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Book Club – Spiritual Combat – The Field of Battle

June 26, 2012 by  
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The first thing to do when you awake is to open the windows of your soul. Consider yourself as on the field of battle, facing the enemy and bound by the iron-clad law – either fight or die.

Imagine the enemy before you, that particular vice or disorderly passion that you are trying to conquer – imagine this hideous opponent is about to overwhelm you. At the same time, picture at your right Jesus Christ, your Invincible Leader, accompanied by the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph, whole companies of angels and Saints, and particularly by the glorious Archangel Michael. At your left is Lucifer and his troops, ready to support the passion or vice you are fighting and resolved to do anything to cause your defeat.

Imagine your guardian angel thus spurring you on: “Today you must fight to conquer your enemy and anyone who tries to ruin you. Be courageous. Do not be afraid or cowardly. Christ your Captain is here with all the power of Heaven to protect you from the enemy, and to see that they never conquer you, either by brute power, or by trickery. Hold your ground! Do violence to yourself, no matter how painful it is. Call out for the help of Jesus and Mary and all the Saints. If you do this, you will be victorious.” – Spiritual Combat, pg. 51. (TAN Version – Corresponding quote in Sophia Press version is found on pg. 50-51, beginning with As soon as you wake…certain to gain the victory.)

As I fell asleep after reading this book a few nights ago, I prepared myself for a new beginning. One in which I would wake before the rest of the family, kneel at my bedside and pray, imagining Jesus to my right, while building the courage to notice the Devil at my left. I would call out to my Lord, all the angels and Saints through prayer to guide me along the right path, to help me conquer my SELF, and beg for the grace to be vigilant with every breath I take. Once I’d taken these few moments to “arm” myself, I would stand, ready for battle, and head off for my daily duties as wife and mother. This was the day I would lay siege on my vices!

My alarm was set. I was determined. I was resolute. But somehow, the road of life, while paved with good intentions, is never smooth, and I was derailed on Day One.

At 4:30 that first morning, my cat woke me with her usual crazy cat concert in my bedroom. And although this is virtually a daily occurrence, I’m embarrassed to say that between my grumbling and inner frustration, I had something to confess by 4:45. Less than half an hour later, my three year old showed up in my bed, tripping me up before my alarm even have a chance. So much for determination.

There’s always someone who needs Mom first thing in the morning (or earlier). Although at times I’ve had success with waking early, it seems more often than not, the earlier I set my alarm, the earlier the kids show up in my room. With the demands of motherhood beginning before I’ve had a chance to get my bearings, there are many days when I offer no more than a nod of acknowledgement to our Lord as I open my eyes. Then I’m off to the races, hustling my son to the restroom and situating him so I can shower, making breakfast for the family, waking the older kids, coaching them through their mornings, supervising piano practice, taking care of the baby and beginning morning chores.

So how am I supposed to “open the windows of [my] soul” when my day begins before I’ve even had a chance to raise the shades?

Believe it or not, it did occur to me that I could wait until the kids are grown and I can “focus” in the morning.  But waiting for my children to move out so I can grow in holiness seems to completely miss the point. I’d sort of miss the whole “lead by example” part of motherhood, among other things.

What to do in the meantime? Well, I’m not so sure Scupoli is implying that I need to take a lot of TIME to “open the windows of [my] soul.” Perhaps what I need is an instant of “recognition” and a call for help in the battle.  According to St.Therese of Lisieux, prayer is “an outburst from the heart; it is a simple glance darted upwards to Heaven…” Our Lord knows my heart. I don’t have to run a litany of morning prayers to “prepare early for the battle.” Rather, I can instantly open the windows of my soul by picturing the battlefield and calling the “troops” to my aid.

Of course, on those mornings when I can sneak out of bed before the kids, saying all my morning prayers would be ideal. But in the event that my day begins before prayer time, I have a feeling the Good Lord might have something to do with it. If I wait for circumstances to be perfect, I’ll never grow in holiness. Rather, I need to follow His will and serve my family first thing in the morning. Through His grace, I can be ready for battle even without all the “formalities” of prayer.

