to work with a person practicing African black magic.  It was so bad.  She even brought the Sangoma in to meet me under the pretense of looking for a loan.  I was sure that something was wrong and that it was evil, but I had no way of proving this.  She put stuff in my food, around the office, spells on my desk, sent  spirits against me.  My heart used to race, as did my mind, i could not concentrate, I found myself doing stupid things, i would feel pains in my body – these were the worst because I could not cry out and so suffered them in silence. I thought about visiting, but never got around to it until about two years after this kind of treatment.  When i got to the Church my mind was so filled and racing that it was almost impossible to be at peace.  After about 20 minutes of adoration, when I got up to go, i realised that my mind, heart and body had slowed down and i felt peaceful.  Although I had been told that we should come to The Lord in the Tabernacle, i never believed that he was truly present, nor did I believe that he really loved me and would hear me.  In short I did not trust that he cared.  But now – I recommend this to all who will listen.  I love you Jesus for saving me when I had no way of knowing how to survive.

    I had no idea how to speak to Jesus.  I prayed the rosary and other prayers at first and then eventually began talking to Him spontaneously or just sat there looking at Him.  Now I look at Him and just love Him, telling Him about all the things that are happening and the things I want to do as though He is my Friend. 

  • CeciliaMarks

    Yes, Dan, once my children were all in school I began attending daily Mass. One day I had the understanding I was to spend a hour after Mass before the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle. Like most of us I would pray and journal during this time never expecting He would respond to my “monolog” to Him. Then one day He broke into my Liturgy of the Hours w/an image & the call of my name. At that moment I realize Our Lord was really, really listening to me and sensed He wanted a “dialog”. If we visited w/a friend, we expect a conversation to ensue or we stop the visits. When we visit w/our Eucharist Jesus, our Friend, for some reason we don’t expect Him to respond. After that experience, I would then share w/Him all my concerns as a wife/mother/teacher. One morning I was telling Him I felt like such a failure for not being able to get everyone a nutricious breakfast in the busyness of getting 5 children and one husband ready, fed and out the door. As I was laying all my anst at His Feet, deep within I heard something that started to grow “larger” or “louder”….the word “muffins”! Such a simple explanation to my dilema.

    About 5 years ago, a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel was opened a few miles away. After Mass I now drive to the Chapel where He and I continue our dialogs. The Lord is so gracious, so patient, so understanding & knows exactly how to communicate with each soul. Our communication involves many images (a picture is worth a thousand words!), or a word, or a phrase, or a song….at times only peaceful silence.

    Dan, just as you were interceding for those on the retreat, He asks us to join Him on Calvary and to interceed with Him. One time our entire chapel was extremely cold. Nothing seened to fix the furnace. All the adorers arrived w/extra blankets, winter coats and scarves as it was colder in the chapel then outside. It was amazing the faithful souls who came and sat w/Our Lord. I had a sense He was hanging on the Cross so exposed and the cold wind of apathy was blowing around Him. He wanted us to intercede for all the cold hearts in the world who will not respond to the fire of HIs love.

    Thank you Dan, for offering this subject for us to witness and learn more about this wonderful Gift of Adoration……..

  • Beautiful testimony. I’ve had similar experiences. I am seriously chroniclly ill. The pain is unbelievable and that’s just one symptom. I homeschool my kids and there are days when I look back and know the only way I have got through that day is because He has given me grace and something else so that I could get through. 
    Being this sick has taught me a great deal about what He can and will do to get you through a day, or a Mass.
    Some of the things that I have found initally horrible about my illness – seizures for example – He has helped me cope with in a most amazing way.
    He has refused to heal me, but then I believe He is forming me in a certain way in this sickness. Pain is a certain kind of gift if we let it be.
    God bless

    • LizEst

      Nice blog, Shell.

    • Shell, it could very well be that Jesus wants you to offer your sufferings and unite then with His Passion to save souls……….those who are given this great Grace are called “Suffering Souls”…..

