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What is the point of Eucharistic adoration?

January 5, 2013 by  
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Why Eucharistic Adoration?

Father John Bartunek and Dan Burke talk about the importance of Eucharistic adoration.

Father John and Dan Burke discuss how this adoration is a form of prayer, of adoration, that focuses on the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the sacrament Jesus established (see John 6).  The Eucharist is reserved in the tabernacle of a church or chapel, his tangible presence in time and space.  Father John relates the story of Martha and Mary and how Mary chose the better part, to sit in adoration at the feet of Jesus, the essence of adoration, sitting and spending time with the Lord.


Editor's Notes:

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About Dan Burke

Dan is the President of the Avila Foundation, the parent organization of, the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation, Divine Intimacy Radio and Divine Intimacy Radio - Resources Edition, Into the Deep Parish Programs, the Apostoli Viae (Apostles of the Way) Community, and the FireLight Student Leadership Formation Program, author of the award-winning book, Navigating the Interior Life - Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God, Finding God Through Meditation-St. Peter of Alcantara, 30 Days with Teresa of Avila, Into the Deep, Living the Mystery of Merciful Love: 30 Days with Thérèse of Lisieux, and his newest book The Contemplative Rosary with St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Avila. Beyond his "contagious" love for Jesus and His Church, he is a grateful husband and father of four, the Executive Director of and writer for EWTN's National Catholic Register, a regular co-host on Register Radio, a writer and speaker who provides online spiritual formation and travels to share his conversion story and the great riches that the Church provides us through authentic Catholic spirituality. Dan has been featured on EWTN's Journey Home program and numerous radio programs.

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  • GregKingVA

    While everything in the video is absolutely true and good, isn’t the real point of Eucharistic Adoration that it is our sweet “duty” to adore.  As we say in the Mass, “it is right and just”.  Once we know that He is present, God himself in the second person of the Trinity, the adoration that began at the Mass is then carried forth to the chapel and to the world. Sure there are fruits of adoration, but we do it because as Fulton Sheen said, “the greatest love story of all time is contained in a sacred white host”.  It is Christ himself.

  • I love praying in adoration chapels! There is no place I’d rather be! I wish more people knew how wonderful it is to be with our Lord and gaze upon His beauty in the Eucharist! I still remember the first time I visited one when I was high school. We were visiting different shrines and cathedrals with my campus ministry group. When we entered EDSA shrine (where Mama Mary helped our country end a corrupt dictatorship) I could feel the holiness of His loving presence more than all the Churches we visited that day.

  • LizEst


    And, for those who cannot be physically present for Eucharistic adoration, the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, otherwise know as the “Pink Sisters” because of their rose pink habits, have a live webcam of the Blessed Sacrament exposed (click on the link within the site). Here is the site in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA:

    If you do not see the Blessed Sacrament, check back later since they do have a schedule:

  • Guest

    I have never heard of the Pink Sisters! There is some nice Adoration music out there, one of the songs that comes to mind is “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”. I like the tune and it seems fitting today! 

    And there are plenary indulgences, I think, in accord with 1/2 hour of daily Adoration and Penance.

    • LizEst

      Yes, Tiffany, they are an international order of cloistered nuns: six communities in the Philippines, four in the US (Philadelphia, St. Louis, Corpus Christi and Lincoln, Nebraska), two in Germany, one each in Holland, Argentina, Brazil, India and Poland.
      Here is a link to their founders St. Arnold Janssen and Mother Mary Michaele:
      Here is a picture of one community in their pink habits:

      • Guest

        That was a great link, Liz! They are really an international community! 

        They have a nice quote on their site for our day on Adoration:

        “LIVE quietly with God. WORK gladly for God. VIEW things from God’s viewpoint. TALK things over with God. GLOW with zeal for the glory of God. FIND your joy in God. REST deep in the heart of God.”
        —Mother Mary Michaele

  • Guest

    I was just meditating on Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence(while I watched the livecam of the Eucharist), And few thoughts came to mind that I wanted to share: 1)Mary is special and our Mother because she was born without Original Sin, 2) And we are adopted sons and daughters of God by our Baptism, 3) our receiving Eucharist at Mass precludes the the Sacrament of Reconcilliation, 4) Reconcilliation is used not to just confess terrible sins, but all sins, of commission and ommission. What could I have done to make the world a better place? Did I put every effort I could have to give God’s love to the world? …We will never be perfect like Jesus and Mary, but have we made many many efforts to help others and love God?   

