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Holy Family, Pray for Us

December 30, 2012 by  
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Holy Family

Holy Family

Feast of the Holy Family

Holy Family, Pray for Us!

“Nazareth is a kind of school where we may begin to discover what Christ's life was like and even to understand his Gospel. Here we can observe and ponder the simple appeal of the way God's Son came to be known, profound yet full of hidden meaning. And gradually we may even learn to imitate him.

“Here we can learn to realize who Christ really is. And here we can sense and take account of the conditions and circumstances that surrounded and affected his life on earth: the places, the tenor of the times, the culture, the language, religious customs, in brief everything which Jesus used to make himself known to the world. Here everything speaks to us, everything has meaning. Here we can learn the importance of spiritual discipline for all who wish to follow Christ and to live by the teachings of his Gospel …” (From the second reading of the Office of Readings, Liturgy of the Hours, for the Feast of the Holy Family).

Art: Holy Family: Mary, Joseph and child Jesus, Claudio Coello (1642-1693), undated, PD-US author's term of life plus 100 years or less, Wikimedia Commons.

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About Ariel McKinney

Ariel is a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in vocal performance and opera. She is a fervent Catholic who enjoys all that is artistic and beautiful; she also has her own photography business, Song of Songs Photography.

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  • Guest

    I love the Feast Day of the Holy Family. Prayers for the sanctity of marriage and family. Prayers for husbands and fathers to have work to support their families, for mothers to be graced with good counsel, and for children to grow up in love and service to God.

  • LizEst

    Yes, the family is the Domestic Church. For many of us, it is where we first learn the faith.

  • This Year’s Feast of the Holy Family should move us to ponder on the Sanctity of the Sacrament of Matrimony which is under grave threat in the “Land of Opportunities” where Laws have been passed to re-define what is “Marriage” in an effort to force that Great Country and all countries where they have a vice-like influence, to accept the “Sodom and Gommorah” horrors.  This is a mockery to God He will not leave unpunished.

    “For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us and on the whole World”

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