  • JefZeph

    Dan, I’ve only told a select handful of people this story, but since you ask:

    About 10 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Adoration chapel every night after work.  On one of these nights, at around 1 am, I suddenly heard a loud ruckus that seemed to be immediately behind me.  I knew it was not possible that dozens of people suddenly appeared directly behind me, yet the sounds were so clear, I turned around anyway.  Obviously there was nothing there, so I assumed something was happening in the parking lot.  It was very frenzied, as if there were some emergency of some kind.  There were no sirens, but my first thought was that a neighboring home had caught fire and people were scrambling to do something about it.  What I was hearing was accompanied by a sense, not necessarily of panic or desperation, but certainly of great urgency.  And it only grew louder.

    In the midst of this, I looked to the only other person in the chapel with me. There was absolutely no reaction or concern at all.   I considered asking, “Do you hear that?”, but I had already begun to question my own sanity and didn’t need anyone else to doubt it as well.  Regardless, the sounds were still so clear and SO OBVIOUS that I had to get up and look outside to be certain.

    Upon confirming that it was just another quiet, peaceful night, I went back to my seat.  I looked directly at the Blessed Sacrament and asked the Lord what this was all about.  I was very confused, as I knew that I was absolutely hearing these sounds with my ears and not inside my head.  Almost immediately, I could hear dozens, perhaps hundreds of people gathered (crowded?) behind me as a few of the voices became more intelligible.  
    “I think he can hear us!  Can you hear us?”  I interiorly responded with a cautious and drawn out, “Yes?”

    “We want to be where you are!”  This explained the sense of crowding, almost like the pushing and shoving of a mob toward me.  I began to realize that they were trying to get to Jesus on the altar, yet for some reason they all remained behind me.

    “You are in the direct presence of the Most High, and that is the only place we want to be.  That is the only interest and motivation we have.  We know He is right in front of you, but we can’t see Him and be with Him as you are.”

    There were so many voices buzzing, yelling to me that it was hard to pick out specifics through the cacophony.   I did manage to catch a few phrases that gave me the idea they could see a reflection of God’s light coming off of me which drew them to me.  They were clearly astonished that I could hear them.  Some were letting me know that I should be exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to be with the Lord as I was; others that they are all in tremendous need of prayers.  Few know their plight, and many have been languishing in this desperate longing for a very long time.  

    After about 10 minutes the sounds faded.  It went back to being the same old quiet chapel,  yet somehow, the center of the monstrance seemed just a tiny bit brighter.

    •  Wow!! I love your story. You’ve been given the grace to hear the Holy Souls in purgatory and pray for them as Jesus is asking all of us to do. They can’t do anything for themselves but our rosaries, masses intentions or just prayers will release them to Heaven. Thanks for sharing.

    • Laura Randall

      JefZeph, I wonder if you might have been in contact with souls in Purgatory. Have you read the book Hungry Souls by Germard J.M. van den Aardw

      • JefZeph

        I haven’t read the book Laura, but hunger is a very apt word to describe the sense of urgency I got from these people.  

        I limited my post to what I heard, but there were a few things that I just knew, on a deeper level than simple auditory observation.  

        First, I believe the experience was just as extraordinary for them as it was for me.  I don’t think they were completely in their normal state of being.  Perhaps some sort of respite?  In addition to their surprise at being able to communicate with me, I think they may have received something from the Host that night that was unusual for them, even if it was just a dim reflection of God’s light. 

        It was clear to me that I was not the focus of their attention.  Though they all had things they wanted to say to me, it was very much secondary to their far greater desire to be near that Host.  

        Also, they were incredibly ordinary.  Regular people, in every way.  There was nothing ghostly, creepy, or particularly hellish or holy about them.  They could just as easily been a throng of people desperate to obtain Super Bowl tickets, save for the fact that they wanted nothing but God Himself.   

        Thanks for the book recommendation. 

        • CeciliaMarks

          Jefzeph, do you remember the day this occurred? I was wondering if a special grace on a Feast Day was given both to you and to these souls. They may have been in a higher level of purgatory, too. This opens so many thoughts!

          • JefZeph

            I’m 99% sure it was very early on a Saturday, around 1 am.  Unfortunately, beyond that, I just don’t remember.  I’m sorry Cecilia.

          • CeciliaMarks

            Jefzeph, we may never know how or why this grace was given but Saturdays are dedicated to Our Lady and she loves the Holy Poor Souls. Just your witness has touched many of us, thank you….

        • BW

          Jef: read that book! You are the man who can help those particular souls whom God allowed on that day to communicate with you. Remember to pray specifically for those souls from that day. Those souls. I am praying for you.