    • Guest

      God is waiting for us to make every effort to go out into the world in bring His love..  

  • I was told Eucharist adoration is to be done in person and not online because you don’t receive the same graces if you did physical adoration in chaple or church rather online is this true. I have been doing online adoration until my confessor told me I should do it being physically present. What are your thoughts on this?

    • LizEst

      This is an interesting question. First of all, if you’ve been told by your confessor to be physically present for Eucharistic adoration, you ought to do so. My preference would be Eucharistic adoration in person. Think of it this way, would you rather have your friend present to you on-line or in person? Now, apply that to the Lord.

      Where it’s not possible to adore in person, because of illness, weather, and other such things, I believe the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters provide a great service in making the live webcam available to anyone who wishes to adore via this means. There are graces available by this means, too, because it is live. Are they different or the same? That is matter for theologians to determine.

      Similarly, if you are watching a Mass on television that is really truly live (not something recorded and then rebroadcast as live) the benefits of the Mass, the graces and blessing given are imparted to all those present, even if by television. For this to happen, the Mass must be taking place at the same time you are viewing it on television.

      Hope this helps.

      • Becky Ward

        Liz, I disagree with you on this one, but I am doing some checking and WILL let you all know what I find in regard to what the Church teaches about this.

        I think we miss the whole point of BEING IN HIS PRESENCE, by trying to attend adoration online. I think the intention is good, but is misguided. My instinct is that we would be better served in prayer and our relationship with God by kneeling before a crucifix to pray in our homes rather than watching a monstrance online.

        GOD is with US! He is in US! We can connect with Him in our hearts. We are NOT adoring Jesus, or keeping Him company in His physical presence through online adoration, but only by being physically present where HE is physically present.

        In regard to televised Mass…..again, I don’t know what the official teachings are. I see that it can be of benefit to people who are homebound or cannot get to Mass. I also see a danger in people believing that they can watch Mass on TV instead of attending Mass. There are many places where these issues are not addressed and folks are left to decide on their own. I can’t help but wonder how the devil sees these practices.

        My humble opinion…..

        • LizEst

          Becky, when one watches Masses from the Vatican, they will often say that the Holy Father extends the apostolic blessing to all those watching live on television. I have personally experienced this many, many times on EWTN while caring for my mother, physically confined to bed in our home, for a number of years.

          WE ARE TO ATTEND MASS IN PERSON. There is no question about this. No one is saying that you can watch Mass on television INSTEAD of being there in person. But, for those that cannot get there physically, the live Mass on television is a great blessing…and so are spiritual communions, as well. Mass on television also offers graces to non-Catholics, too!

          As to Eucharistic adoration, it is a wonderful thing. Nevertheless, it is a devotion and not a requirement of our Catholic faith. That said, I strongly recommend Eucharistic adoration in person.

          Adoration on-line is NOT a substitute for adoration in person. But, sometimes, people cannot physically be present to adore in person. There are many reasons for this, for example illness, weather, being in a country where it is dangerous to travel to a Catholic church other than for Mass, scheduling conflicts, travel requirements, etc. In that case, adoration on-line is the next best thing. Rest assured that if this were not of benefit to others and if this were not approved by the Church, it would not be offered by such a well-established, cloistered order of nuns, who are loyal to the Magisterium.

          • Becky Ward

            Okay, then please, show me the Church teaching.

            Since this post is not talking about Mass, can we agree please, to stick to the subject of adoration?

            You state: “There are many reasons for this, for example illness, weather, being in a country where it is dangerous to travel to a Catholic church other than for Mass, scheduling conflicts, travel requirements, etc. In that case, adoration on-line is the next best thing.”