For Discussion: What challenges do you have that might keep you from preparing for battle and how can you address them?  Are there any other topics we've read thus far that you'd like to address for discussion?  Please feel free!

PS: For those of you who are catching up: Click here for the posts explaining the book club and to get oriented to where we are!

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About Vicki Burbach

Vicki Burbach is a wife and homeschooling mother of six children ages four to sixteen years who relishes the calm inspiration of spiritual reading amidst the roller coaster of life. A passionate convert to the Faith, Vicki is an avid reader who started the book club so she could embark with like-minded bibliophiles on a spiritual journey through some of the greatest Catholic books ever written. She is author of the new book How to Read Your Way to Heaven - A Spiritual Reading Program for the Worst of Sinners, the Greatest of Saints, and Everyone in Between. You can also find her at

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  • Robert Kraus

    I find, like the poster, that the moment I make a resolution to get up a little early to begin a solid morning prayer routine, events conspire to make this difficult. I don’t fall asleep easily, I toss and turn, and the thought of the snooze button tempts me mercilessly. I think the poster zeroes in on something important. What’s most important, rather than the assembled routine of prayer, is that recognition right away when you first wake up, that you want to give this day to God.
    I try, at the very least, to kneel for a few moments and confess how hard I want to try that day to do right by God. Naturally I want to do more, but even that little prayer can be a good beginning.

  • JP

    I think it’s all about being in and following the Will of God. We may think that all our spiritual plans of setting time aside for prayer, good in themselves, are what God wants at that moment, but He has other plans for us to grow in holiness. And, easier said than done most likely, we are to live in the present moment, and use what God gives (or throws at us) as a way to grow in holiness. I think especially for mothers and fathers with young children who have less time to sit quietly in prayer, they can make the time they spend doing those basic morning, daily routines a form of prayer in themselves.

    • Vicki

      Yes, I do this – I try to offer all to God every morning. And throughout the day, I call Him to mind as I go through my routines. These small gestures seem to bring great purpose to many mundane chores, and to the time I spend interacting with my husband and children as well.

  • stelch

    I too try to make excuses for being too busy. I am shamed to admit but I often see myself in these battles by myself too often. I too need to visualize that I am not alone. Everytime I visualize I am not in charge and not alone, my eyes are opened to all of the beauty that our Lord has created for us.

  • His song…

    I don’t know when i started, but knowing that my day can also become out of my control (seemingly) the moment I get out of bed, i make a solemn, thoughtful sign of the cross……
    as a wonderful nun once prayed…’let us begin this day as we should begin all things… the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

    • Vicki

      That’s a great way to start the day – I’ll remember that!

    • Becky Ward

      Ditto what Vicki said! I love this!

  • His song…

    just have to add…off the topic …. I had just finished reading “Spiritual Combat” when I went into our local Catholic bookstore and there it was featured on their spirituality shelf…. it was interesting that i had never heard of this book before and just happened upon it when browsing books for my Kindle. and then a week or so later… the announcement of the book club using the book…… ! Is Someone..telling me something! thanks for the inspiration!

    • judeen

      the Holy Spirit is guiding you… when you reconize Jesus guiding you .. there is conformation of it… and it touches the heart… God bless

  • mrlgrl2000

    I think that it is important to find God in these ordinary motions of the day! Prayer can be a part of our every actîon, every encounter. God,s blessings on you and your family

  • Jeanette

    Yes, the Lord truly does know your heart. I would just quickly in the morning ask Jesus to cover you with His Precious Blood for protection against the evil one when you don’t have time to spend in a more lengthy prayer. Throughout the day, during your busy schedule, pray ejaculations every once in a while such as: O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I love You; Jesus, Mary and Joseph help me; Jesus, I thank You for everything; Jesus, I trust in You…or any other favourite ejaculations or make one up that is meaningful to you. This will keep you close to the Heart of God throughout the day and you will feel His closeness. God bless you.

    • abandon56

      This is great, Jeanette. I love this prayer: Jesus, you are in my heart, I believe in your tender love for me. I love you!