          • JefZeph

            I guess I have a lot to make up, having mostly forgotten about them for the last ten years.  I’ll make a more concerted effort in the future.  Thanks Brad.

          • BW

             The book will make clear that God has permitted a singular grace to come not only to you, personally, but through you. It is great honor that God has given you. He is clearly pleased with you. As many great saints have told us, don’t let the sorrow of any past (confessed) sins or the feeling of unworthiness disturb you today. God is pleased with you.

        • Laura Randall

          JefZeph, thank you for your further description of your experience, and an apology for my original message being cut off. The author of the book Hungry Souls is Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg. What you have to share is fascinating and, I believe, a strong confirmation of Church teaching.

    • LizEst

      The Holy Souls of course! Powerful testimony! Thanks for sharing Jefzeph.

    • CeciliaMarks

      Yes, I agree w/LizEst…definitely the Holy Souls. Many times when my husband & I go for Adoration, we will hear many “folks” enter the church and kneel. When we turn to look, there is no one visible. Jefzeph, thank you so very much for your witness to God’s great love for all his children.

    • Me, too Jefzeph. Those were the Souls in Purgatory begging you to intercede for them. Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska the Eucharistic Apostle of the Divine Mercy was taken to Purgatory one day and she describes in her Diary – Divine Mercy in My Soul – how the Holy Souls in Purgatory need our Prayers

  • WRBaker

    About 5 years ago, I was attending Adoration with my Catholic school class. As a teacher, you usually have to at least keep one eye on the students all the time no matter when or where you are.
    I remember focusing on one of the altar candles and it seemed that time began to move slowly and I saw the flame of the candle turn into the shape of a little dove for about 10-15 seconds. Things returned to normal quickly afterwards and I remember asking some of the students sitting next to me if they had seen it and they had no idea what I was talking about.

  • LizEst

    Beautiful story, Dan, and powerful testimony. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  • maron

    I too have had ref lief from pain at Eucharistic Adoration.  To me it is always a miracle although scientifically I know that as I let go of the tension, that eases the pain.  My husband gave me a Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help 5 yrs ago when I had a lot of pain from chronic RA as well as a Baker’s cyst that would swell often and feel like I had a blood pressure cuff pumped up to the highest level on my knee.  A quiet rosary or praying the novena always relieved the pain AND swelling, and thankfully I could sleep.  The only times praying has not worked were 1) when the loud pinging during an MRI prevented me from even remembering the words to standard prayers and 2) when I was tense from vomiting and chills, and again couldn’t focus.

    • CeciliaMarks

      Maron, regarding the times you were unable to pray w/words: I believe it was Padre Pio who once told a soul who was unable to attend Mass due to illness that she was living the Mass. Also, I was at a conference where a Charismatic & (I believe) a holy priest was giving a healing service. He had suffered heart surgery the previous year & he describe that the pain was excruciating. He said it covered every inch of his being and he couldn’t think of the words of any prayer. That’s when he received the understanding that he was & became the “living” prayer. He then united his pain w/Christ’s on the Cross and all Masses said throughout the world.

      I once tried to say a rosary during an MRI but all I could do was to fight the urge not to scream as the migraine and the claustrophobia pushed in on my consciousness. So I’m sure you were the “living prayer” in your experience.

  • LizEst

    The miracle for me was the healing of my soul.

    • Healing of the soul is the most precious. So happy for you.

  • BeckitaMaria

    Thanks, Dan, and all who have shared.  Before Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence, I have been blessed with times of being washed in the Peace only He can give, times when seemingly nothing happened yet the day unfolded in beautiful harmony, times when I rested in the Spirit, and times of Words spoken which pierced my heart.

    I will share one of the very special experiences for me: While our pilgrimage group was adoring Jesus in the Sacred Host of His Eucharistic miracle in Betania, Venezuela. I was leading the singing of “Adoramus Te Domine” at the sisters’ convent when we heard such ethereal, exquisite harmonies. It wasn’t until dinner that evening that we discovered the sisters were not in the convent at the hour of adoration and Father helped us realize we had been accompanied in singing by angels in a way audible to us.


