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Draw me into your fire

May 11, 2011 by  
Filed under Theophilus

Draw me Into Your Fire

Lord I do love you. I want desperately to have my dull heart burn with passion for you. I don't want to offer you dim praise or faint commitment. I want to give all I am to you. In you I will find the end of all that I was designed to be. In you I can worship you as you deserve and love others as the true image bearers of God. My love is selfish and weak. Draw me into your fire that I might be cleansed of everything that keeps me from perfect love of you and those that you have created for love.

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  • faithful123

    This writer is passionate and zealous. God bless such a soul. I wonder if this writer is in a seminary or religious training of some sort? It’s a good prayer
    it’s a hard prayer…it’s very hard to give all we are – to God. So many other
    things get in the way… topping the list, looking for the respect and admiration of peers, and the general world, and material success and job position and
    educational degrees. Very hard prayer to pray.

  • Douga

    This is why I love prayers that are written down; they express what I wish I could but am not articulate enough. Thank you.

    • faithful123

       all prayers come from the Holy Spirit. Don’t worry if your prayer doesn’t sound perfect. Say what’s on the heart and mind… If confused, tell God about the confusion in your own words. If you don’t know how to adequately pray – ask the Spirit of assist you in getting your thoughts out to God. Doesn’t have to be a long prayer. A few words is all that’s needed.

      * I once heard at daily Mass; God already knows what’s on our mind and what we want and need. What he’s looking for is just that TRUST in coming to Him with the request. Say it plain and simple and then TRUST God with the thought.

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