            Says who?? Where did you learn this?

            I mean no disrespect to these sisters, and will happily ‘still my fingers’ on the issue, when you show me that the Church approves of this!!

          • LizEst

            I have asked the good sisters for details.

            In the meantime, here’s an interesting post by Teofilo de Jesus, who recently posted on this site on the Merton question:

            As per , here is another site (St Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Louisville, Kentucky) that offers it as well:
   –which will take you to

          • My family went out of town for New Years, so I could not attend Mass as much nor visit an adoration chapel. Visiting was all I could do. I missed Him a lot. And I was so happy just to be able to see Him in the monstrance on the website!

            I agree with Teofilo. Its like spiritual communion. God is so very gracious.  God understands our limitations and our desires. Why wouldn’t He grant us the graces we need when we cant help it but have to go online  instead of in person. 

          • Becky Ward

            Hi Mary,

            I have no doubt that people are blessed and receive grace through means like this. That’s just how God works.

            My concern is that when we make things ‘easy’ and ‘convenient’ for people, the things lose their value.

            How sad would it be if the Church decided one day that online adoration was becoming so popular that they stopped having “Real” adoration…..and gave us a website link instead.

            Sorry, Jesus isn’t here any more, but you can see a picture of him at http://www………...

            I apologize for the sarcasm, (and it is not directed at you ar anyone in particular Mary!), this just really, really bothers me.

          • Dawn

            There is no difinitive teaching on this that I’ve been able to find. But, from what I gather, it can be used similar to using a holy card with the image of the Eucharist. It would not be the same as being in God’s presents before the Eucharist.

            For those that can’t go to Eucharistic Adoration for whatever reason, it’s a chance to at least get to view the exposed Eucharist even if they can’t adore it in person.

          • Guest

            I think we can quote when Jesus says, “can you not spend an hour with me?”

            It is a virtue when we put effort into going to Adoration!  

            We do need to have reason with our faith. I just heard a priest say in his sermon, that “Faith without reason leads to religious fanatacism, and reason without faith leads to secularism and relativism.”

            Our debating this and continuing on in our work here and in our faith communities is vital. But we also need to go out into the world and help people. Not just the easy situations like CCD class on Sunday, but into prisons, psychiatric hospitals, child welfare work, and so on.  People in these settings either need brought to God, and/or they need the help of good people like yourselves. The world needs good people!    

          • LizEst

            There are so many people who still need to really get to know Christ. They are all over the place. Sometimes just saying “God bless you” to someone in the dog park, to a delivery person, to hospital workers is enough to open a conversation and a line of communication with them.

            Oh yes…God bless you, too, Tiffany!

          • Guest

            I agree, invoking the name of God and prayers are small miracle wonders! Share the Truth!  People will feel appreciated, needed and heartwarmed.

          • “In that case, adoration on-line is the next best thing.”
            Says who?? Where did you learn this?”

            Yes, Becky.  That sentence is perplexing.  We need to be very careful not to try and invent new and convenient but Canonically suspect modes of Prayer and Worship in our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Eucharistic Adoration is a very, very serious and Holy encounter with Jesus Christ Himself, Personally which no one should attempt to water down or create shortcuts. 

          • Butleralice

            Eucharistic Adoration means visiting the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Sacred Host to adore, love and render Him honour, to ask for his help in all our needs and to pray for others. Strictly speaking, it may not be  a ‘requirement’ of our Catholic faith, as Liz mentioned but, really, should it have to be ? I have always maintained that if one wishes to establish for oneself just how strong faith in the Real Presence is in any community or parish, all one has to do is to pay a visit to the local church or oratory on any day of the week, outside of Mass times and observe just how many adorers or visitors are present. With few exceptions, in my own humble estimation, the answer is sadly, very few indeed and in many cases no one at all. At other times, I could not help noticing something quite puzzling also and this, at a time when the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for veneration in a monstrance on the altar. I have seen some people enter the church, stop to light some candles and then, one might say, quite literally ignore the Blessed Sacrament and leave ! What is going on, one has to ask and  why do so many parish priests and bishops in the country, with some exceptions, of course, fail to give proper leadership to the people in regard to Eucharistic Adoration ? 