      • Jeanette


    • Vicki

      Jeanette – Thank you for your thoughts! The very name of JESUS, repeated from the heart glorifies God and leads to holiness. That said I often pray “I love you, Jesus, Mary and Joseph”, and it’s one I offer to my kids to say when they’ re in need of a quick lift of the heart.

      • Jeanette

        Also,there is nothing more POWERFUL than the name of JESUS! Lately, when tempted,I don’t go into an elaborate prayer, I just say, “Jesus, help me!” and this is very effective and I feel at peace again.God bless you!

        • Peggy

          Jeanette, I use this prayer as well. There are some days that all I can utter is “Please, Help!” …he always does.

      • judeen

        the name of Jesus every knee must bow and every tongue confess Jesus is LORD . the devil does not want to praise Jesus , when tempted the Name of Jesus over and over will stop the temptation … praising the Lord Jesus Christ will keep evil from entering you – it is like a invisible barrior around you.. also if you still are attacked claim you are Gods child … – your baptizim… very powerful for the God the Father will deal with them….. powerful short prayers

      • Alexandra

        Yes! Since joining this book club and receiving so many encouraging posts last week, I have been more diligent about starting out my day with the Lord, instead of with the internet…I have restarted saying “The Jesus Prayer:” Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Sometimes I switch between saying that and saying “Jesus! I trust in You.” Anything to get my mind properly oriented on Him at the beginning of the day. Having been so lazy for the last several months, I can really see how it is so easy to lose good habits of prayer. Its hard to get them back, but His Grace supports me. Thank you and thank God for this club.

        • $1650412

          I really like this!

  • Jenny

    I am not naturally a ‘morning person’ and having little ones to care for and homeschooling always seemed to make the morning a disaster, no matter how much I wanted it to be otherwise. I finally resolved to say my Morning Offering as soon as I opened my eyes. My guardian angel helps me remember. Now that the kids are a bit older, they can tend to themselves for a while in the morning and I can do the morning Office.

  • abandon56

    Usually I say a brief morning offering prior to opening my eyes. I have found Scupoli’s book to be a great reminder of the fact we are in a battle and that I shouldn’t be surprised at how fierce the struggle seems at times. It’s a great resource for reminders of what to do in specific instances. That said, I also can get too caught up with reading many things instead of obedience and prayer. I think of St. Therese’s experiences. Her example of simplicity and abandonment is where I know I
    need to trod.

  • Grace

    I just wrote a rather long comment and it disappeared before I could put my name on it and click post. It brought me back to the home page. I don’t know if this is your problem or mine but I don’t have time to rewrite it now. Just wanted to let you know. Also If I go to the home page I have trouble finding a link to the book club.

    • Go to the bottom right category list and you will see the book club link.

  • Burns227

    A quick alternative to the Morning Offering, from True Devotion to Mary: “I am all yours, and all that I have is yours, O Jesus, through your most holy Mother Mary.”

    • That is so stunningly beautiful! What a perfectly complete prayer.Thank you so much for sharing!

  • judeen

    on the farm, up at 4 AM. organization.. feed cows. milk. others make breakfast.. get the little ones. up.. they too had to set table. and have thing ready for those who worked in the barn so they could get ready for school.. yet dad always sat in the head of the table.. and said prayers.. before we ate… meal prayer and some farmers said hail mary and other prayers before we ate.
    we ever touched food until we prayed. now old I still do this..
    I am sure they prayed as they watch the sun rise.. out side.. but we prayed as a family… during our work… also

  • Alice Culbreth

    I’m still waiting for the book to arrive! but I do read the reflections and will begin posting discussion “answers” soon…

  • Guest

    St. Paul’s instructed to “pray without ceasing.” In our busy lives this is difficult to understand especially for those with several young children who have little time to pray. Formal prayer time is very good, but it is not always practically possible. But formal prayer is only a means to a specific end. That “specific end” is that our lives “become a prayer.” There are many Catholics who pray many formal prayers who see the formal prayers as an “end” and not a “‘means to holiness” and their hearts might not reveal any fruit from those prayers… in other words, there is still very little of the love of God in their hearts. We recall what the Lord said regarding this… “And in praying do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do; for they think that they will be heard for their many words.” Although it is still of great merit to keep a regime of formal prayer as a means to commune with the Lord; essentially, it is our lives that must “become a prayer.” Practicing the presence of God throught our day is a good way to a way to achieve this. There is a little book by Brother Lawrence available online in the free Christian Classics Library. I realize it is adding to the reading list, but it is well worth the effort if you feel you may benefit from it.