  • Brian Niemeier

    I’d had nearsightedness requiring corrective lenses from a very young age. One Sunday when I was sixteen, my sight was suddenly fixed. This wasn’t during adoration, but it was during the liturgy of the Eucharist at mass. It’s been another sixteen years since then, and my vision has actually continued to improve (confirmed by two doctors, neither of whom could explain it).
    I still wear glasses to read just to keep from straining my eyes, but I don’t need them to drive anymore. What’s amazing is that I didn’t even ask for this healing. God may have meant it as a symbolic warning that my intellectual vision was clouded (I went through a bout of near-agnosticism in high school). Since then I’ve earned my master’s in theology.
    Thanks, Jesus.

  • Maria Fatima

    Thanks,Dan for your beautiful story i have the same experiences.i am suffering from ‘Polatinenomia ‘ for nearly 8 years,i am a refugee live in Thai-Burma border refugee camp ,it is very difficult to get threathment here,because medicine is very expensive so hospital don’t want to payment for my medication ,i am so sad when they told me this buggest can save many patients and they don’t want to treathment for me because they thought i will ided within 2 years, i have  4 times nearly die,lots of my friends die here, thanks God i still alive,my eyes start failing ,vomiting ,headache so in 2010 Easter i pray to Jesus ,i know your pain now i want you threament for me i don’t want to do any medication anymore , i cry for long time ,a miracle that i can’t believe is only one day my headache disappear ,i am healthy since that time  ,i was dream heaven  so peace there,i am not afraid of dead any more because i know one day i will be in heaven with God no more pain,tear and suffer,i was dream blessing mother for 3 times  sine i was little girl she always smile to me ,i know she always be at my side, i have been 14 years didn’t see my parients i know i will see my family again one day that  remind me be strong everyday,now i know what is the most important thing in my life is GOD,GOD is my freedom,hope ,life ,love and everything .Thank u so much Dan many refugess all over the world received your massage ,alwasy remind us that we are not alone,God bless.

    • CeciliaMarks

      Maria Fatima, thank you so very much for your witness of God’s wonderful love in your life. I will keep you in my heart and my daily prayers….

    • Praying for you this morning Maria

  • fraffster

    I’ve also had a lump disappear from my breast after praying in the Adoration Chapel at St. Thomas More in Mooresville, IN. Also, very early one morning while adoring the Lord Jesus and looking at the altar, I experienced a vision of powerful light and radiance. I fell to the floor and could not move for several minutes. I know I was visited and will never forget the wonderfulness of it all. Thank you Jesus.  

  • Becky Ward

    The Trappist Monks near my home have a holy hour from 11 PM to Midnight on New Year’s Eve. I’ve been going to the Abbey church for three or four years now instead of trying to ignore all the fireworks in my neighborhood. They have incorporated a simple but very beautiful little ceremony where we light a candle when we enter and then place it in a rectangular box filled with sand, very near the tabernacle. The candle represents the past year. The church is mostly dark expect for the candles, and I really love it.

    This past year I learned some pretty ugly things about being abused when I was little, and for several months now I have been working very hard to discover just ‘what’ the damages are. I am astounded to see how it has impacted my whole life…..part of me died the day I was molested….and I couldn’t grieve….now I have to, or I can’t heal. As you can imagine there have been a lot of emotional ups and downs, trying to accept and deal with the necessary depression, anger, and sorrow associated with grief…..yet not allowing it to swallow me up.

    Jesus has been there with me every step, helping me to keep my eyes on the good that will come from this….and leading me to, and through, the necessary actions I’ve needed to take. During Advent and Christmas I received some major ‘keys’ or insights that showed me the worst is over. (I hope) I’ve been feeling like one big open sore.

    I lit my candle this year and knelt before the Lord for a few moments, offering Him everything that has happened to me in the last twelve months. (and my life) Then I stood my candle in the sand beside many others, and went back to where I was sitting. I prayed a Chaplet of Divine Mercy and then my attention was drawn to the flame of a candle. As I looked at it, I saw an image of ‘my’ candle burning inside me…I was like a hollow shell…and it was dark. The light of the candle got brighter; I could actually feel warmth radiating inside me, and I saw what looked like cobwebs clinging to me here and there. The Lord allowed me to understand that these cobwebs represented what was left over from the abuse through one word – “Dross” – which I heard interiorly as the flame burned the cobwebs and they disappeared one by one. 

