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The Fun is Here

July 31, 2012 by  
Filed under General, Marta Goodwin

Dear Friends: You probably have noticed that our Give a Gift Subscription button is glowing red. What this means is that in celebration of our passing over the 10,000 subscriber mark and for all the blessings the Lord has provided through this apostolate, we have decided to have a bit of fun. The fun is that we are giving away prizes to the winners (because of a two generous donors who want to help us spread the word). How can you win? This is the easy part. The readers who give away the most gift subscriptions between now and the end of August can win these prizes:

1st Place (Valued at over $1,000):

2nd Place (Valued at almost $300):

Logos Catholic Foundations Library*
Signed Copy of Dan's New Book, Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God**
Signed Copy of Fr. John Bartunek's The Better Part: A Christ Centered Resource for Personal Pray

3rd Place (Valued at $100):

Logos Catechism of the Catholic Church Collection*
Signed Copy of Dan's New Book, Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God**
Signed Copy of Fr. John Bartunek's The Better Part: A Christ Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

I hope you will join in and tell others about us. Even if you can only give a few subscriptions away, you will be a great blessing to us in our desire to reach and serve others!

PS: Forgive us in advance… because every reader doesn't read every email, we will be sending out a few more posts and emails about this until the end of August. Oh yes, there will be one first place winner, one second place winner, and three third place winners!

*Provided by Logos Bible Software. Your participation in the Give A Gift contest gives Catholic Spiritual Direction permission to give your contact information to Logos Bible Software.
**Releases Fall 2012

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  • bd

    It disheartens me that your blog has resorted to giving away material items for spiritual help. It has caused me to not want to subscribe any more. I’m sorry but that is the way I feel. I will not particiapte in giving away any subscriptions so that I might win an ipad. It just does not resonate with me.

    • Dear Friend – I am guessing you might not know what an iPad is? It is basically a computer of sorts that will be loaded with hundreds of thousands of pages of the best Catholic spiritual and study resources available… I suspect you may have been thinking of an iPod?

    • Oh, no. bd. Do not do that. This Ministry is the Work of the Holy Spirit. As Dan tells you, the iPad would be a great help to those who cannot afford it by enabling them to read all the precious Books and resources on the Catholic Spiritual Journey we are all travelling. This old lady, who is not able to contribute financially, just shares her Faith and life experiences with the Family Members of this Website. And you know, what? Since the Spiritual Combat book is not available in our Catholic Bookshop here in Kenya, and even if it was I might not be able to afford to buy it for myself, Dan graciously sent it me one. We shall send Gift Subscriptions to all our friends, not with the aim of getting the Presents, but by letting others join this Family and benefit as much as we have benefited. Jesus told us. “You received without payment, give without payment.” This is all about spreading and proclaiming the Gospel and building and helping one another Spiritually. Be blessed.

    • Becky Ward

      I’m with you on this!

  • Barbara Moeller

    My iPod (with an “o” is loaded with a number of apps that help me daily in my spiritual growth. “The Better Part,” the Daily Office, iPieta, Accordance Bible software, and a number of books, including my favorite, “Spiritual Combat Revisited” by Fr. Jon Robinson. I can carry this anywhere, and do, so that I can reach for my spiritual reading or my homework (I’m a grad student in Biblical Theology) anywhere. Really an indispensable tool for me.

    • Mine too – I have Interior Castles, Dark Night of the Soul, and Abandonment to Divine Providence loaded along with sacred Chant and other Christian music!

  • Nicholas

    just wondering who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?

    • Marta

      We will be announcing the results ASAP. Due to last minute travel, we are behind in tallying the results. Sorry for the wait.

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