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Catholic Spiritual Direction

Entering into Holy Week


Divine Intimacy Radio

Holy Week, the most important week of the liturgical year, is upon us.  To help us prepare, Dan and Melissa discuss some of the ways we can orient our hearts to this most holy season. Show Notes: Regardless of how well (or poorly) you have maintained your lenten commitments, it’s not too late. Matthew 20:1-16, Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard, tells us... Read More



On Perseverance

ON PERSEVERANCE “He that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.” Matthew 24:13 St. Jerome says, that many begin well, but few persevere. “Incipere multorum est, perseverare paucorum” (Lib. i. Contra Jovin). Saul,... Read More


Of Six Things Necessary to Prayer

Of Six Things Necessary to Prayer “These are the exercises and meditations, Christian reader, wherewith every day you may feed your soul, which if you do rightly use, you will never want matter to engage your mind devoutly. But note that... Read More


On Prayer

ON PRAYER “Ask, and it shall be given you; for every one that asketh receiveth.” Luke 11:9,10 Not only in this, but in a thousand places in the Old and New Testaments, God promises to hear all who pray to him. “Cry to me, and... Read More

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Aridity or Dryness

Divine Intimacy_K2

The Night of the Spirit

The Night of the Spirit Presence of God  – Pour forth, O Lord, into my soul greater love and greater courage, that I may willingly accept Your purifying... Read More


Frustrated with my prayer life – I am stuck!

Dear Catholic Spiritual Direction Family, Many people feel a profound frustration with their inability to pray, to grow spiritually, to know and experience the Love... Read More

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Spiritual Warfare

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Can Demons Repent?

Dear Father John, I understand that demons hate God, but they also suffer from being separated from Him. Is it possible that a demon could repent, and accept God... Read More


Delusions the Devil Suggests to Sinners

THE DELUSIONS WHICH THE DEVIL SUGGESTS TO SINNERS Let us imagine a young man who has fallen into grievous sins, which he has already confessed, and who is restored... Read More

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Spiritual Direction


Understanding Emotions (Part II of II)

Editor’s Note: In Part I, we examined the gift that the emotions... Read More

Camaldoles Monks in prayer Alessandro_Magnasco_001 for Featured from Wikimedia

In Conversation With God

In Conversation with God   The meditation book set mentioned by Fr.... Read More


You are Perfect, Really

You Are Perfect, Really Though Christ tells us to “be perfect”... Read More


Understanding Emotions (Part I of II)

Dear Father John, I’m not usually an emotional person.  But sometimes,... Read More

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Book Club

Purity – the Key to a Healthy Nation?

Book Club image

The Four Cardinal Virtues (Week 12 of 12) Only the combination of the intemperateness... Read More

10 Ways to Find Happiness this Lent and Always (Part 2 of 2)

Book Club image

The Four Cardinal Virtues (Week 11 of 12) This week we scheduled Part II of last... Read More

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