    • Becky Ward

      Off topic – my apologies – deleted by author

      • Becky Ward

        Off topic – my apologies – deleted by author

    • Vicki

      I like what you have to say – I think St. Therese of Lisieux would agree with you too – she always made me feel better about my little prayers throughout the day — simplicity was key with her.

    • That is a wonderful book, easy to read and yet so profound, and gives a lifetime’s work of practical advice. Br. Lawrence reminds me so much of St. Therese, the Little Flower, and her awesome charism, “The Little Way of Love.”

  • jk4dios

    Reading this on the memorial of St. Josemaria Escrivá brings to mind his frequent encouragement for consistent, heartfelt “aspirations.” Those ate the little things that we say to God. “I love You, Jesus!” or the Jesus prayer, or simply anything that flows from a heart that loves and trusts Him. Suffering from metastatic bone cancer makes me thank Him simply for being able to get out of bed without years, or to have a day when a return to bed was not necessary. And, always, the question whether that return to bed is really physically necessary, or a failure in perseverance. In other words, it’s not just the cat (I have two of those “alarm clocks” too) or the child that distracts. Although we must include formal prayer times in our plan of life, sometimes life intervenes. Then we must simply accept that fact with equanimity, not becoming discouraged, and carry on. It strikes me as the spiritual version of what I used to say to my children: “Uh-oh, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try, try again.” As we persist in this battle, let us all remember, like the servant of Elisha, that there are more for us than we can see. May we always trust the Lord, and in that trusting do our share in the battle. Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!

    • Vicki


    • MelissaStacy

      The battle you speak of takes courage and faith. May you be filled with God’s peace and joy, exactly at the moments you most need Him.

  • Sandy

    So so true…formalities are nice but intention in your heart is primary. Your intention is there so the Lord has you covered and the time will come when you can say your “formal” prayers.

  • littlelamb4him

    Zechariah 3:1-6 describes this morning battle. I am always moved by how the Lord had the filthy garments removed and a new clean turban put on Joshua’s head (right thinking). Then verse 6 has some powerful promises! – a powerful promise for those who intercede for others.
    One of my first prayers in the morning (sometimes said on the run) is “by the mercies of God, I present my body a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is my spiritual service of worship. And I pray that I will not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of my mind, that I may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:1-2)
    I love this book. Blessings to you all!

    • Vicki

      That’s one of my favorite verses – what a great prayer!

  • fleischdoc

    When I made a crusillo several years ago, we were encouraged to start the day with the “Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of the faithful….” prayer- I try to remember to do this as soon as the alarm goes off- that way I have at least invited the Holy Spirit to join my day even if I don’t get in my reading/prayer time.

  • There is a saying, “Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans,” so I am so grateful to GOD that, as stated in the Psalms, “You knew me before I was born.” We are not alone. We are not abandoned in this world without instruction, guidance, protection, or nourishment. He is with us every nano-second of our lives; He understands our every need and blesses every right desire, as we crucify ourselves with Christ. Thank GOD for His immearsurable love and mercy, and that, as stated in this book, “a single penitent tear moves the mercy of GOD.” May the firery violence we do to our evil natures make us all like warm puddy in GOD’s loving Hands, warmed by His love and liquid, willingly poured into a mold of His making, and may our only hardening be in our steadfast resolve to die to Self and so to better do His will and fulfill the specific destiny His has ordained for each of us. LORD JESUS Christ, Son of GOD, have mercy on me, a sinner.

  • judeen

    I thought I read in old testement that the prophets use to begin the morning in praising God , with their palms lifted to the heavens in prayer… it is very powerful… a set time to pray…. too,, if you for get… your angels sometimes reminds you… or you get a perfumn or suddenly awaken by a sound or the dog will even wake you… at a special time… things start happening, chaple of mercy – my rosary beads would fall apart.. my rosary would become all tied up and the only way to untie it would be to take it to church and lay it infront of the tabernacle… all the knots would fall out…. God looks forward to you coming and being alone with Him.. no matter if it is by the stove sayiing the angelous or a stop to pray for the person in an amblence going by… each moment is precious.. yet a set time is like war for souls..

