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Sleep eludes me…

September 17, 2011 by  
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Sleep Eludes Me

Sleep Eludes Me

Sleep Eludes Me

Sleep eludes me
Night encompasses me without rest
Oh the glorious day when I can peacefully rest in His arms


Prose from Anonymous relates the suffering of not being able to sleep, the suffering of insomnia and restlessness and a seemingly endless night.  And, how much one looks forward to the day when they can rest in God … even though it will be endless day!

Art: Close Up, Mortification 7, own work, 22 July 2010, PD-Worldwide, Wikimedia Commons.

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  • Sandy

    /this quote is needed in my life right now! Sleep eludes me until I know that I am being held by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Then the rest comes at once. May Christ have mercy on us!

  • vw

    Sadness seems to seep into my soul also besides sleep disturbance. As most people I know are “living it up” in worldy way I find myself feeling isolated and yet rejuvenated when I am with God in communication. Perhaps it is loneliness I feel. Often excluded because I am not partying my brains out in my late fifties and running off to catch rainbows like many otheres I know. It is a difficult place to be. Anyone else been through this?

    • joan

      Yes. Many of my friends, cowoerkers, etc. don’t think about God. They work hard, play hard, and are focused on their next “extreme” vacation, or extremely expesive vacation – ha ha. I just work hard, pray hard, and decline a lot of invitations from them (who has the time??). Luckily I have my husband and children, and my chucrh, and my prayer life. I pray a lot to be able to be in my job for instance…I stopped praying for a different more “spiritually relevant” job…it is clear God wants me where I am and only He knows why! 

      • Angelter

        I am 73 yrs old and I still work partime. I can relate to all of these comments. I try to just Thank and Praise God for my not being able to sleep. It doesn’t help my tiredness but I know there is a purpose which only He knows. Graditude to all for sharing.

    • Absolutely. Beware of the sadness – don’t ever let it own you. Offer it up and pursue the peace found in Christ. If you are foregoing rainbows (trout or multi colored water tricks) be sure you are pursuing God. I have given up the pursuit of worldly things and am working to build the kingdom. No trout or rainbow pursuits here though I do take an occasional trip to revel in God’s glory, change the scenery, and rest. With God you will find rainbows like no other and the emptiness and sadness will be pushed out (most of the time) by God’s ever loving, ever giving presence. 

      • Beno

        Iv been a bit sad myself lately, feeling isolated. and experienced some sleeplesness recently. im trying to be a good and obediant christian, stay true to the Gospel and follow the advice of The Blessed Mother, seems though that the whole world is in opposition to me. my brothers just baught the new banned in aus mortal combat video game. i told them i dont want it in my home and that that sort of blood and guts imagery, will corrupt their hearts and minds. once again i was treated as a religious wierdo. apparently normal people are fine with that sort of thing. ill try not to let it all get me down too much. there are times when i do enjoy the peace and happyness of knowing the love of God. but i can see the devil wants to get me down as much as he can.

      • Alexandra Campbell

        Pray for me to find work that will contribute to building His Kingdom!

    • KBA

      Yes, I am living that exact experience. I am very social and love to do things with my friends, but lately, nothing seems of importance. I don’t want to waste money, or see disgusting movies, or join social clubs.

      I have invested my time in discipleship training and spiritual growth two times a week. My work and my prayer life are finally in balance and the quiet of contemplative life is so joyful.

      But at times I am sad and feel isolated. I too am rejuvenated by time with God/Christ.

      But its a wierd new way of life.

    • Cartcho

      I can definitely relate. Sadness and sleep disturbance seep into my soul also. The only time I am happy is when I am in communication with God. I found myself asking why can’t I be in constant communication with my God? Of course there is life’s reality and I have to deal with the daily challeges. I cannot help myself wishing forthe day to be in my savior’s arms.

    • Kate

      I truly understand where you are coming from. I am in the same situation.

  • ThirstforTruth

    When sleep alludes me, as it does all at one time or another, I pray the Jesus Prayer. It quiets my soul, calms my spirit and soothes away whatever it is that prevents sleep. In time peace has returned once more to me.

  • 4verderbers

    Sleepless nights can become sacred if we choose. It is quiet intimate time with Christ and our Father who are loving us always. So many graces come when the heart is open during this time. When I sleep through the night, I wake up surprised and then missing these encounters with Christ.

    • Rmueller

      My experience also. It’s a great time to seek the Lord, begin to pray or read a spiritual book and the Lord shows me where my anxieties are coming from, get my heart right with Him and then go back into peaceful sleep.

  • Clotybert

    On those nights that sleep eludes me, I turn on the TV and watch EWTN. More often than not, the Lord has been calling me to watch the particular program that I needed to watch. God is good !!!. He knows exactly what my soul needs. Praise Him !!!

  • Bon

    I can’t tell you how timely this quote is…..and how comforting the comments have been….Dan thank you for your words of wisdom regarding the sadness…I call it sorrow, and to be reminded that this too can be offered to Jesus’ suffering. This Spiritual Direction site Blesses me so! I warmly thank you.

  • Godlovesyou2

    The night is as light about me yeah! The darkness hideth not from thee!

  • Alexandra Campbell

    I am so glad I read this thread. I am also experiencing extreme sadness, sometimes even despair. I have lost my marriage, my job on Good Friday last, and my Dad on July 22. Applying for jobs but nothing yet…I spend most of my time in bed watching stupid movies. But just today I turned on EWTN and prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet, the Rosary and watched the Papal audience. Pope Benedict looks so much like my Dad. I felt close to God while doing these prayers, but now the anxiety and sadness and paralysis return as soon as I am done. I put up the website which has a LIVE image of the Blessed Sacrament and this helps me to meditate. I also prayed the Liturgy of the Hours on my iphone through the Divine Office app. This is only about $15 to download and you pray and sing with other voices. Still, I feel so lost and lonely and sometimes abandoned by God, but I “know” He hasn’t. It just seems that I have a much stronger prayer life and closeness to Jesus when all is going well. How strange that I don’t turn to Him nearly as much when things are uncertain or going badly……Truly a dark night of the soul. My faith is still here but not much else these days.

  • Deanna Hebert

    How true.  I am one of those who suffer with insomnia and I can say with sincerity…”Oh the glorious day when I can peacefully rest in His arms!”

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