          • LizEst

            Don’t be too hard on those who don’t show up for Eucharistic Adoration on your schedule. Over the course of time, many more do come than one would think.

            Naturally, it would be great to see an increase in this wonderful devotion. And, yes, more instruction is needed. Perhaps you could start that in your parish as part of the Year of Faith. That would be a terrific initiative.

            God bless you and yours in this, Butleralice!

          • Butleralice, this is where this Cradle Catholic gets thoroughly confused……

            “Strictly speaking, it may not be  a ‘requirement’ of our Catholic faith, as Liz mentioned but, really, should it have to be ? “…….

            I am left wondering what went wrong in the Holy Mother Church of my birth.

            As you read my Responses above, I grew up within the Parish, oh, so many many years ago.The  Eucharistic Adoration IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN part of the Catholic Church Liturgical Worship.  How the notion came that it is not really a “requirement” of our Faith, baffles me completely.

            I grew up adoring the Eucharist in the Tabernacle and during Benediction every Sunday afternoon after the Vespers.  Every Friday in every Catholic Day and Boarding School which were part of the Parish, was the Day of Adoration.  The Holy Mass was celebrated in the morning and Jesus was left exposed in the Monstrance on the Altar the whole day.  The Pupils/Students were then allocated – in groups –  an Hour for each Group to adore all day long until the Priest came in at 4.30 p.m. for Benediction.  How this practice was discontinued, I do not know.  All I know is that when my daughters were in Loreto Convent Schools, in 1960’s – 70’s  – like I was in Secondary School – the Friday Adoration was there alright.

            AND NOW WE HAVE THE ADORATION CHAPELS where in many Parishes they have established Perpetual Adoration!!!!! And in the AMECEA countries – that is, in the Eastern and Central Africa – all Adoration Chapels are required to have the Divine Mercy Image in the Adoration Chapels

            These are some of the Liturgical Prayers and Worship  the Church need to stress and restore – where they have been abandoned –  during this Year of Faith.

          • Butleralice

            Hello Mary@42 ! I too, am quite confused and left wondering why there is such a change in my church, particularly in relation to teaching our children about the reality of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Sacred Host, at least, in the sense that these little children should be brought to visit Jesus in the tabernacle, in addition, of course, to having the truths of our faith handed on to them by word of mouth, and parents and teachers and other members of the parish should also be seen to practice Eucharistic Adoration.

          • KAACD

            I can see how on-line adoration is helpful for those who cannot make it to chapel. Going to adoration chapel in person is physically intense when feeling God’s presence but on-line could be helpful for anyone who cannot make it in person. The site, also has great references for prayer.

          • LizEst

            You’re right KAACD. No one is saying one should adore on-line instead of adoring in person. But, for those who are homebound, for the sick and the infirm, for those in prison, for the isolated, for those in countries where it is dangerous to go to church, for those deployed to war zones, to be able to visit with the Lord on-line is an amazing thing.

          • Yes, LitEst, the Vatican Holy Mass on Television does – and it is intended – to impart Apostolic Blessings from the Holy Father.  Here in our country Kenya, we have Holy Mass on the Catholic Radio Waumini every Sunday and Days of Obligation for those who are in Hospitals and those who are unable to attend Holy Mass personally in Churches due to illness at home.  However, Benediction or Adoration would not, I believe, fall into this Category.

          • To share a subjective observation, I have felt the presence of the Lord in on-line Adoration in an analogous manner to being there in person – although it is superior and better to be there in person, and one should choose to be there in person when possible.