    I hardly noticed my tears because of the deep peace and beauty I was feeling. It was the shortest holy hour I can remember! 🙂 The feeling of ‘soreness’ lessens each day, and I am, for the first time in my life, able to grab onto and to believe good things about myself. On Jan. 4th I woke up and this painful ‘knot’ that has been between my shoulder blades for years, was suddenly gone!

    Jesus I Trust in Your Mercy and Love!!

    • CeciliaMarks

      Thank you, Becky, for this beautiful sharing. You actually answered a question or two for me…

    • BeckitaMaria

      God bless you, Becky. As one who suffered from childhood abuse, I shall tuck you into my prayers in a special way in these days as you are healing from these wounds. To your closing: Jesus I Trust in Your Mercy and Love!!! I reply: Amen. Alleluia!

    • KAACD

      How beautiful is your testimony. May God continue to heal your soul. In my prayers,

    • May God continue to heal you, Becky…….never doubt just how much He loves you….Pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy often.  That is the most powerful Prayer Jesus has given to the World for the Third Millennium and to those who trust in Him. He dictated it Personally to Saint Faustina and has attached many promises to those who pray it, especially during the Hour of Great Mercy – 3.00 O”Clock to 4.00 p.m.

    • Stormy15

      Becky, you always express yourself so beautifully. God bless you and continue your growth nearer to him …you are a special person.

      Be well and at peace my friend.

      • Becky Ward

        Thank you so much!!

    • What a precious healing. I pray that all the knots and cobwebs will disappear soon.  You are a beautiful soul. May God reveal to you all the good things you can claim about yourself.

    • God Bless! I am so happy for you! I will praying for your healing too!

  • LizEst

    Beautiful testimony, Becky. So sad for your experience but happy for this great blessing and manifestation of God’s love for you now. May the Lord continue to heal you and fill you with His everlasting joy. God bless you.

    …and I will keep praying for you just as I have been doing for quite a while.

    • Becky Ward

      Thanks Liz! 🙂

  • Carol V.

    Several years ago, when I was away from the Church, I was also stuck in traffic one day, with my destination being fifteen miles on the other side of town.  I noticed that I was almost in front of one of our downtown churches that offered Eucharistic Adoration.  Although I had been attending services occasionally at a mainline Protestant church, I had never stopped believing in the Real Presence, but like so many others, my inordinate attachments got in the way of being able to honestly proclaim myself as “Catholic,” and in my mind at the time, I felt that the denomination I was attending was so close to the Church that it could probably be called “Catholic Lite.”  That was my mindset at the time.  In other words, pride.

    Anyways, I saw the sign on the front wall of the Catholic church I was sitting in front of that noted the time for Adoration as being all afternoon.  Figuring that it would probably be a better alternative than sitting in the car and listening to other frustrated motorists, I put on my turn signal, turned down a side street, parked, and went in.  

    I felt an immediate feeling, as I saw the Host in the monstrance on the altar, of being really home.  

    There’s a huge difference between “home lite” and “home.”  I felt that all those liturgies I had attended in the intervening years were the equivalent of watching a family Thanksgiving celebration on TV.  You get the experience of being there, sort of, but you certainly don’t get “the turkey and all the trimmings,” if you’ll pardon the mundane and hopefully not irreverent analogy.  I had come home, for real.

    Even though there were also posted confession times during Adoration, and nothing I had done during my time away would have required anything beyond “simple” confession, I made an appointment for a couple of days for confession, explaining I wanted to be able to make a good examination of conscience beforehand.  I went, received absolution, and haven’t considered leaving the Church since, even with all its controversies, yadda, yadda.  

    I was going to preface this with “this probably isn’t a miracle, but…,” however, I decided not to.  A fallen-away Catholic coming home because of Adoration fits my definition of a miracle just fine!  

    I made a habit for several years of stopping at that church most workdays and doing my daily Examen in the Real Presence.  Most days, unless I had some family obligation which required otherwise, I stayed for Mass as well.  I came to rely on His strength and love to examine my conscience, ask forgiveness, and inquire how to do better tomorrow.  I don’t know why I would think it odd, but I noticed a change in my attitude towards others (particularly coworkers who used to annoy me over petty stuff, and a greater interest in what I could pack into trying to see God in all things rather than seeing what I could try to get out of the world.)  Certainly spiritual medicine and recovery for a stressed-out, middle aged professional woman!  