  • Walter Lumsden

    The challenge for me is being told that I’m a good person and that it’s fine if you are too busy to have quiet time in prayer. My swaying away from that set time in the morning always leads to a sliding back in my personal journey with Jesus Christ. Patience, kindness, smiles, generosity, praise, thankfulness, all fall victim to my self’s excellent ability to distract with concern of silly self-centred thoughts.

    • Walter – fascinating isn’t it? When I was a young man I was fired after a few men conspired against me because I was working at twice their pace. They told me to slow down but I wouldn’t. They wanted the pace to be slower so that they could get away with doing less. In another situation I had a priest tell me that what I was confessing was not a sin (not even close to accurate). He is no longer allowed to exercise his faculties as a priest due to serious moral issues. The world and the worldly want a lower standard and will always fight against those who will not accept it. Those who loathe the fight for holiness will always seek to lower the bar, dull the knife of God, discourage acts of courageous commitment. Don’t give in.

      • Becky Ward

        I don’t know about Walter…..but I needed to hear this part about not lowering the bar today!

      • Walter

        Thank-you Dan for such generous encouragement. My parish priest, who is my spiritual director, said very much the same thing.

  • I have been down for a few days, but I am getting back up. This is a constant battle for me. Today I picked up my routine and began again. As a family we gather to read the mass readings for the day and a corresponding segment from The Better Part. It always cheers my mood to see how God takes little pieces and connects them together for me. Here is this morning’s example.

    Mark 7:21-23 “Not every one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers.'”

    From the Better Part:
    “…He was hoping that his followers would learn to measure their discipleship not by feelings, not by other people’s opinions, not by their achievements, but by authentic virtue, by obedience to God’s will as manifest in the Ten Commandments, the teaching of the Church, and their consciences.”

    From Spiritual Combat:
    “…it is not enough that you should will and do those things that are most pleasing to God. Beyond this, you must will and do them as being moved by Him and with the motive of simply pleasing Him. In this… lies the struggle with our nature, which seeks itself and its own pleasure in all things, and most of all in good and spiritual things….As soon then as they are presented to us, we gaze longingly upon them and crave for them, not because we are moved to do the will of God and wish only to please Him, but from a desire for that satisfaction and rest we experience when we will those things that God wills.
    “The more excellent the object is that we desire, the more liable we are to be deceived. Thus, even in the desire for God Himself, we are in danger of falling into the snares of self-love, by having an eye to our own interests and to the advantages we expect from God, rather than to His will, whose pleasure is is that we should love, desire, and obey Him simply for the sake of His glory.”

    And thus, I find myself. And this is my prayer: Lord, I wish only to do your will, because it is your will, and in the manner that you will it be done.

    The group discussion question at the end of The Better Part section also seems relevant. “Why does obedience to God matter more than eloquent words and even great achievements made outside of obedience?

  • Candace

    Sorry for posting this so late in the week, but I find that I keep going back to a particular paragraph that is under the subtitle:Try to please God, not yourself on page 38 of the Sophia edition. Fr. Scupoli writes” For this reason, few reach perfection; for when they have overcome their greater faults with much toil, they will not continue to do violence to themselves, by bearing the vexation and weariness that the resistance of the countless little wishes and little movements of the passions involves.” It’s given me a lot to to take to the Lord in prayer. Thank God for the help He gives us as we journey on His path!

  • Mary@42

    I will comment on this Post even before reading the Respondents. My blessed Mum, your day begins with Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Motherhood is the best opportunity to practice and carry out, joyfully, these Works of Mercy: The toddler waking up before the alarm goes off!!!! Splendid – Comfort the doubtful/fearful; clothe the naked, etc.: Breakfast – Feed the Hungry…and oh, your darling cat….just pure Love and admiration for God’s Creation….say a short prayer of thanks to Him.