          • Jim, it was a Moment of Divine Providence when the Holy Father solemnly announced that those who would follow the Celebrations during the International Youth Day in Rio would obtain a Plenary Indulgence (of course, under the usual Conditions). But as I stated earlier, to me Adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament – spending those Holy and intimate Moments together and worshiping Him during Benediction are the most valuable – spiritually – times one can spend on this earth in the Presence of our Saviour. But the Apex of all these is assisting in the Eucharistic Celebration and receiving Him unto oneself during Holy Communion. Another very, very necessary – if not one of the utmost importance for our final Eternal Destination – are those Moments one presents oneself of Him in His Tribunal of Mercy, pouring out one’s heartfelt remorse for offending Him with our Sins as one confesses them, one by one, heartbroken for having treated one’s Loving God so shabbily, and then listening to His advice, encouraging Words and guidance and finally those Words of Absolution which sets one free and pours Graces onto one’s Soul as the brilliant light of Sanctifying Grace either floods back or is energized to a more brilliant Divine Power

        • Guest

          Welcome to all new commenters, readers, etc. There are great leaders on this blog who are welcoming and knowledgeable.

          I have only read your comment so far Becky, and just wanted to share some ideas. I think the benefits in online adoration could be that we can visit a more extensive time from home computers, vs. an hour in Church. And is there grace delivered to the internet, both by putting good things on the internet, and attract internet users to those good things. Even, do Google rankings of live Adoration increase, the more that we view it, and as such consequently, randome Googlers will first spot the Adoration links and view them.

          As for attending Adoration at our local Churches, we are both in the immediate presence of the Lord, and we are perpetuating the growth of our congregation and town.

          With regards to Mass on TV. I may not normally attend daily Mass, but if I am channel surfing at 7pm, and know the Mass is on vs. a sitcom, it would be virtuous to choose to watch the Mass. And I think we are given grace for making a spiritual union with God during the TV communion phase.

          • LizEst

            Tiffany – I like your idea of increasing the Google rankings of live adoration. Wonderful idea for this Year of Faith!

        • I agree with you, Becky, for me, to genuinely feel the Physical Presence of Jesus is to sit before Him in the Blessed Sacrament, during Adoration or at Benediction.

          Any other kind of Adoration would simply be simulated or just Spiritual Adoration.

          And of course, the Apex of Adoration is when I receive Him in Holy Communion.  Then I know His Heart is beating as one with mine, His Divine Blood is mingling with my own blood and His Divine Soul is united with my wounded soul, and healing me all over.

    • $40709275

      Nothing on Earth can match the depth of graces received and the time and investment of going to Jesus in person, in personal adoration. 
      That being said, the soul hungers so much for God, and in this hunger, when I have a moment at work, or a half hour lunch and I can’t stay away – I go on and spend time with Him. It’s not really the same, but He knows that I could be doing a hundred other things that have no value. He knows that I want so much to be with Him and can’t physically go at that moment. It doesn’t replace going to Him in adoration, but it supplements in the times when that’s not possible. We see Him. But more importantly, we are aware that He sees us. It’s important to try to experience Him as much and as often as possible. I’m just zany enough to say – let’s all go crazy and just Adore Jesus all the time, whenever possible, in any way that we are able to do so authentically. :0)The more we Adore Him, the more we are being who and what God created us to be. It gives me joy, but not like getting up, putting on my shoes, grabbing my keys, investing the time in Him –  and entering the Church to kneel before my savior and thank Him for being my God. (IMO)

      • LizEst

        Amen, Tenth Little Leper! Beautifully said!

        By the way, love the name!

    • Patricia, these Sentences resonate very well to me with my understanding of the Eucharistic Adoration from tenth_little_leper:

      “……..It’s not really the same, but He knows that I could be doing a hundred other things that have no value. He knows that I want so much to be with Him and can’t physically go at that moment. It doesn’t replace going to Him in adoration, but it supplements in the times when that’s not possible. We see Him. But more importantly, we are aware that He sees us…..”

      Now, any comments on what the Spiritual Holy Communion bestows on one when one cannot receive Holy Communion personally??????…….and the value and salvific effects of Sacramentals???????…… yes, tenth_little_leper, in your state of life, what you are doing is a truly Grace-filled Spiritual Adoration……

      We are called to study and internalize the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  These, and many, many more Pillars of our Faith are fully covered in this – Our “Constitution”

  • Stephen Mc Elligott

    I wrote a blog post about this just yesterday. I also recently bought the new book by Dan ages ago. Have not yet read it though.

