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Help me to stay with you…

May 14, 2011 by  
Filed under Theophilus

Help me to Stay with You …

Stay with You …

Stay with me Lord.” Should that be my fervent cry? It's not, but I am not ashamed. I don't yearn for your presence, because I am already painfully aware that you are here. My cry is, “I beg you Lord, help me to stay with you!” You are present and I am distracted. You are everything to me, yet I treat you as if you are only present when I turn my feeble heart to you. How is it that I can burn for you and then, in an instant, over a matter that means nothing to me, my heart is turned away? Because of the broken compass of my soul, you are gone from my sight, but you have never left me. I do not see you, but you are ever present with me.  Over nothing, I abandon you! It grieves me Lord. I am tired of the foolishness of my wayward heart. Cleanse me. Make me whole and wholly thine. By one simple and effortless touch, you can dispel and heal the darkness in my heart. Lord, I know you are with me, please allow me to be with you.

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  • faithful123

    WOW… that does touch the soul. It’s true, I heard it all my life…If God seems distant guess who moved, or God never leaves us. The marital vows are the
    same: for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health

    What those vows speak is God; God (real love that brought the two together)
    never leaves (not in poverty, not in the worse of times, not in ill health)
    Love that lasts is eternal. Whether God united man with woman for life
    creating purpose, or united man with His church for ministerial priesthood
    to others in love… a vow to honor that love arrangement should not be

    Let’s always remember to pray for strong families and strong churches
    and for our priests and religious that all ‘stay in the presence of God’
    and never get distracted from ‘God’s call’ for everyone – to love with
    whole heart, mind, soul and strength and love neighbor as we love ourselves.

  • Mulima peter

    We all seem to always turn away from the Lord, at one time or the other, just that he never does the same to us. Many times when i was far away from him, i have felt his mighty hand in the things that have happened to me. I have no doubt that he will never abandon me

  • $1650412

    If I could but touch the tassle of Your cloak…
    Speak only one word, Lord and …
    Just Your glance toward me, O Jesus, and I am rescued and restored– 
    You said you would not lose what the Father has placed in Your hands- let all my confidence rest in Your willingness to save me! 

    • Truly beautiful Jo – would you like to add more or edit before I make it a post?

  • ThirstforTruth

    I have often wished that the articles here were made easier to print…a print
    edition offered…Never more that this short but so beautiful meditation. It is definitely something I want on hand to refer to often…thanks and God bless whomever is the author…is it Jo Fleming or another?  

    • Copy the text into a Word document. Are you asking about who wrote the post? If so, the author prefers to remain anonymous. With respect to Jo’s response, I believe those are her words. No suprise there – God often shines through her.

  • Einajr

    Really beautiful!

  • Reavynn

    When babies are very young, when momma leaves from their sight, they believe she is gone. Until they learn that she has just gone from their sight momentarily, and will be back, but always is ‘there’. We are kind of like those babies, forgetting that our Father may be temporarily ‘out of our sight’, but is always there, we have just turned our eyes from Him.

  • Guest

    Yes, Dan. The author wanted it that way. But you know what my beloved people of God on this Website?. That is a Prayer I should be praying every day. Anonymous, you may not know, but your Prayer resonates in many, many hearts who berate themselves every day for repeatedly failing so Loving, Faithful and Merciful God. Hey but take courage. My Spiritual Director advised me the other day we need to accept our brokenness and be humble to always remember that by ourselves, we can do nothing, and it is God’s Grace which works in us, heals re-directs our broken compass to remain focused on Him.

  • Linda

    Is it not a wonderful thing – our weak nature? Yes, He is always with us. It is because we stray that He is able to whisper, or sometimes yell, to the deepest part of our soul and call us back to Him. It is our response that He looks for and rewards. Each time we come back to Him, He caresses and loves us as He did His lost sheep. Each time we respond to Him we can learn our lesson and, with His hand in ours, we can stay with Him longer in our journey through the garden.

    • Cludwick

      This is so true, Linda.  My confessor said that when we are able to see the deeper “why” behind our sins that God is with us – teaching and gracing us to grow in holiness. As you say, each time we hear and listen we learn and are closer to Him in our journey.

  • Gabgonzalez33

    Wow! it’s so beautiful, it’s inspiring, is so true.

  • Mike


    Thank you for sharing this reflection, and all the work you do on Catholic Spiritual Direction.


    • Thanks Mike – please tell your friends!

  • ana

    Beautiful prayer, to make my own, certainly. Thank you,

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