    Your daily duties as wife and mother……Blessings from Heaven….do I call those activities Prayer???? Of course, they are Prayers….wonderful Prayers in Action.

    Mother Church has Two Service Sacraments : Holy Orders and…….you guessed right……..MATRIMONY!!!!

    Oh, how I wish I would go back to those days when I was a Working wife and mother!!!!!! oh well, it is the turn of my children to learn how to turn these responsibilities and, at times, frustrating and unsettling moments into Works of Mercy as they try to bring order into their Homes…….as for ministering to your Husband????? He is your “First-Born Child”. At the end of it all – by the Unfathomable Grace of God, you will be left alone again – the two of you alone – the way you began……then you shall be able to work our a Rule of Life of Prayer…..

    In the meantime, continue to serve and pray to God with your Family chores during the day, and at the end of the day, with that day’s Experiences. Be blessed.

    • judeen

      we all take our turns. in different ways of life.. sometimes so busy , life is whirling time of offering up… other times we are alone, seeking prayer and union with God for others… we dont seem to stay at 1 point .. changing.. receiving new jobs, learning a new way of life.. till God calls us to His arms.

  • Mary@42

    Now that I have read quite a number of your Responses. here is my most beautiful and beloved morning Prayer:
    Oh, Lord Bless this Day

    Eternal Father, this day is full of beauty and adventure, help me Lord
    to be fully alive to it all. During this day, may I become a more thoughtful
    person, a more prayerful person, a more generous and kindly person.

    Help me not to be turned in on myself but to be sensitive and helpful to
    others. Let me do nothing today that will hurt anyone, but let me help at least
    a little, to make life more pleasant for those I meet.

    When night comes, may I look back on this day without regrets; and may
    nobody be unhappy because of anything I have said or done or failed to do. Lord
    God, bless this day for me and all of us. Make it a day in which we grow a
    little more like your Son, and gentle as Mary His Mother.

    This I pray through Your Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Who lives and reigns
    with You and the Holy Spirit, One God for ever and ever. Amen

    After it, I have a daily Rule of Prayers which begins at 5.45 a.m.: the set Intercessory Prayers of the Eucharistic Apostles of the Divine Mercy. Shower and Breakfast follows. I spend the morning going through my Mail on my Laptop and chatting with Jesus as He watches me from the Divine Mercy Image next to me. 2.45 p.m. I am off to the neighbourhood Parish for the 3.00 O’Clock Holy Hour Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, followed by another hour and half of just sitting before Him before the Holy Mass. Tuesdays are for the Divine Mercy Cenacle which begins at 2.00 p.m. and ends at 4.30 pm and I am off for the Holy Mass. Sunday Mass I go to my Parish, the Holy Family Minor Basilica at 11.30, preceded by an hour with the Blessed Sacrament in the Adoration Chapel; home for Lunch and then off to my neighbourhood Parish for the 2-hour Adoration from 3.00 O’Clock to 4.00 O’Clock.

    Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month are Divine Mercy Prayer Days; On the 1st Fridays of the Month, we visit the Divine Mercy Shrine, which is about 50 kms. from the Nairobi City Centre for a Day of Recollection, praying Stations of the Cross climbing the steep Hill ending with the Divine Mercy Chaplet, an Hour’s Eucharistic Adoration followed by the Holy Mass.

    Weekday evenings at home are for Evening Prayers before the Divine Mercy Image, followed by the Holy Rosary with the Catholic FM Radio Station; then singing for Jesus and Mother Mary before the large Divine Mercy Image on the Entrance Porch, which blesses one as one enters and leaves my humble Home; then to Bed to end the day with the Divine Mercy Chaplet until I fall asleep……the Holy Spirit, will, of course, continue praying while I sleep!!!!!!

    But this Rule of Prayer Life is, of course only possible, because God’s Mercy has so arranged that my “afternoon/evening” days are to be spent in His Presence. He sure is a Loving, Caring, Compassionate and Merciful God.

    • judeen

      you are a warrior of prayer.. to pray for all of us who need them… remember all of us in pain.. and hard times , send the Holy Spirit to those who need Him for Help or weakness… we need eachother to pray for each other… God bless

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