    • LizEst

      Great blog Stephen. My prayers for your wife and baby and all your family.

  • Patti Day

    If people will spend just one hour in the presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament once a week or even once a month, they will begin to experience a closeness and intimacy with OurLord that they did not know previously. 

    • LizEst


  • judeen

    adoration of the Blessed Sacrament…- it is when our soul talks to God.. , I do think ., when our soul talks to God we can no hear it..  it is a deep and filling feeling… also in the presence of God things that have attached to us , leave , evil… leaves in the presence of Holyness of God… troubles stop…. alot of them…  also… the blesssing with in us… takes place , even sometimes physical healing takes place….  our faith is strenghtened… also..  but as we worship in the same place, each in our own beleif , the place becomes blessed and Holy . adoration in a town can bless town… some places take years, to over come the evil , but blessings , jobs , so on.. the town is blessed.  and evil leaves the whole town..   also , I have woke at night seeing a monstence . and host.. different ones.. when God knows we need adoration , our soul does adore God ,    also , as a lay person , I go to adoration,, then I hear, now go and live a normal life..  to be asked to life a good and holy life in a normal life style is my call in life.. places where God is needed desperately.. and God is forgotten.. .. we are all called to work for God.. He is our food.. the harder we work the more we need food for our souls, faith and daily life… God is everything we need..

  • Pat Cooley

    Adoration is a weekly habit for me and Christ patiently waits and welcomes everyone.

    Over the last 10 years of going to Adoration I’ve experienced weeks I feel a real connection and powerful insights and other times I struggle to keep my mind from wandering.

    Someone once said that sitting before The Lord in adoration is like being in the sun …His grace shines on us regardless of what we do and it effects us.

    Regardless of how I feel or what I recognize at the time, my weekly early am adoration has changed me and continues to strengthen me forward. It’s an awesome gift and rhythm that keeps me growing in faith and love.

    He’s waiting for you!

    • LizEst

      Thanks for your testimony. Your simple words “He’s waiting for you!” will move others to adore and visit Him.

  • Charlie Brown

    I too have had many complicated situations re-booted and transformed into simple solutions through Adoration before Christ at our St. Clare Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

  • I come on board to-day quite late, having gone to the Official Opening of our Pastoral Centre in my Rural Parish, about 100 kilometres from Nairobi.  During this Opening, the History of how this Parish stated – as it begins to celebrates its 20th Year – was read out during the Eucharistic Celebration.  The role which my late father – God rest his soul in Eternal Peace – was mentioned that this Parish was his brain-child  way back in 1957, and he donated the initial piece of Land for it to be built as a Local Church of the Ichagaki Parish.  I was moved when the history mentioned that during the 2nd World War, when all the Consolata Italian Priests were arrested, my father was left in-charge of Ichagaki Parish for about 7 years.

    Listening to Father John and Dan on this Video, brings to mind how as a very young girl we used to sneak to the Church at night and, in total darkness – save for the small lamp by the Tabernacle – we could physically feel the Real Presence of Jesus all around us.  That feeling has never left me.  Each Catholic Church is alive with our Lord and Master Presence as the Life and Soul, living among us until the End of Time.

    And now, in twilight of my life, all I can tell my “Family” is that the Best Time of my life – over and above the Holy Mass – is the two and a half hours I daily spend before the Blessed Sacrament from the Hour of Great Mercy at 3.00 p.m.

    • Becky Ward

      Oh, Mary…….I love the visual of you sneaking into the church to spend time with Jesus!

      • And you know, Becky, this was from year 1 – 8 when we lived in the Parish.  Growing up in the Parish atmosphere for a child, with the compassionate and caring Consolata Missionary Sisters as one’s Mentors, is an experience which one cannot really explain.  The most cherished and momentous Day of my Life is when I received my 1st Holy Communion in 1945.  The waiting for this Day to arrive was palpable….. we felt it was dragging into Eternity!!!!!! 

