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Sister Regina Marie Gorman: Praise for Navigating the Interior Life

September 19, 2012 by  
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Sister Regina Marie Gorman ~ Advance Praise for Navigating the Interior Life

No one seeks God alone. Everyone needs help. The journey, however, need not be a complicated one. Thanks be to God, you will have in your hands a simple handbook for seeking God. It is informative, succinct, logical and balanced . . . a breath of fresh air for lungs who long to breathe the fragrance of God.

Sister Regina Marie Gorman, O.C.D. Vicar General Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

To learn more about Navigating the Interior Life – Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God, click here.

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  • Isn’t that the truth. one of my prayers that gets me through the day is “Without You Christ, I am nothing, but with You Christ I can do all things”

  • “No one seeks God alone. Everyone needs help.” Beautiful, Sister Regina. And that is why we love this Website.

  • Marg

    I’m finding this site very helpful and informaitve .I’ve learned alot about my catholic faith and also find it challening. Being away from the faith for years I feeldrawn and open to new insights everyday. It has brought me into closer union withGod and open my herat to changes I have to make on my journey to draw closer to my Lord, a big thank you to all for sharing parts of their faith journey! Love each and every article posted. Keep up this great RCspitiual direction, I am often up during to wee hours of the morning and it is condusive to connecting with God, gives me the gift os silence, time to ponder about what
    god has for me next
    I continually pray to bee able to also rest in Him. I’m having some diffuculty seseing His presense with me and therefor feel diconnected with Our lord. There are times when I get so distracted and try toget through to my hear God loves me always in good times and not so good! the real ralization to rmember ” God is enough”

    • Marg, take it from me, even when you had fallen away from our Holy Faith for a time remember that God never stopped loving you. He climbed the hills with thorny bushes and brushes looking and calling you back, with a hoarse voice, full of pain that you were lost, He climbed up to Calvary for you and during those harrowing three interminable hours, He was pining for you. Now that you have answered His call, turned back and came back into His arms, be at peace. You are already held close to His bosom even if you are not consciously aware of it. The Angels and Saints is Heaven are rejoicing with Him for finding His lost sheep at last. You need not worry too much about distractions. The Holy Spirit is at work scrubbing your soul of all the dirt you collected in your hiding place. Even if you do not hear His voice, be assured your soul is listening and hearing Him loud and clear. His consolations will follow when you are cleaned spic and span. He will make Himself felt in your conscious mind when He wants to encourage You.

      Be blessed.

      • Marg

        thank you Mary for your encouraging words, ” be assured your soul is listening and hearing Him loud and clear” how would I now that? I’m not hearing Him, I don’t understand this, help me out, what am I missing?

        • Marg, your concern is genuine and that in itself, pleases God very much. My advice for now is that you make a habit of visiting Jesus in the Blessed. Sacrament. When you go to Him, just sit with Him quietly for as long as you can…. an hour is ideal…try to quieten your mind and just sit without even saying any Prayers and just look at Him; even if you dose that is alright….if your mind wanders do not worry… and by you will get the hang of letting Him speak to you in His own way. And when you go for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which I would advise you make regularly, just begin by telling the Priest to bless you, the last time you went for confession; and then talk to Jesus directly, confess to Him whatever sins you have committed… do not need to wait until you have fallen into a mortal sin….tell Him whatever little failings you have fallen into since the Last Confession and then when you finish, ask the Priest to pray for you. Now, listen to Jesus Himself talking to you using the Medium of the Priest. Remember when we go for Confession, it is to Jesus Himself whom we are confessing to, the Priest is just a screen for Him.