    What Adoration does for me is enable me to block out quality time with Jesus, right there, the King of King and Lord of Lords in front of me, plain as the nose on my face.  I haven’t experienced any unusual phenomena while there, but I have had the experience of being able to tell Him just what is on my mind and in my heart, and Adoration has given me the time to be able to listen, really listen, to what He has to say about the matter.  I’ve experienced every emotion from profound sorrow for my sins to elation at the very tangible realization of His great love for me.  In fact, only a sense of middle-aged decorum has prevented me on a couple of occasions from skipping out of church at the end of Mass which follows Benediction.

    I got hurt a few months ago and just had spine surgery, so right now I’m not allowed to travel by car by myself (too much pain medication which would make me a menace behind the wheel.)  This semi-enforced absence from Adoration no doubt is teaching me to appreciate it even more.  I simply can’t wait until the day when I can cut back enough to be able to actually drive downtown and spend what I started to think of “happy hour with Jesus” the way I used to be able to do with great regularity.  My neurosurgeon is pleased with my progress thus far, so I have no doubt that that happy day will arrive pretty soon.

    In the years since my first return to the Church, I have had several opportunities to talk with other adult reverts.  The details of the stories change, but when you finally get down to the core of it all, without an exception, every single one of them identifies the Eucharist as the main thing that brought them back.

    Miracles don’t have to suspend laws of physics or be accompanied by bolts of lightning.  Some of the greatest miracles occur silently in the human soul.

    • CeciliaMarks

      Carol, oh thank you for sharing such a beautiful miracle of faith with us. If only more folks would no be afraid to witness to the Love Our Lord pours out to each of us in such powerful ways thru His Eucharistic Heart. Dan has given us a format for more to do so for building up the Body of Christ. Each month I teach a “make-up” Confirmation Class for high School students who have missed their regular monthly classes. This month I am going to share all the stories of how Our Lord has touched lives thru Adoration. You would be so surprised how much these testimonies inspire our young Church. Again thank you and I will be praying that you heal quickly and are allowed to return to visiting your Friend……

    • Hi Carol, I am a revert also. I’m so happy for you (and me) coming home. I pray for your complete recovery. God bless you.

  • Several years ago I had been attracted to make a weekly holy hour at a local parish, not my own because it was closer to where I worked. When I first started going the hour seemed like an eternity so I started reading the Psalms in the beginning to “fill up the hour”. Over several weeks then months I just could not wait to finish the work day and go to the holy hour every Tuesday evening. It is hard to explain the joy I experienced in those hours with the Lord.

    • Isn’t it amazing what can happen when we persevere? I have often been to adoration feeling poorly and distracted. However, I have found that if I can just endure, there is a moment when it all lifts and my soul is elevated to Him.

      • Julissa

        Your soul is elevated to Him?
        Tonight was my first visit to the adoration chapel. I was there only for a few minutes. I was praying when all of the sudden, I felt as if I was leaving my body.when someone’s phone or alarm went ofg, I refocus and kept praying. Wondered what that was.

  • Jeanette

    I was at Adoration one afternoon, when a beautiful dark-haired 5 year old girl came up to the Monstrance with her white teddy bear. She kneeled and placed her teddy bear in front of her. She prayed with her hands together and at the end of her prayer, she made the sign of the cross. She then took the paw of her teddy bear and made the sign of the cross on the teddy bear. She then got up and passed by me. I was smiling at her so widely that she noticed and smiled back. I said to the Lord, “Lord, that sight touched my heart so much, I can’t imagine what it did for yours!” The Lord spoke to me interiorly and said, “All will honour Me.” When I told my spiritual director what had happened, he told me that that experience was worth more than four spiritual retreats! It may not be a miracle but I will never forget it or Jesus’ words to me. This reminds me of Phillipians Chap. 2…So that all beings, In the heavens, on earth and in the underworld, should bend the knee at the name of Jesus and that every tongue should acclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, to the Glory of God the Father.

    • Becky Ward

      Jeanette, this is so precious!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Beautiful

  • I will be beginning weekly eucharistic adoration. I miss being in the presence of The Lord.

    • LizEst

      That’s great news Teresa! God bless you!