        • Becky Ward

          What a blessing!! Maybe you could pray for the grace that children everywhere are able to experience this great joy and anticiaption while preparing for their own first communions. 🙂

          • Yes, Becky.  And what we need are well trained Catechists who prepare our kids for this Most Holy Sacrament. That is why I pray with all my heart that Parents will send their children to Catholic Schools where they are taught our Faith from  pre-Unit or what we call Nursery Schools.  It makes all the difference.

          • LizEst

            Thanks for defining pre-Unit. You know I would have asked you. Ha! Not only do we get educated on the spiritual life here, we also learn about other countries and customs.

            God bless you Mary. You are right. Correct early religious education is a great help to knowing the difference between true and false Catholicism. It also starts even earlier in the home, the Domestic Church.

            By the way, are you able to put a picture of yourself here instead of an avatar? I would love to see your face!

  • Ghee, LizEst……do you really want to see this wrinkled face???????  It is so old!!!!! but I will oblige you.

    • LizEst

      Thank you, thank you Mary. Yes, I would love to see your face. I am looking forward to it. When I pray for you, I will be able to picture you, too. It’s a great honor to do so.

      • OK, I have taken the photo with my Web Camera…..I hope it will come on…..that is, if I know how to append it to this Website!!!!!!!!!!!

        • LizEst

          Looking forward to it!

  • Butleralice

    I hope that I am not being uncharitable when I express the opinion here, that in my own native land, the Republic of Ireland, the numbers receiving Holy Communion regularly, outnumber, by at least a hundred to one, those frequenting the Sacrament of Confession. An exaggeration ?  I don’t honestly think so. And while I am on the subject, when did you 
    last hear a priest exhort his parishioners to go to confession more often or extol the wonderful graces attached to this great sacrament ? However, having said that, I am sure  there are exceptions out there. And whatever happened to confession at least once a year? 

  • AliciaWheelock

    I loved this explanation of the gifts we receive from Eucharistic Adoration. Actually, I love every explanation of the blessings received during adoration, because every time I hear someone’s explanation, I think “YES, that’s it!!” I thought it was just me having these glorious moments during adoration ha!–He touches all of us! WOW!  I’ve been going once a week, for the last two years, and LOVE every second of it. Even when I have those visits where I don’t walk away with a ‘powerful’ experience, I appreciate just as much our time when He wants me to just sit quietly with him. The peace is AMAZING! I wish I was better with words to convey how awesome adoration can be for everyone!  I am so thankful that our pastor has allowed us the gift of 24/7 perpetual adoration at our parish, St. Mary, in Escondido, CA–Thank you Fr. Rich!!
    A. Wheelock

  • If only people could see for a split second what goes on when your in adoration, I’ve been going for the past 5/6 yrs. my only regret is not having some one show me my faith when I was young. It took me 47yrs. To know what I know now, ( better late than never ) its the most beautiful feeling when you’re at Holy Hr. the 3hrs that I’m with Jesus, is not enough for me.. ( my turn is from 11:00pm/12:00am ) but I always go earlier & try to go back the next morning for 2 more hrs. To be with Him. Before they put Him away.. The hrs go so so fast! Like I said if you could see all the Angels, Our Blessed Mother, and Jesus, In front of all of us, you too would never want to leave that place and the Blessings and Graces you receive when you believe and have faith… ( now I know why this world is up side down ).
    Thank you Jesus de Nazareth for all the Blessings and Graces you give me and my family every day… Amen.
    Holy Family Catholic Church
    Lawton Oklahoma

  • catholic militant

    Truly it’s a shame that parishioners today in most churches
    rarely hear about the great need of the sacrament of confession, as ST Paul
    reminds us we eat & drink damnation.


    Sad to see many priests mainly aim to fill benches & donations
    baskets instead of saving souls, Sunday’s mass has almost become a spectacle, a
    place to see and be seen, the sanctuary is treated like a McDonald, with no
    respect to the presence of the lord in the tabernacle, if it’s in the sanctuary
    all together, more frightening is many catholic churches today resemble protestant
    halls (they are not churches IMHO) in looks, feel and almost spirituality.         