          With practice and patience, you will soon be able to pick His voice even in ordinary situations of everyday life. Again, make a habit to talking to him in your mind and heart during the day and keeping in touch with Him. Make Him part of every situation in your life and refer to Him when you need to make a decision about anything. When you receive Him in Holy Communion, after thanking Him and adoring Him, just sit quietly and wait for Him to communicate to you. Even if you do not consciously hear His voice, be assured He is talking to you. His Heart is beating as one with yours; a conversation is going on here which you cannot consciously be aware of; His blood is circulating in your body having mingled with yours; His Divine Soul is united to your soul and your thoughts and mind are united with His Holy Spirit. With these simple practices, your heart and mind will become acute enough to hear His very, very quiet voice. Remember to consecrate yourself to His Mother and ask Her often to intercede for you and pray for you to her Son.Be blessed, Marg.

          • Another powerful Devotion to help you quickly grow in your Faith, Marg, is the Divine Mercy Devotion. Google this website and learn more about this very powerful Divine Devotion;

            The Five Pillars of this Devotion are : 1) The Image of the Divine Mercy which Jesus gave Saint Faustina Kowalska (25th August, 1905 – 5th October, 1938) in a Vision on 22nd February, 1931; 2) The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy which He dictated to her in a Vision on 13th September, 1935; 3) The Novena for the Feast of the Divine Mercy, beginning on Good Friday in preparation for the Celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday which, again, He dictated to her before Good Friday in 1937; 4) The Hour of Great Mercy – 3.0’Oclock – 4.00 ‘Clock – which He taught her in October, 1937, and the many Graces thereof; 5) The Feast of Divine Mercy, which is celebrated on the 1st Sunday after Easter. Jesus asked for this very important Feast on the very first Revelation to Saint Faustina on 22nd February, 1931, and which He said should be instituted in the Catholic Church’s Liturgical Calendar in subsequent 14 Revelations as recorded in St. Faustina’s Diary – Divine Mercy in my Soul. This Feast was finally solemnly and formally promulgated for the Universal Catholic Church on 30th April 2000 when Blessed Faustina was Canonized by Blessed Pope John Paul the II.

            To help you grow and draw really close to God, pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy often, and especially during the Hour of Great Mercy along with the daily recitation of the Holy Rosary. This Chaplet is very powerful and Jesus has attached many Graces and promises to souls who recite it with total Trust and fidelity. So are the Graces and blessings bestowed to souls who venerate His Divine Mercy Image with the Signature “Jesus I Trust in You”.

            I have no doubt this additional advice, and the previous ones I have given you above, Marg, will help you tremendously. You will soon be able to hear God’s communications to you mostly through Inspirations, guidance, peace of mind and His Consolations when you are in need of them. May His Holy Mother take you under her wing and walk with you and teach you how to adore, worship and be truly close to her Divine Son and the Holy Spirit to the Glory of God the Father.

          • Marg

            Sorry Mary I’m late in my reply back. Thank you so much for your guidance. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day for me , I will be googleing the Divine Mercy Devotion. Hopefully I will be able to be disciplined to following your suggestions. Keep me in your prayers. I am feeling a resistance to going to my priest, I feel like that is what I need to do He poked his head in with a hello and informed us he was leaving, with my insecurities about seeing him I was feeling oh good I’m off the hook! I need to pray,pray,pray! hopefully with your suggestions and my discipline I will learn to trust in God and let go of my own fears! thanks again Mary for your caring and good advice. God Bless You!

    • michelle schermann

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. I too feel the same way often and have a hard time in not being distracted by “life” when I am praying or trying to hear God speak to me. I am greatful to have a wonderful spiritual director but I have just started that journey about 7 months ago so I know I am very new at this. I too love this site and am continually thankful for people like you with your spots of wisdom . Thanks again. God Bless.

      • Guest

        your welcome Michelle, I as well feel very blessed and spiritually fed. I agree it is hard staying focused when praying. I was praying this morning and found myself drifting. I sometimes feel that God just wants me to silent mey mind No thought and when I do I feel the closeness of God. So happy for you that you have a someone to share your journey with. Thats not available here where I am. Hence I very thankful for wonderful direction from this site. God bless and hang in there with God, Hes all you need!

  • This book,  Navigating The Interior Life is the best book I have read on Spiritual Direction.  So much so I bought a copy for my parish priest who used a quote in his homily this past weekend. 

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