  • CSL1954

    Wow, I loved reading all these testimonies. I have been attending a weekly hour of Adoration for the past seven years. I first accepted the invitation to do so out of obligation…at that point in my life, I was feeling that I should be participating in more activities at our church  (but not really out of love for Our Lord). I have to admit that I was only just starting to know Him and I was 50 years old! But He had plans for me.
    At first, I wasn’t exactly sure how to adore a God who seemed so far away. I always asked a lot of questions of God during Adoration and I was amazed that I would get answers very quickly, often written in a monthly scripture based publication that I had subscribed to and other times through a person brought into my life at just the right time.
    One day, I was complaining to the Lord. I had recently read a fictional book about a man who had been invited to dinner with Jesus in our modern times.  Jesus had answered all the man’s questions and this had changed the man’s life. I was wishing that Jesus could just come to dinner with me and then He could answer all MY questions. I was sure everything would be so much easier that way.  In the middle of my whining, I heard Jesus speak very clearly to my interior: “You are at the table. Eat.” The words touched me so deeply that I began to change.

    I realized that Jesus is very present and very close to all of us, all of the time. I felt God’s immense love for each of us in a way that I had never experienced before. And because of this, my life more peaceful and happy.
    I now frequent the sacament of Reconcilliation and I eat at His table regularly, being fed with the Eucharist more often than before. I also am being fed with His word in scripture daily.  I try not to monopolize our “dinner” conversation so much anymore. I am learning to listen.
    He loves me and this knowledge is now the answer to all my questions.

    • Becky Ward

      AMEN!! Jesus ROCKS!! 🙂

  • Starryskies

    Yes, I have. I have a chronic illness, too, and suffer from pain and fatigue. I can really relate to everything you shared. I stumbled into a chapel offering Eucharistic Adoration quite by “accident” for the first time months ago. I hadn’t gone to mass regularly in years and, honestly, thought of the Eucharist more in symbolic terms than having a palpable presence. It was something I didn’t really believe in. On that day, I remember walking through the church, thinking I would pray in there, then noticing a small chapel off to the side. I felt as if I was being gently guided towards it, to sit down in one of the pews, so I did. Then I began praying and talking with Jesus. I asked questions and received answers. I had really been struggling with my illnesses and life, I had a lot to say and shed a lot of tears. In the chapel, I could feel Jesus’ presence and hear his voice clearly in a way I hadn’t before. My pain eased and my heart felt wonderful, the strongest feeling of pure love, so I continued to go back regularly to visit, daily when I was able. Sometimes it was difficult getting myself there and sitting up for periods of time because of my physical limitations, but my physical discomfort lessened if I waited it out. At the time I did not even know what Eucharistic Adoration was or that it was what I had been doing, only later did I learn of the term/practice and notice the Eucharist was on display. Since that first experience, I have been a faithful visitor to that chapel and others. I’ve told others about my experiences as well. Blessings to all. May the new year bring love, peace, joy, prayers answered, and hopes fulfilled!

  • judeen

    have you ever sat in front of the euchrist and asked God to heal others? use my beleif in you, the gift from God you gave me… you can beleive in God for others… the centurian did it.. the 4 men who lowered the bed from the roof did it.. the women of the possessed child did it… beg for healing of mind body and soul of the others.. ask God to give them the gift of faith and longing for truth( which is God and all his ways) use my beleif.. Lord I will beleive for those who need it.. this is what He did…

  • Heather

    When I was in youth with my Catholic church, we went on a weekend retreat, and we had Eucharist Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I watched at people around me were passing out, some speaking like I couldn’t understand (literally not like Spanish or French, but literally gibberish to me), and I got jealous. Its kinda funny to me because God gets jealous of us, but at the same time, I’m glad I wanted that connection. I prayed and asked God to let something happen for me. Before I knew it, I guess I passed out because I bowed Down and had closed my eyes praying, and all I saw was white. I heard nothing, not even my own heartbeat. I saw nothing but white. No sound, no movement. The purest white you could think of. And peace. Such a great calm and peace. I’m not sure how long I was out for, it didn’t seem like long, but one of the group leaders came and prayed withe afterward. Truly, I didn’t stay close with God, but I’m rekindling my relationship with Him and hope to soon go to adoration again and feel that wonderful peace of His presence by Jesus as the Body in the Blessed Sacrament. I know it was a blessing too, because in me, I know there is nothing like that in this world…

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