  • catholic militant

    Truly it’s a shame that parishioners today in most churches
    rarely hear about the great need of the sacrament of confession, as ST Paul
    reminds us we eat & drink damnation.


    Sad to see many priests mainly aim to fill benches & donations
    baskets instead of saving souls, Sunday’s mass has almost become a spectacle, a
    place to see and be seen, the sanctuary is treated like a McDonald, with no
    respect to the presence of the lord in the tabernacle, if it’s in the sanctuary
    all together, more frightening is many catholic churches today resemble protestant
    halls (they are not churches IMHO) in looks, feel and almost spirituality.         

    • gramnm

      What I understand that when we go to Church on Sunday, We are completing an obligation to the Lord. Please extend the Thought that we are going to a house to have a meal we have been invited to,or rather have promised to attend.The Supper of the Lord. 
      When I go to someone’s home the atmostphere is welcoming , you meet and are greeted by those in attendance; then the meal begins ,once everyone is welcomed
      and made comfortable, we nourish ourselves with healthy discussion and food.
      The reverence in a freind’s home is that we are cordial and social and do not cause any distractions and honor the invitation. We allow the host to guide us through the meal from beginning to end.
       So to in God’s house,we greet and are greeted and then quiet ourselves to be a participant in what is occuring in the room.As a group (mass),we are guide from the greeting to the Liturgy of the Word then the liturgy of the Eucharist (meal and nourishment), we thank the host and then leave in good spirits.Thankful we had a good time and willing to come back for more. The apostle Paul in Acts speaks of
       preaching and breaking bread; leaving those in attendance in a better place then when they came in.


      What does IMHO stand for? I’m late in finding this post, but the headline ” What is the point of Eucharist Adoration,? intrigued me. My parish holds Adoration each Friday, with Benediction at 5:30 p.m., and it has become an important day for me. I have not been in a lot of Catholic Churches, but the ones I’ve been in left no doubt it was a church in every sense of the word.

      • LizEst

        IMHO is an acronym commonly used in text messages that means “In My Humble Opinion.”

  • Peg

    I’ve read so many of the comments here and I think the focus became skewed as the discussion began comparing media versus real presence. As one post pointed out …Jesus said, “Can you not sit with me for one hour?”

    I believe this is what Adoration is all about. It’s spending personal one-on-one time with the most important person that we will ever meet. Jesus is present and waiting for us. He wants to be with us for so many reasons; mainly to love us.

    When we’re angry, he wants to restore our peace so that we can go back into the world to share his love. When we’re happy he wants to celebrate with us, when we’re sad or tired he comforts us and offers a shoulder to lean on. He corrects us when we misstep, and points out when we’ve veered off His path. When we face tragedies, and don’t have the strength to take another breath he extends his supernatural strength to us so that we can survive another day. I could go on and on, but I believe you understand the point that I’m trying to make.

    Adoration is pure relationship with Jesus. As we grow closer to Him, our relationship becomes profoundly personal and deepens much the way human relationships grow by spending time with each other. Except, with Jesus the relationship is much more intense because we slowly come to share one heart, HIS heart. I believe this happens because we communicate in pure, unadulterated Truth. We cannot hide or hold back who we are, we can’t present some false facade whether consious or unconscious because He knows us, He’s in us, we have no place to escape. Knowing this allows us to give ourselves to Him in total honesty, which intensifies our union.

    With human relationships it’s very difficult to know your parent, child, spouse, friend, or neighbor to the core of their being. It takes years, assuming we’re ever able to expose our entire being to another person. There’s always that one spot in the profundity of our soul that we reserve for ourself. However, when we’re in the presence of Jesus, particularly during Eucharistic Adoration, if we expose our heart and soul to Him …He offers his Holy, sacred heart to us.

    I suppose my question is, how is it that we’re able to stay away from Eucharistic Adoration? I think that’s the question we should ponder.

    • LizEst

      Excellent points, Peg. Thank you…and God bless you.

      • Peg

        You’re welcome, Liz. God bless you too.

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